A Discussion on Sexual Media and Pornography

What to do about Porn.
The advent and spread of internet pornography is a radical, polarizing social experiment whose impacts are just now beginning to be widely pondered, studied, discussed and learned from. What are we to make of it? There are literally tens of millions of people out there dealing with the effects of this issue and many are screaming what are we going to do about this?! My experience with porn comes from an environment of strong religious biases, so you’ll see that my remarks are targeted toward helping those in similar circumstances. In my experience it is those who are “deeply religious” who have the biggest psychological issues with pornography and its my hope these ideas will help give some balance to those who find themselves on edge. My purpose in this article is not to justify or demonize sexual media, but to help people (especially religious people) understand that one’s polarized black & white emotional response to this issue (one’s belief of whether its good or bad) is a huge aspect of why pornography is so alluring and addictive to so many.

What’s the big deal about porn anyway?
The issues surrounding porn really are the same issues surrounding sex in its most general sense. They are really issues revolving around human sexuality, and these issues affect different people in different ways. In fact they affect the same people far differently depending on what stage of life they are in. It’s interesting to note how my views on sex (and pornography) have changed through time. Perhaps differently from other young men, when I was an adolescent sex was not a big deal at all. I rarely thought about it, and never engaged in it. It never brought me any pain or pleasure. It was a side-note I heard about from society, but had no personal experience with. I never really had access to pornography, so my experience with it was as limited as my experience with sex. Today after 10 years of marriage I can again say that sex and pornography are just not that huge of a deal, even though I’ve now had a good amount of experience with both. The older I get the less interesting porn is because it is so shallow compared to true healthy sex. But its crazy to remember back just a few years when I was 25 to 30 and think about how huge of an issue it was in my life. At that point, sex & pornography were the single biggest issues on my mind. My life was in turmoil. My parents got divorced at 18, my dad died the same year. I started dating and kissing for the first time at 21 and got married at 24. As soon as sex entered my life, all the issues buried within became manifest in sex and pornography. And I believe this is why some people “make” such a big deal out of it, because those people (or those close to them) are hugely unbalanced and that unbalance is manifesting in the sexual aspects of their lives. I made a HUGE deal out of both sex and porn when my life was hugely unbalanced, and I blamed it on those things because they were so closely intertwined. But in retrospect I see that porn or sex or marriage or fights or even death aren’t the root causes of pain in our lives, they are simply the catalysts which manifests & exacerbates the true issues which lie in our hearts (our emotional psychology). In fact, in my life I came to realize that I was using porn as an excuse to dealing with my real issues. The real source of emotional pain is the imbalance between our desires, belief systems/values & actions (see my article on Moral Purity); and the traumatic events in our lives act as catalyst to show us those imbalances. Similarly I see how the desire or inclinations for things like sex, relationships, anger, power, drugs, money or pornography are outward manifestations of an inner need to feel whole and balanced. We do best to recognize this early and address the roots of the problem, rather than glorify or demonize the symptoms or outward manifestations.

The function of a catalyst
The function of a catalyst is to increase in the rate of a chemical reaction. Heat can be a catalyst, as can many other substances. Just like a fight or argument often explosively brings many issues out in the open which may have been silently simmering in the minds of the participants, so do all catalysts or “trials” bring to the surface hidden issues & weaknesses. But also just like a fight or argument, sex or pornography can create more and larger issues if the conscious choice is not made to use this catalyst to bring about constructive communication, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance. Next to death and its grieving response, sexual responses are perhaps one of the strongest catalyst we face in our lives; and catalyst/trials are many people’s most powerful means of personal growth and self discovery. (It may seem strange to compare the pleasure of sex to the pain of the death of a loved one, but in my experience both of these extremes can surface the same strong emotions—emotions which catalyze us equally to action and self discovery.)

Demonizing/Shaming porn keeps problems it manifests from getting better.
By “demonizing” something, I mean that you shame it or give it a label or stigma such as “it is evil”, or “its forbidden and thus you are bad for doing it”. I think it is very unfortunate that religion is usually the worst at creating harmful stigmas, although society does it too especially though legal systems (prohibition and illegal drugs are a good example). This is actually one of the harmful effects of sexualized depictions in media; that by showing an image of a ‘beautiful’ person, those who do not fit this mold can be made to feel demonized or shamed because they don’t ‘measure up’. This has the tendency of holding them into a mold of inadequacy and leads to all manner of unbalanced behaviors. But exactly the same is true when religions say something is ‘evil’. By calling porn or pre-marital sex or whatever behavior ‘sinful’ or unlawful, they consequently cause perpetrators to self-label themselves as ‘sinners’ and ‘bad’; having the same effect of isolating them in a mold which divides them from the group and traps them into psychological behaviors. …… This paradoxical tendency of written law or moral code to divide and negatively subjugate units of society has been long understood by philosophers and religious leaders. It is built into the Bible’s garden drama or the ‘tree of good and evil’ and was extensively lectured on by Paul in the New Testament. He often repeats the idea that “the letter [of the law] killeth” (when it is carved in stone such as the ten commandments), “but the spirit giveth life” (2 Cor 3:6); A couplet pointing to the idea that the best way to help people to grow and progress is not to give them dogmas, commandments and codes, but to lead them by the hand and lovingly help them in their particular circumstances to understand how to achieve harmony, balance and unity. (René Girard and Martin Buber explain these concepts well). In Mormonism this concept is taught in many symbolic ways from the temple ceremony to the D&C to the writings of Joseph Smith (TPJS P. 256). It is interesting to note that what seem to me as Joseph Smith’s finest words on the matter of living by the spirit instead of culturally accepted religious law, came in a letter to Nancy Rigdon, attempting to explain to her and the Puritan minds of the era why Polygamy and other non-traditional consensual sexual arrangements where not prohibited by God if saints would just seek his permission that things might be done harmoniously & judiciously (sidenote: I’m not saying that to justify or demonize polygamy or pornography).

The bigger deal you make out of something, the bigger deal it becomes.
It’s like the saying goes, “don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill”. And yet we do it all the time. Issues are only as big as the energy and power we give them. By blowing things out of proportion, or attaching them to unrelated deeper issues we can create a condition of psychological hypochondria. I’ve noticed that despite biological programming I can drastically condition the way my children respond when they get hurt by the way I react. My reaction to their accidents drastically affect how they end up reacting. I believe the same is true in society or religious culture, conditioning people how to react to situations like divorce, infidelity or similar issues regarding sexual media addiction. The stigma which religion attaches to morality can be like the over-dramatic parent; it can encourage a howling psychological reaction which distracts those injured from learning the true cause and effect relationship inherent in the hurtful moral action. Most discussions on pornography and moral issues in general (especially religious discussions) forget this lesson.

In my personal experience and those I’ve read about, most painful “issues” with porn are manifestations of deeper pre-existing issues in the person’s relationships (just like most sexual issues). Porn abuse can make these issues larger or more unbalanced, but the original issue had nothing to do with the porn. Yet because some religions and societies have shamed, demonized and made sexual media into such a big deal a new issue is created, complicating an issue that would have been easier to work out before the interference. Now instead of a couple or family confronted with a growing porn issue saying “man, could this be an indication that there is a developing problem in our family relationships that we should explore?”. Instead we have a condition that grows in secrecy because of the shame that has been attached to it, and one day it’s exposed causing them to say “oh my God, my partner/child has betrayed me like an adulterer. This insidious evil makes him/her or me wicked and unclean! How could this happen to me? How could they cheat on me?! I’m not good enough, they’re not good enough! He/she or we are no longer ‘perfect’ and what must we do ‘overcome’ this sinful act and regain our perfect little family!” (I’m pouring on the over-dramatization here, but hopefully you get the point, and realize the silliness of any aspect of this response.) Now we have two issues to deal with; the likely personal relationship issues that caused the individual to seek a relationship with porn, AND the new and more difficult to solve pride/self-righteousness issues which create the shame cycles fueling an addiction and destroying self-worth. It is the stigma that encourages the secrecy and the over-reaction and shame cycle which fuels the blame, addiction & imbalance.

