Put a greater emphasis on service, humanitarian work and giving


Put a greater emphasis on service, humanitarian work and giving. (I think we’re making progress?!)


It’s funny how quickly people sense whether you are trying to sell them something. We need to focus a lot more on the newly added 4rth mission of the church “care for the poor and needy“, and realize this is the number one way to “perfect the saints” and “proclaim the gospel”.  Missionaries need to spend a lot more time doing humanitarian work; a FAR greater percentage of tithing money needs to go to humanitarian work; and more of our “worship” needs to revolve around humanitarian work. Each stake should have the authority to decide how to implement this, but there needs to be less preaching and more doing. I believe the successful millennial religion will not be one of belief, creed or preaching, but one of good works which goes out and does the work of civilizing the world.

We spend way too much time preaching about how different we are from Christianity and the world (Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, restoration, our creeds, etc..) instead of just taking our neighbor’s hands and leading them with our amazing organized structure, to serve humanity in meaningful ways.

-One idea is to accompany each “fast sunday” with an activity where the stake gets together to DO something with that fast offering money. Perhaps assemble kits of some kind, perhaps a service project to serve someone in the stake, perhaps volunteering at the local shelter. Whatever it is, if people see something being DONE with the fast offering money, they will give more, and be more spiritually fulfilled.

-Another idea is to change relief society and priesthood from a “lesson” of faith, to a “council” of doing. It should be neighborhood people getting together and counseling on how to improve the neighborhood and the family. After a short message, the meeting could serve as a brainstorming session for the monthly fast offering service project, or ideas on how to serve neighborhood families.

-Another real need to put a far greater percentage of our tithing money into humanitarian work (and disclose what that percentage is).