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I believe there is an unstoppable reformation beginning in Mormonism & Christianity— not unlike the Christian reformation of the 15th century. Much like Gutenberg’s printing press, the internet has brought about a new era of information availability, historical awareness and cultural questioning in the world’s politics and churches (this is especially true for Islam, Christianity and Mormonism). Religious adherents around the world are reading details of the histories, scriptures, doctrines and experiences of both their own religious traditions and those of other religious adherents all over the world; and its forcing them to reconsider how their own religious traditions can fit into the diversity of the whole (see Jacob 5:48–64). The dogma, exclusivity claims and narrow viewpoints of the past are being questioned… and millions of religious adherents are pressing for reforms as the Spirit sweeps the earth with information and truth.

I’m an active Mormon, and I care quite a bit about my faith (maybe too much). As I’ve used the internet to look closely at Mormon history over the last decade and compared it to religious traditions across the world; I’ve had to radically reshape the beliefs and world-view I was taught as a child. I’ve found that because of limited information, the views of my religious leaders and past generations were often false, contrary to our own scriptures, narrow, prideful, exclusive and egotistical. There actions were occasionally far less than holy.

I offer the following as topics to think about. I don’t say any of these things to be dogmatic or divisive—to the contrary, as I read through LDS blogs and forums, I see way too much division and way too many people leaving the Church with very ill feelings.  Its something I’ve given a lot of thought and study to, and as I’ve prayed and searched through the scriptures for answers I’ve felt inspired with the following list of divisive cultural traditions, teachings and practices which seem to go against our own founding revelations. Each reform uses LDS scripture to show possible corrections to our incorrect cultural practices.

Mormon Polygamy Reform
Mormon Polygamy Reform