Sexual Media has different effects on everyone, exploring those consequences together is the only way to come to understand its place in each persons life and society as a whole.
Every person on earth is unique, and every activity yields unique results in their lives. I think most people realize this, but it doesn’t help legislators or religious leaders who must generalize in order to draft up social laws and codes to govern society. (Thus the continuing paradox in that system of governance.) Some people can drink alcohol and live happy, loving, balanced lives. Some can’t have a drop without becoming raging alcoholics. The same is true for just about every drug. The same goes for sex both inside and outside of marriage; to one couple sex stabilizes and grows the relationship, to another it continually destabilizes and eventually destroys it.  Everyone is unique and at different levels of their own progression and when our generalizations become too broad, it hurts the ones we might be trying to help. We must be careful in our sweeping generalizations of sexual media or ‘porn’. In my experience, I heard “pornography is evil”, and “sex is bad outside of marriage” all growing up and it ended up equating to “sex is evil” and “you are evil because you are drawn to it”. This caused an intense polarized reaction when I finally got married and was thrown into the gambit of sexual desire. I was unable to deal with so much change so fast. Unable to separate healthy from unhealthy, the illusion of what I was told (both from church leaders and from internet videos) compared to the reality of what I was experiencing. Unable to balance the generalizations that my church told me through its leaders (sex = bad) with what God was telling me in my heart (sex = good) . After growing up a little I’ve come to see the pettiness of the generalizations about sexual media and sex in general. In my own life I see so clearly what helped me or hurt me (hind sight’s 20/20). What brought joy or pain to me. What things I needed to pass through in order to grow; even though friends, or society or religion demonized them. For the most part I see these people had good points despite the inevitable misunderstanding of their council, or at least I see where they were coming from. But at the same time, as I raise my kids and try to guide them I see how ridiculous it is to try and rule people on a personal level solely with strict laws and moral codes instead of walking beside them with love and wisdom suited for each unique days situation.

The danger of sexual media
It’s not the purpose of this article to go into too much detail concerning the dangers and negative aspects of pornogrphy or sexual media. It is the purpose of this article to get past the stigmas associated with pornography and help people see it from a detached neutral standpoint, (as a scientist or one who seeks knowledge) and thus get past psychological barriers that might be holding you in a shame cycle.  Just as with overeating/morbid obesity, chain smoking or alcoholism, detaching the emotional baggage which is often associated with these over-indulgences is often an important part of bringing balance and healthy choices in one’s life.

Simply put, sex releases chemicals in the brain. There are many websites detailing the biological reactions inherent in human sexuality. These same pleasure center chemicals are manipulated in various illicit drugs, and for this reason many call sex or pornography a “drug”.  The difference between consensual sex and pornography is that sex has certain built in checks and controls controlling the release of the pleasure causing chemicals. Pornography, like many illicit drugs circumvent these natural controls (by taking relationships & a willing partner out of the equation).  Aside from pure biology I believe there are also subtle psychological effects to pornography both to the purveyor and to those closely attached to them. In my experience I found that desires pass subtly through the group subconsciousness and affect all members of a groups psychological support system in psychic ways that are currently ignored by science. I’ve found that subtle energy and information transfer occurs during sexual climax in ways that seem very poorly understood by mainstream society.  I believe, like many religions seek to teach in archaic terms, that heightened connections exist not only between the living, but between the living and dead which are manipulated and controlled by intent thought and emotion during sexual arousal and activity. I believe that inappropriate manipulation of these channels can bring about varied psychological and neurological disorders, not to mention the negative effects these actions can pose on relationships.  But I believe most damaging of all, is the polarity of strong emotion (whether you think its good or evil) associated with the opening of these channels. If you think you are “evil”, or think strongly negative thoughts during sexual activity, this negative emotion will transfer from the body’s neurological system to its chemical system causing both psychological and biological imbalance and illness. In other words guilt and negative emotion during sexual activity can really screw you up in ways most can’t imagine. Shame often causes anger, depression and other emotional issues to pervade one’s life.

But sexual media is not/should not be all bad
It’s been said that all good people have to do to lose their fight against ‘bad’ in society is to shut up. The lesson being taught here is that if people of a particular persuasion want to perpetuate their philosophy in this world then they had better open their mouths (or video cameras) and teach it. The implications of this in regards to sexual philosophy are in dire need of addressing. It seems to me, that in a single generation, a small subset of American society has managed to teach a huge portion of the technological world the manner in which they should have sex. It seems to me that somewhere over the centuries of the dark ages western Christianity adopted a puritanical tradition wherein it became frowned upon to talk about or share intimate information about sex (except to pass judgement on its right or wrongness). Now I can understand where this mindset came from because most of us consider our sex lives very personal and don’t want to prematurely excite or unjustly taint the innocents’ future experience, any more than we want to divulge the intimate aspects of our own relationships. But just look at the apparent result of this cultural dearth of healthy sexual experience sharing? In a world where up to 97% of boys and 80% of girls (according to a University of East London survey) said they had viewed porn by age 20, Hugh Heppner and his colleagues have been the only voice effectively teaching an entire generation how to best behave in bed. Countless studies have verified the effectiveness of this teaching (article links) and believe me, a video is worth a thousand words when it comes to teaching sexual experience.

So then what should people do who don’t agree with the sexual philosophy of the American Porn Kings? The approach from the conservative and religious so far has been to tell kids “don’t look at porn, it’s evil”. — And we have seen how well that’s worked; especially as we see porn-use and search statistics for highly “conservative” areas like Utah or Islamic countries like Pakistan without national filters. Religion says “porn is bad!” and a boys heart when seeing it says “something about this is good!” and now a heart is thrown into turmoil. I believe that for the most part a free internet is here to stay and that mankind’s future will increasingly involve the open disclosure of all information & events of the world—including sexual events. That the advent of the internet is mirroring larger works afoot, and that the way to bring the world into harmony and truth is not to censure or censor, but to show the right way. So how do we show our kids the right way? I guess that is up to parents, but as it stands the world of internet sexual media is overwhelmingly distorted toward skewed aspects of sexuality. The odds are that your child’s first sexual encounter will be watching a misogynistic sex-act where two people with no love for eachother dominate and seek to possess the other while yelling out obscenities. (Not to demonize this behavior, but to point out that it is not the fulfilling sex most lasting relationships enjoy on a continual basis.)

On the other hand, in many more serious and dramatic movies made over the last decade there are countless depictions of two people in a committed relationship having loving sex with each other as a symbol of their unity and selflessness. And yet what do the conservative or religious do with these types of movies? They puritanically shun them, often causing their children or spouses to gain sexual education through the top porn search results on Google. Is it just me or is there a problem here? I certainly believe there is value in teaching sexual media abstinence through abstinence up to a certain point, but I think on a social level this has been a massive failure and will continue to be. Teaching abstinence to all sexual media is like a culture teaching lifelong sexual abstinence with no promise of eventual marriage and sexual experience. Such a culture would be doomed to failure, and so are the ideas promoting complete sexual abstinence in media. Such a world cannot exist where there is total freedom of information. And I increasingly believe freedom of information is not “the work of the devil”, it is the future of mankind and a vital step in our progression into global unity.

What I believe will be most helpful in this fight against deception and illusion then, is to have the balanced and love-filled depictions of sex choke out the bad. This is how a good gardener manages a garden (with an appropriate amount of weeding) and I think it’s the needed future of media nudity, sex and the internet. No teen will become addicted to real images of mother’s breast feeding babies, nor will they get imbalanced from stories of their parents having sex to conceive them (just perhaps a little grossed out). Imbalance and addiction requires illusion. Sex is not bad, it is natural and beautiful; religious people I know say they believe that, but that’s not what they teach youth by the way they treat even healthy depictions of it in media. The human body is mysterious and more intoxicating than a sunset, but there was a time when I demonized it because I felt my religious culture required that of me. I realize that this perception comes from a place of not wanting youth to be prematurely aroused to sexual activity; but by making nudity so taboo they allow the ideal body to be defined by those who push illusion as reality and make a healthy view of nudity more difficult when the ‘restrictions’ are finally dropped. There is a balance that must be maintained between keeping children from stumbling upon sexual depictions before they are old enough to healthily integrate and balance what they are seeing and demonizing something beautiful in our attempts to control its possible negative consequences.

Pornography is a lot like sex.
Whether it be parents, legislators or religionists, people make a big deal out of pornography for the same reasons they make a big deal out of sex. Sexual media leads some people into real sex, and drives others from it. Some people may use it to enhance their real sexual experiences (link). For others it distorts and detracts from their real sexual experiences. Either way, just like sex it is a major form of physiological and behavioral polarization. (By polarizing I mean a source of internal conflict or psychological division and opposition, such as self desire & disgust, pleasure & pain, turmoil & serenity, etc.. an event which like a mirror divides one against themselves in order to teach them about themselves.) Physically, sexual media tends to release the same hormones and chemicals into the body which lead to feelings of arousal and often can often lead to orgasm. Psychologically and spiritually sexual media tends to have the same effect of manifesting the cumulative balances/imbalances in our lives. Whether it be body-image issues, sexual fears, uncontrollable sexual desire, etc… sexual media turns on the same physiological systems and creates similar psychological and emotional responses. Pornography, just like sex in general brings all those emotions and issues to center stage and forces people to deal with them just as the stages of sexual relations do. The unfortunate and potentially damaging difference, is that instead of having a partner with which to work through these issues pornography voyeurs tend to have to work out these issues alone, often in shame, and within an environment of strong sexual illusions.

Its really a lot like sex… but its NOT sex, and NOT adultery.
This is another important point when trying to get a healthy view of sexual media and porn. Perhaps a majority of people in relationships who find out about their partners secret pornography usage, feel like their partner has “cheated on them”. What is it about this discovery that causes most partners to feel such strong emotions of infidelity or betrayal? Viewing pornography is not extramarital sex. I suggest that analysis of the root of these emotions reveals that it is the secrecy and betrayal of trust which creates the feelings of betrayal in the partner NOT any concept of adultery or extra-marital sex. Does anyone in their right mind freak out about their partner being a murderer because he habitually plays Halo, or watches people get slashed and stabbed in Lord of the Rings? Masturbating to Porn is a lot like having sex (both spiritually and physically), but it is NOT having sex any more than simulated warfare is murder. Remember, that’s one of the reasons it can often be so harmful & imbalancing; because it can create and perpetuate sexual illusions which are not based in reality.

I know that for many religious Christians, this belief is reinforced by Christ’s words about how “looking on a woman to lust after her” is already “committing adultery in their heart” (Matt. 5:27–28). But remember he also makes the point that those who “are angry with their brother”, are guilty just as those who kill (Matt. 5:21–22). Do we freak out and mentally label each other murderers when we habitually get mad at each other? This distorts the entire meaning of what Christ’s sermon on the mount is all about and misses a big part of the point he was making which I am trying to reiterate here. That laws & moral codes which are “set in stone” (like the 10 commandments) are very poor at teaching people how to be good, and have a tendency to make hypocrites. Sexual media, just like sex, anger, killing and about every other major human propensity, has both good and bad applications. We need to look at the “Spirit of the Laws” which govern morality; which means considering intent and consequences above perceived violations of some ancient or modern moral code (That’s why Christ’s sermon on the mount started each of these statements with the words, “it is written by them of old that…. BUT I SAY…”). We need more wise people who sit down with young adults and can just talk openly about the reasons certain council or laws exist WITHOUT PRECONCEIVED JUDGEMENT. If someone feels judged, they will not open up, and no learning or growth will occur. Parents, therapists and religious councilors need to realize how important it is to let some people continue unhealthy behavior in a directed environment so they can learn the lessons their desires are trying to lead them to learn. This new idea of “acceptance therapy” is proving revolutionary in helping people break addictions; which in reality are just psychological blockages where something is inhibiting an individual from learning a “required” lesson or find an appropriate outlet of a suppressed desire.

It would likely be a benefit to go into more detail about how desires are passed both behaviorally and genetically down through family lines. And how many individuals who battle imbalance and addiction are working to balance deeply ingrained mental configurations which tend to swing from one extreme to the other through the generations of their families. This act of balancing takes time, effort and trial and error to work out. Individuals are best aided when they can work out these issues in an environment of love, wisdom and non-judgement. A truly “Christ-like” environment, instead of a Pharisaical environment.

Overcoming” Doesn’t Work
There are many psychologist (and philosophers including Sir Isaac Newton) who have spoken extensively on the futility of trying to “overcome” addictions or unbalanced behaviors by simple willpower. To paraphrase one religious source,

“willful overcoming is an unbalanced action which creates greater difficulty in achieving personal balance and harmony. The act of overcoming through mental focus ends up creating an environment which holds on to that which we’re attempting to overcome. This is because mental focus & attention is the guide to our actions. Thus the more we focus and give attention and energy to something (that we’re trying NOT to do), the more mental power and attention it receives subconsciously leading us further into it. All things are acceptable in the proper time for each individual; and in experiencing, in understanding, in accepting, in then sharing with others, activities which no longer serve us will simply fall away.”

This is hard medicine for those who are still slaves to religious law & dogma in their personal progression, but it is the very lesson Christ came to teach. His sacrifice served to liberate the captives of both distorted religion and sin, because by redeeming people from the dead laws we or our religions have created for us, it allows us to gain needed experiences free from the shame-cycle of guilt. In that free environment we can learn our “required” lessons in an environment of mercy, find balance and harmony through natural physical consequences (trail and error), and as long as our goal is selflessness and unity all behaviors not conducive to that goal with eventually “fall away” or go away on their own.

So What Do We Do About Porn?
So the question remains, what do we do about porn? I can only offer my opinion based on my experience, which is that first and foremost codified laws almost never directly help individuals; they are “dead”, and simply needed to maintain social order and justice, not so much to promote personal evolution, progress or enlightenment. Positive council can do this, negative prohibitions rarely do. Telling a young child not to play in the street is necessary, but does not teach them about the joys & dangers of cars. Every person is different and has different needs, so the answer of what each individual should do concerning pornography or sexual content in media is different, just like it is for all sexual experience. Religious leaders and particularly politicians have a job to maintain social order and justice, so they will need to codify laws and define sins to deal with this issue. But for parents and friends of those who struggle with pornography there is a better way to help others. If you want to do something about porn find people who are looking at it and enter into meaningful, relationship building discussions with them. If they are balanced, delightful people, with strong relationships maybe you can learn something about what types of sexual media can be appropriate and in what circumstances. If they are addicted and unbalanced, maybe you can help liberate them from the shame cycle which is holding them in addiction. Maybe you can help them build better relationships. If you are a wife/girlfriend of a man whose pornography usage causes him to degrade or objectify you, call him on it and don’t stand for it. Help him understand how you want and deserve to be treated. Tell him how his behavior makes you feel. These types of discussions will give you true knowledge which will help guide behavior based on experience instead of dogma. If you know someone who has been a performer in the adult entertainment industry maybe you can learn more about what injustices are occurring and have suggestions on how to prevent the injustices. Maybe you can offer understanding and healing. All too often, in the discussion of what to do about porn, all I hear is whether it is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white? I believe this type of discussion is for juveniles too young or immature to understand or confront the positive and negative complexities of the human sexual response. I believe that what we deeply need is that understanding and not just more laws, dogmas or platitudes.

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Additional Issues to Think About
-people are always seeking balance, for some assorted types of sexual media help them get there, for most if causes greater imbalance. At any rate, people need to be allowed freedom to make their mistakes without being ostracized or demonized. People need to time to learn the lessons mistakes have to teach.
-the bigger deal you make out of it, the more imbalance it causes and harm it causes. its actually easy to make a fairly harmless thing harmful. It’s easy to make what would be a short-lived distraction into a long addiction.
-many types of sexual media (porn) are not harmless. they perpetuate strong and harmful illusions. they program the innocent with illusions which harm real relationships. They often keep people from forming real relationships. Many individuals who were raised in dysfunctional families already have many of these same harmful illusions programed into their psyches. Really the only effective way to work through dysfunctional sexual relationship concepts is trail and error in real relationships. Positive help from therapists or family may speed up the learning. The best cure for porn addiction is open & honest, real relationships.
-I believe it is very common for porn addictions to be caused by repressed sexual desire in the parents. Also from unrestrained sexual desire in parents or siblings. (these are complicated psychological effects of group consciousness and psychic connectivity that few understand).
-talk about the negatives of demonizing. shame is required for addiction (self imposed bondage)
-talk about the negatives & dangers of pornography (secular & spiritual. unrealistic expectations, creates and perpetuates illusions, sex opens the psychic gateway & connects people, sometimes creates spiritual connections to unwanted thought-forms, sex energizes or potentiates thoughts, etc).
-sex opens the psychic gateway. this is nearly impossible to understand given our current lack of understanding concerning this aspect of human biology. humans have biological mechanisms which allow for telepathic ability and energy exchange both between living mortals and between mortals and those in the higher dimensions. sex opens these gateways in a manner meant to harmonize the thoughts and emotional vibrations of the participants.  An actual chemical and corresponding spiritual energy transfer occur during orgasm. Self induced gilt-ridden orgasm through materbation with pornography not only can cause problems with the bodies electrical delivery system, it encourages a spiritual phenomenon known as engrafting.  The emotional connection between couples prevents most engrafting during sex.  One’s desires & focus during orgasm has many spiritual consequences which are difficult to explain.
-talk about the positives. can be used to change hormone levels, match libidos, fulfill desires that might otherwise be fulfilled with cheating/divorce. But the type of sexual media must be appropriate for the couple. Sex has many benefits, some may be trying to obtain these through sexual media when sex is not a viable option. Subconsiously may be trying to be used to build the energetic systems of the body (see biology of kundalini, or unblocking baffled energy pathways. This usually isn’t the best way to do this, but that’s a lesson people must learn for themselves.

-sex in all its forms can be made to bring people together or drive them apart. All should be measured by its effects on unity and selfishness/unselfishness of the parties involved.

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Human Relationships & The Microcosmic Connection To Atomic Bonding

Left: Fractal pattern of a tree (tree of life), through its trunk, branches and twigs. At right: The Mandelbrot set is a popular example of a computer generated fractal.

I like to think that relationships or the bonding of people follow the same rules of physics as the relationships or bonding between atoms and cosmic bodies. That cosmic bodies, humans, and atoms all share a “fractal” (ie. microcosmic) relationship and thus share inherent similarities and adhere to similar physical laws.

Atomic and cosmic bonding, are of course governed and categorized by differences in energy potential. In humans we call this same potential energy attractive desire. We all have different polarities which dictate this attractive desire, and our level of polarization varies throughout our lives. Our relationships or human interactions become structured on the give and takes associated with our values/desires. It doesn’t take reading too many self help books to realize that its hard to categorize exactly what will make a good marriage or bonded relationship—because just like with atomic bonding, different people bond in radically different ways. As with cosmic bonds, there are a myriad of varieties of orbital types and likewise there are a handful of unique nuclear bonding strategies. There are likewise certain mixtures of these same type of fundamental attributes which can cause a lot of difficulties in relationships, and understanding our roles as well as the rules of physics and polarities which govern both atomic and human relationships can help individuals work through the difficulties of life.

Fractals. To really believe how science and the physics of the universe can apply to other aspects of human existence it helps to understand the principle of fractal cosmology. That is that our reality is holographic and is thus composed of remarkably similar units of differing scale. This idea of microcosm vs macrocosm is embedded into all religion and culture in types, symbols, shadows, natural allegory and comparisons with the natural world.

Charge or polarity. In reality all charge/polarity is relative. An atom becomes polarized in relation to itself when it has a different number of electrons than protons, or better put, when the charge of its energy field is different from the charge of its heart/core. This is called an ion. Another type of polarity is when neutral/stable atom is charged/polarized in relation to another atom. It is this polarity that forms the basis for inter-atom relationships, but more on that in a minute.

Inward/outward charge (ie protons/electrons) occurs when our outward life does not match our inward life or what’s in our hearts. This can occur at many different levels. For ALL those living in veiled earth, a polarity exists between our unveiled/higher-self (god/spirit) and our lower veiled conscious mind (ego/flesh). Further divisions can occur between our outward life (the parts of us we share with the world, or how people perceive us), and our inward life (what we really believe or how we see ourselves). Among troubled individuals even greater divisions can be created bringing about bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia where even our inward life has been divided into non-conjoining realities. The importance of this information is in the realization that these divisions exist in order to do WORK. The potential energy formed by polarization is how human progression or evolution occurs. Division creates a potential which is the source of all DESIRE, and desire is the motivating force behind all behavior. These potentials are what guide and control ALL our relationships.

In the same way that all molecules (relationships of two or more bonded atoms) are created & maintained by electric potentials in atoms, so too are our human relationships created and maintained by the desires or potentials created by divisions between our own inward and outward selves; essentially the differences between the desires of our hearts (intuition), the thoughts of our heads (beliefs) and the substance of our actions.

Bonding in atoms occurs primarily because of the octet rule. Atoms want to fill up their outer octet of electrons to obtain a stable ‘noble gas’ configuration. Thus just like people, atoms without this ‘complete’ energy configuration seek to bond in order to find wholeness. The atom/person feels something is missing and feels a desire to bond subconsciously. The ‘desire’ or likely-hood of an atom to bond has a lot to do with how close or far to the octet rule they are. This same polarization of valence electrons also largely dictates what types of bonds atoms can create or relationships atoms can have with other atoms. The same is true of people, for the same reasons. It is the relationship between our outer polarities or ‘desires’ which dictates who we are attracted to, and in what ways. There are various personality tests which attempt to aid us in understanding who we really are at any point, and to help us know who we may or may not currently be compatible with. (or what we need to change to become compatible) However, I believe all of these fall short in accurately categorizing the variability and uniqueness of all humans, and I believe that because of the holographic or fractal nature of our reality, categories based more closely on the microcosm of the periodic chart and nuclear bonding would far more accurately capture the full variability spectrum of human nature.

Periodic Table of the Elements

Before getting into the different types of chemical bonding, it may be helpful for the reader to reacquaint themselves with the periodic chart and how it is structured. Recall that apart from the metallics, atoms are placed in one of eight groups which correspond with the number of valence electrons. This is essentially the polarity of an atom relative to a noble gas. (The number eight is metaphysically important here, as our observable reality is structured like a diamond in a double tetrahedron configuration which tends to fractally divide into repeating sequences of seven.) So because of the octet rule, group ones like to bond with group sevens, group twos with group sixes and so on. There are literally millions of comparisons that could be made between the bonding characteristics of these different elements and those of people. Some elements bond easily, some only with difficulty. The nobles are ‘inert’ and completely balanced both within and without, it is these atoms which are used to buffer reactions. Like people some atoms have relative polarization’s of positive and others of negativity. We don’t call these atoms ‘good’ or ‘evil’, we simply observe their behavior and tendencies, and try to combine them in meaningful and useful ways. This is also how the noble therapist, historian or even holy-man judges; without cultural or religious labels, but instead with neutral or unpolarized wisdom.

Ionic Bonding relationships: occurs when the bond or relationship between atoms causes both atoms to polarize or become charged ions. In essence, in an ionic bonding situation, one atom is in dire ‘need’ of an electron and thus ‘steals’ the excess charge/electrons from another making both itself and its partner ionic or oppositely unbalanced/polarized. In these relationships one partner polarizes the other toward selfishness/unselfishness, and this potential difference creates the attraction which holds the relationship together. An example could be physical attraction. The beauty of one individual causes desire or charge in another. The desire/charge is created when one begins to believe they are not whole, complete and beautiful enough in and of themselves. This division of the divine “whole” unstabalizes the individual and creates a ‘need’ desire where they cannot feel whole and complete unless they possess the beauty of the other. When the beautiful one allows themselves to be ‘possessed’ by the one full of desire; a codependence is created and the beautiful one often gets to the point where they do not feel whole or complete unless they are desired or continually giving of themselves. This same situation plays out in any relationship where one side becomes ‘needy’ or negative/service-to-self and continually takes the excess charge of their partner; their partner continually allowing or enables them to do so because of excess positive polarization (not realizing their own actions are often the cause of the other’s neediness in the first place) Thus the ionic bond/relationship in codependence is created and sustained.

Covalent Bonding Relationships on the other hand, do not create ions or exist between ions. They exist between uncharged (non-ion) atoms with complementary charge/electron valence shells. In relationship terms both individuals are balanced and do not “need” the other. They are both internally balanced, however in relation to each-other or an inert gas atom they are polarized. The electrons or charge/desire in a covalent bond is shared in order to attain a balanced noble gas-like configuration. You might say this is a second stage relationship where individuals have learned to internally balance themselves without the aid of another to a point where bonding does not unbalance (ionize) them. Where polarization within the relationship is mutually shared and outward directed. And relationship which seeks to be outwardly serviceable must attain to this (metallic bond). However they are still not as balanced as a master (completely un-polarizable individual).

Inert Atoms/Noble Gases. A noble gas is the most stable and un-polarized on all the atoms on the periodic chart. They generally do not react with other atoms or molecules, and have a whole/complete outer valence shell. They are internally balanced (same number of protons & electrons) and externally balanced (full outer valence shell). They are often used as buffers to other reactions/relationships because they do not react (get pulled into the drama). Thus they can coexist with other molecules in substances, but do not bond to those molecules or substances. They are neither selfish nor selfless and yet they are both; neither masculine or feminine and yet both. They have both the ying and the yang in perfect balance, and thus can be all things to all people to aid in buffering the reactions of the more volatile individuals in life. However, as a disadvantage they can be loners, because they have no desire for relationship or drama. It takes great discipline for these individuals to become anything and in many cases they will not grow/progress unless they polarize and are thus motivated to become organic (forming an integral element of a whole; having systematic coordination of parts) which is the beginning and end of progression.

Ionic Bonding Relationships only form between ions of opposite internal polarity. That is, one must be polarized negative, the other positive, and through the give and take the net charge becomes neutral. The human relationship analog should be obvious. The defining attractive attributes of this relationship will be selfishness/selflessness in one attracting the opposite in the other. Because the give-and-take cancels out, the couple does not focus much on serving others either selflessly or selfishly. The net charge is zero. One need not suppose that in these types of relationships one is always the selfish one and vise-versa, although that may be generally the case, often the roles continually reverse given different situations; but it defines the general attractive principle. If the circumstances change, attraction ends and often so does the relationship.

Covalent bonds usually occur between atoms of near equal electronegativity or internal polarity. In relationship-terms this translates to a relationship between individuals of equal service orientation (service to self/selfish & service to others/selfless) who join together for a common cause
Electrons or charge in a covalent bond is often shared unequally, resulting in a molecule which is polarized. That is, unlike with ionic bonds, the molecule/relationship has a net charge of positivity or negativity. This means relationships with this type of bond, are often motivated with a desire to serve others or themselves as a team. These relationships give/take not only from/to each-other, but to/from others. That is, they are extroverts and give selfish or selfless service outwardly.

Finish this later. Talk a little more about the adept with quotes talking about the balancing process. The need for polarization to transition past step/density three, The role which unconditional love plays in the reversal of polarization and beginning of balancing… ect…

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We need to look at human behavior and why we do the things that we do. All of us are made up of atoms. Atoms behave in a certain way and their behavior is a good model to use to understand human behavior.
There are 3 atomic bonds: Ionic bonds, Covalent bonds and Metallic bonds.
The Ionic bond is a ‘give and take’ relationship between two atoms. Electrons are transferred from one atom to the other.
The Covalent bond is a ‘sharing’ relationship. Instead of one atom losing an electron and the other gaining an electron, these atoms share one or more electrons. Sometimes the sharing is equal and other times the sharing is unequal.
The Metallic bond has the characteristics of both Ionic and Covalent bonds. It ‘shares’ and ‘gives and takes’.
An example of the Ionic bond can be found in the bonding of sodium and chloride. Sodium has an extra electron, and chloride only has 7 electrons in the outer orbit. When the extra electron of sodium is given to chloride, chloride then becomes stable and sodium gets rid of the extra electron.
The sodium after it gives up its electron, becomes positive because it now has more protons than electrons. Chloride now becomes negative because it has more electrons than protons. The sodium and chloride ions are now stable and the compound they create is called Salt.
This Ionic bond I am going to call ‘The Give-Take Relationship’. Each of these atoms has found another atom that can give it what it wants and needs. By giving, they also receive.
With a Covalent bonding, atoms are co-dependent. An example of this is with the hydrogen atom. A hydrogen atom only has 1 electron, and so is unable to give up an electron. When 2 hydrogen atoms unite, they share the 2 electrons and this makes them both stable.
This is the same as when two people who need the same thing come together. They rely upon each other to remain stable. This type of relationship is not strong because neither person can be stable without the other. These relationships have what you could call a ‘low boiling’ point and break easily. I am going to call this bond ‘The Sharing Relationship’.
In a Metallic bond there is both a sharing and a give and take of electrons. This is a very strong type of bond, and metals have a very high boiling point, so hence the name Metallic bond.
The outer electrons of metal are not bound closely. When 2 metal atoms come together the electrons can move freely amongst the nuclei within the crystal. They slip over each other, but stay bonded to each other by the attractive forces that exist. Within in this bond there is a sharing of the electrons and also giving and taking. This bond has a flexibility not found in any other bond.
An example of this bond is a ‘stable marriage’, where both people have the ability to not only share with each other, but they also give and take from the other person. They are both independent in this relationship, through the give and take process, and yet also create a dependence upon each other by sharing what each has.
The bond becomes stronger as time goes on because they have the flexibility to move about freely within the relationship, trusting each other not to bond (cheat) with anyone else. Neither person in this relationship wants to break the bond because not only are they filling the other persons void, but their voids are being fulfilled also.
I am going to call this metallic bond ‘The Fulfilling Relationship’.
Behavior becomes erratic or unstable when all of our voids are not met. When 2 atoms come together and aren’t able to fill each others voids, the created compound is known as a ‘Radical’. Just as with human relationships, we become radical or rebellious to others and ourselves when our needs aren’t met.
Why do some people eat food that isn’t healthy? Or smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, do drugs or anything else that is unhealthy? It is simply that for many it is better to fill a void with something, than with nothing at all.
I think that we suffer in relationships because we are confused about what type of relationship we are in. You need to determine what your relationship is and then ask yourself a few questions. What do you give and what do you take from this relationship? What type of relationship does the other person think you have? If there is a problem with the relationship, can it be corrected? Or maybe you need to be separated from the relationship? This is true not just for a lover’s relationship, but it also holds true for relationships you have with friends, family, your children, co-workers, etc.

Relative Relationships, Fractals, Spiritual Centers/Chakras, and the endocrine system

I need to finish and expand upon this sometime.

Relative Relationships/Fractals


Left: Fractal pattern of a tree. At right: The Mandelbrot set is a popular example of a computer generated fractal.

The eastern concept of chakras is largely based on he idea that the body follows a fractal relationship with the universe.

A fractal is a mathematical construct or set that typically displays self-similar patterns or a pattern that is exactly the same at every scale. This is why it is also called the Law of relative relationships, or a system which shows the same relationships at every scale. Plato elaborated on this observed phenomena and coined the words microcosm and macrocosm. A tree is a great example of a fractal pattern, in how the veins on a leaf look like a twig which looks like a branch which looks like a bigger branch and so forth. This system of relative relationships exists to some degree everywhere in the cosmos. An atom with its sub-atomic particles and electron cloud is very loosely like a Sun with its planets and Oort cloud, which is like a galaxy with its associated matter and energy clouds, which is like a super cluster, etc, etc.. Several eastern religious traditions and many modern mystics have used this idea to suggest that a man with his endocrine system and energy centers is a microcosm or fractal of the solar system, galaxy and other levels of the cosmic pattern.

Each unit of the fractal has

Spiritual Centers (chakras) and the Endocrine System
Although this “fractal” teaching system was developed in eastern religion, a framework for applying fractal thought exists in western and LDS scripture. In the book of Moses especially we see prophets who hear the earth speak and cry out (Moses 7:48–61). prophets such as Enoch (as many prophets today) had the ability to read the earth’s Book of Life or see the akashic record. Likewise we see in scripture that the earth has a spirit body (the spirit world) just as people do. The earth also has a progression cycle wherein it was born in water, baptized in water, cleansed by blood and will die and be resurrected in spirit. It also has holy places or spiritual centers which govern certain functions of its being (Jerusalem being key). We also see in the bible how those spiritual centers change through time (Israel’s & Christ’s sojourn from Israel to Egypt to Hebron to Babylon/Tebet to Jerusalem to the Gentiles). Likewise we see how God’s authority and mantle pass from people to people and are crystallized in certain dispensation heads during certain periods of time. (Jacob 5 gives a key or cipher to this).

The Eastern Idea behind Chakras is that the body can be conceptualized as a microcosm of the Earth/Spirit-World as well as the solar System, etc.. Most philosophies break the body into 7 somewhat arbitrary chakras, just as there are 7 major planets, 7 archangels, and 7 colors in the rainbow, etc.. Although the idea of Chakras is very ancient, modern scientist/spiritualist have found a great correlation between the ancient chakras and the modern understanding of the endocrine system in the body. Thus God has caused the body to develop as a microcosm of Himself and creation, creating 7 major gland systems which transmute light into usable energy or in biological terms, impulses in the nervous system to chemical hormones.

Following the rainbow parallel, Each Chakra corresponds to a quantum frequency of energy/light or color. Send visible light through raindrop or a prism and it is separates into the 7 colors of the rainbow (divisions are somewhat arbitrary, but we chose 7 for mathematical reasons). Likewise the section of the electromagnetic spectrum usable to man is quantized or separated into 7 types of energy by the body (same arbitrary concepts apply). And are transformed from energy impulses in the nervous system, to chemicals in the blood by the various endocrine glands. These nerve impulses & corresponding hormones range from coarse/low frequency energies which manifest in characteristics/ideals such as sex drive, self-preservation, and other desires for self to traits/ideas on the higher end of the spectrum like love, giving, understanding. Just as color is dictated by light frequency, and frequency is determined by wave polarization (distance between top & bottom of wave peaks/troughs), so also is the spectrum of human behavior/emotion determined by polarization. Endocrine functions in youth are highly polarized/bipolar, in comparison to most elderly/progressed individuals. In youth each function managed by the endocrine system’s hormones are erratic. An unbalanced youth from toddler to mid-age might love one day and hate the next, they revel in sexual activity one day and then wallow in depression when the relationship ends. The entire first half of life (especially youth) is characterized by extreme ups and downs. Those suffering from bipolar disorder may never overcome these extreme hormonal imbalances. But as one matures and progresses they learn to balance each individual gland and its hormonal responses, as well as each gland in its reaction to the hormones created by other glands.

The kundalini philosophy correlates each chakra/endocrine gland to a stage of life defined by psychology and behavioral development. Thus one “activates” and moves through each chakra in the same way a psychologist would define the way people “move through” phases of life. (For example Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). So just as the needs such as food, sex, security are at the bottom of Maslow’s triangle, so do these characteristics correlate with hormones secreted by endocrine glands in the bottom half of the body. (The sex organs at the bottom, the liver/pancreas above that, etc..) At the top of the body are glands which govern “higher” more progress/evolved characteristics like love, creativity, and bliss. The correlations can be seen as a youth has a lot more testosterone and estrogen flowing through their veins and thus one could say their lower chakras or pancreas/sex glands which create those hormones are “most” active during that stage of life. And so on as you move up the body to the penal and pituitary gland.

See The biology of Kundalini for an in depth look at the biology behind these spiritual principles.

Outline/ Still to explain
-I need to finish writing this….
-there is a reciprocal feed-back reaction between all these glands and the hormones they produce. They govern homeostasis or balance in the body, and work in unison to achieve it. They each have a specific feedback with their ‘opposite’ or balancing glands. (base to head, pancreas/adrenal to thyroid, extremes moving into center/heart).
-as the physical gland activates and comes to define a person physically, the spiritually opposite ‘chakra’ activates and comes to define a person spiritually. (as a person’s reproductive glands activate and come to govern a persons build and sexual characteristics during puberty, their opposite spiritual chakras (indigo/violet crown/third eye) are activated and define a person spirituality (but its far more complex because of the double feed-back mechanisms).
-the earth’s spiritual centers correlate with the human bodies chakras… as do dispensation heads/prophets.
-Noah/Abraham correlate physically with the base reproductive glands. They defined humanity/Israel physically, but at the same time when they died they became heads of the highest levels of the spirit world/body defining humanity spiritually in indigo/violet crown/third eye aspects of progression.
-In one type the 7 dispensation heads are Adam, Enoch, Melchezidek/Abraham, Elijah, Christ, _____, returning Christ. (1000 year periods)
-In another type the 7 heads are Noah, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, John, _____, Joseph Smith (600-800 year periods)
-Use the law of relative relationships to see how the mission of each corresponds to the sojourning of Israel and activation of spiritual centers and that of the human body.
-Talk about how Indian Caste system is a distortion of these principles
-Talk about how Nebecanezzers dream/statue correlate with the castes/chakras law of relative relationships.

-The LDS temple anointings vaguely attempt to make reference to this same fractal system of the bodies spiritual centers

See Wikipedia article on Chakras
See Wikipedia articles on Endocrine Glands


The major endocrine glands: 1 Testes (male) /Ovary (female) 2 Pancreas 3 Adrenal gland 4 Thyroid gland 5 Thymus 6 Pituitary gland 7 Pineal gland The major chakra centers: 1 muladhara or root 2 svadhistana or sacral 3 manipura or solar plexus 4 anahata or heart 5 vishuddha or throat 6 ajna or third eye 7 sahasrara or crown

The major endocrine glands: 1 Testes (male) /Ovary (female) 2 Pancreas 3 Adrenal gland 4 Thyroid gland 5 Thymus 6 Pituitary gland 7 Pineal gland  The major chakra centers: 1 muladhara or root 2 svadhistana or sacral 3 manipura or solar plexus 4 anahata or heart 5 vishuddha or throat 6 ajna or third eye 7 sahasrara or crown

Correlating Chakra Symbolic Functions with Endocrine Glands; Their Hormones and Functions

The bottom three endocrine glands are polarizing glands, meaning that the create hormones which cause bi-polarity in the body. A “bipolar” individual is having trouble balancing these hormones.

1st- MULADHARA (root chakra), RED. Grounds the endocrine system to the rest of the body and the
Each center corresponds to a major gland and nerve complex, uniting the nerves with the blood and tissuesoutside environment. Center of the will to survive and function in the material world. Proper balance brings courage, stability, physical health, and stamina. Governs spinal column, adrenals, colon, anus, legs & bones. Element is Earth. Color: Red

Governs Carnal & Sexual Energies. The first balancing is of the Malkuth, or Earth, vibratory energy complex, called the red-ray complex. An understanding and acceptance of this energy is fundamental. (Manifest primarily in the characteristics of the physical body. Especially sexual aspects. Example is Christ’s first temptation of food when he was hungry.)

– SEX ORGANS (TESTES/OVARIES). Primary Hormones: androgens such as testosterone (male) and estrogen/progesterone (female). In charge of sexual traits and sexual processes/desires. Both hormones are steroids/action chemicals. estrogen/progesterone’s seem to control menstration and child bearing processes. Progesterone is stored in special fat tissue under the skin and in areas like the breasts. Levels decrease with aging. (causes aging?) Studies have shown increased levels aid in recovery from brain injury, as well as prevent premature birthing. Shown to affect memory. Estrogen is formed by the synthesis of androstenedione from cholesterol. The action of estrogen (and testosterone?) is dependent on the presence of estrogen receptors in the cells. Estrogen in males is important to the maturation of sperm. During maturation testosterone/estrogen hormones cause the masculine/feminine characteristics of the physical body. (size of body mass, breasts, body hair, jaw, etc…) The seat of desire. As testosterone/estrogen’s result in perceived pain and pleasure, imbalances are most obvious in those in drug and sex addictions.

smaller amounts of testosterone & estrogen are secreted in the adrenal glands.

2nd- SVADHISTANA (sacral chakra/loins).  Center of sexual desire, cravings, family life, harmony, tolerance. Governs reproductive organs, prostate and bladder. Color: Orange
Affects Material & Emotional Security. Manifests in The next energy complex, which may be blocked is the emotional, or personal complex, also known as the orange-ray complex. This blockage will often demonstrate itself as personal eccentricities or distortions with regard to self-conscious understanding or acceptance of self. (Manifests in one’s lifestyle. Their economic situation and material possessions. Example is Christ’s second temptation of a wife with a life of ease. The perfect marriage and house/estate are the best archetypes)

– ADRENAL GLANDS. Primary Hormones: epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine. Also control blood osmolarity. Adrenaline release is a crucial component of the fight-or-flight response of the sympathetic nervous system. It controls the speed and volume at which other hormones can be passed throughout the body. These hormones affect perceived stress levels in the body by managing heart rate, breathing, blood flow, etc… With the pancreas it is responsible for hormones which largely govern the bodies short lived emotions. Fear/bravery, Emotional love/hate. Imbalances therefore manifest in extremes between fear anxieties or uninhibited fool-heartiness. Too much fear of people & situations or not enough fear of people & situations.

3rd- MANIPURA (solar plexus chakra/navel). Center of willpower, Self-respect, confidence, physical energy and self-control. Governs the adrenals, stomach, liver, muscles, nervous system, digestive system and Pancreas. Element is Fire. Color: Yellow

Affects Social Power & Influence. The third blockage resembles most closely that which you have called ego. It is the yellow-ray or solar plexus center. Blockages in this center will often manifest as distortions toward power manipulation and other social behaviors concerning those close and those associated with the mind/body/spirit complex. Those with blockages in these first three energy centers, or nexi, will have continuing difficulties in ability to further their seeking of the Law of One. (Manifests in social power & position such as a religious or political leader. Example is Christ’s third temptation of jumping off the temple pillar to have the angels catch him and prove before all people that he was the chosen one.)

– PANCREAS GLAND. Primary Hormones: insulin, glucagon, somatostatin, and pancreatic polypeptide. Insulin lowers blood glucose/energy levels , and glucogon increases blood glucose levels. Mainly controls the bodies energy balance, and thus emotional distortions governed by energy. Feeling balanced, manic or depressant. Also somatostatin is an inhibitory hormone which stops the the release of the pituitary’s growth hormone (GH), as well as the thyroid’s stimulating hormone (TSH); so it balances the premature activation of higher glands (or simply passes on food poisons which unnaturally do so).

4th- ANAHATA (heart chakra). Center of compassion, altruism, forgiveness and acceptance. Governs the heart, circulatory system, arms, lungs, respiratory system & thymus gland. Color: Green

The center of heart, or green-ray, is the center from which third-density beings may springboard, shall we say, to infinite intelligence. Blockages in this area may manifest as difficulties in expressing what you may call universal love or compassion. Fear of possession, desire for possession, fear of being possessed, desire to be possessed: these are the distortions which will cause the deactivation of green ray energy transfer

– THYMUS GLAND. Primary gland of the Immune system. Primary Hormones: T-Cells (types of white blood cells which fight disease). Categorized into groups such as Helper, Cytotoxic, Memory, Regulatory, Natural killer T- Cells. All appear to be white blood cells with the functions of “understanding” what in the body is good or bad. They are collectively tasked with destroying cancerous cells, viruses, and other antigens in the body. They are the seat of judgement and differentiation for what is friend or foe in the body. Many illnesses are caused when these cells attack “friendly” cells, or when they don’t protect from “unfriendly” objects.

All T cells originate from haematopoietic stem cells in the bone marrow. Read Development in the thymus for very insightful details of the progression of T-Cells from double negative to positive. This is a parallel of our own progress of learning to love.

5th- VISHUDDHA (throat chakra/neck). Center of communication, speech, effect of the spoken word on truth, expansion of consciousness. Governs thyroid, throat and mouth. Colors: Blue & Aqua

The blue-ray center of energy streaming is the center which, for the first time, is outgoing as well as inpouring. Those blocked in this area may have difficulty in grasping the spirit/mind complexes of its own entity and further difficulty in expressing such understandings of self. Entities blocked in this area may have difficulties in accepting communication from other mind/body/spirit complexes.

-THYROID GLAND. Primary Hormones: triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (Synthesized from both iodine and tyrosine). One the largest glands in body. It is a balancing gland controlling how quickly the body uses energy, and makes proteins (which control growth & development) by controlling how sensitive the body is to other hormones. Also plays a role in calcium homeostasis. Gets its name from the Greek word for “shield” (named more for its function or shape?). Works with the pituitary. Thyroid hormones play a particularly crucial role in brain maturation during fetal development, involved in protein development which allows T3 & T4 to cross the blood/brain barrier.

Metaphysically it is the expression center. Governs the ability to communicates one’s light/wisdom or love/being-ness. If the hormone balances of the lower glands define much of who a person is, it is the thyroid gland’s job to communicate (giving and receiving) this to the brain through the blood/brain barrier. So in both speech and song, those who have not balanced this gland with the rest of the body find difficulty sharing themselves

6th- AJNA (third eye chakra/head). Center of intuition, insight, devotion to spiritual knowledge, wisdom and psychic abilities. Governs pituitary, nose, ears & eyes. Color: Indigo

The next center is the pineal or [violet]/indigo-ray center. Those blocked in this center may experience a lessening of the influx of intelligent energy due to manifestations which appear as unworthiness. This is that of which you spoke. As you can see, this is but one of many distortions due to the several points of energy influx into the mind/body/spirit complex. The indigo-ray balancing is quite central to the type of work which revolves about the spirit complex, which has its influx then into the transformation or transmutation of third density to fourth density, it being the energy center receiving the least distorted outpourings of love/light from intelligent energy and also the potential for the key to the gateway of intelligent infinity. [pride]

-PINEAL GLAND. Primary Hormones: serotonin a derivative of melatonin. A hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal/sexual functions. Also a powerful anti-oxidant and aids in protection of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA. Synthetic melatonin is used to help insomnia. The pineal gland connects the two hemispheres of the brain. The production of melatonin by the pineal gland is stimulated by darkness and inhibited by light. High levels of melatonin are thought to inhibit sexual activity/development. Damage or depressed pineal activity is shown to correlate with accelerated development of the sexual organs and the skeleton. (Metaphysically, ‘spiritual’ growth is also stimulated by pain and spiritual darkness, physical growth & activity would be stimulated by pleasure and physical “light”). The gland has been found to govern many aspects of chronobiology, which studies the link between organisms and solar/lunar cycles.

darkness = high melatonin = low libido & sexual development = high anti-oxidant = slow aging = sleepy
light = low melatonin = high libido & sexual development = fast aging

Calcification of the pineal gland is typical in adults, and has been observed in children as young as 2. Calcification rates vary widely by country and tend to increase by age, with calcification occurring in an estimated 40% of Americans by their 17th year. Spiritualist often correlate this with decreased spiritual abilities and manifestations.

7th- SAHASRARA (crown chakra) Highest Center associated with merging of human with the divine, spiritual Unity and final Liberation from the karmic wheel and earth plane. Governs the Cerebral Cortex, central nervous system, and pineal gland. Colors: Violet,Clear,Opal,White, & Gold.

The remaining center of energy influx is simply the total expression of the entity’s vibratory complex of mind, body, and spirit. It is as it will be, “balanced” or “imbalanced” has no meaning at this energy level, for it gives and takes in its own balance. Whatever the distortion may be, it cannot be manipulated as can the others and, therefore, has no particular importance in viewing the balancing of an entity.

-PITUITARY GLAND. The pituitary gland secretes nine hormones that regulate homeostasis. It appears to be the ultimate balancing gland, with the ability and task of regulating many of the functions of the others.

Hormones secreted from the pituitary gland help control the following body processes:
-Growth (Excess of HGH can lead to gigantism and acromegaly.)
-Blood pressure
-Some aspects of pregnancy and childbirth including stimulation of uterine contractions during childbirth
-Breast milk production
-Sex organ functions in both males and females
-Thyroid gland function
-The conversion of food into energy (metabolism)
-Water and osmolarity regulation in the body
-Water balance via the control of reabsorption of water by the kidneys
-Temperature regulation
-Pain relief



Also Note: Navel/Root- In and out of earthly food. Mind/Heart- In and out of spiritual food/knowledge. Lower three have to do with earthly/Temporal things, upper three have to do with spiritual things. One crown to rule them all. Temporal being closer to earth, spiritual three upright closer to heaven.

Navel is intake and digestion of food passed to root where it is expelled, Mind is intake of spiritual food passed on to heart where it is expelled or given back to the creator as love. Both have a type of reversed functioning as well(?).

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Other Insights

The base chakra or sexual response (either desire/lust or fear/disgust) is the first great mediating power for energy. Much like the mouth is the greatest regulator of food, being able to open or close, chew & store, the base chakra is able to take ingested energies and pass them up the spine to the head, or it can store or eject the energy before it comes far into the system. One with a poorly developed energy pathway will find that even the slightest increase in incoming energy is felt as sexual heat where the body seeks to eject this energy. (ie. in or digestive system parallel, it is like someone over-eating and throwing up because their digestive track is too small for the ingested energy.) A well developed pathway will allow large amounts of energy without creating heat, but instead the energy is effectively placed in the spinal fluid and carried up the spine into the brain, and then down from the brain into the nervous system and on to the other glands.

Fractal Relationships with Atomic Orbital Shells & Planetary Electromagnetic Fields

There is also a fractal relationship between the chakras or human energy centers and those found in atoms and planetary bodies. The seven orbital shells or electron valence shells are fairly well understood by science.  They are essentially electromagnetic fields surrounding an atom holding discrete or quantized amounts of polarized energy which our culture visualizes as electrons. Studying the relationships between the nucleus (an atom’s core vibration) and the energy shells can teach you a lot about the body and how the “spiritual bodies” or energy centers work. The following is a bit of a refresher.

-The number of valence shells an atom has or can hold has to do with the mass (or proton charge) of an atom’s nucleus. As one goes down on the periodic table (the rows), the mass number grows as well as the number of energy shells.

-The amount of energy in a valence shell (number of electrons) becomes greater as one moves to the right (the columns) on the periodic table.  The number of electrons (amount of energy) an atom can hold stably is also dependant upon the mass/number of protons (or the nuclear core vibration).

-Atoms are most stable if the number of electrons or energy in the shells matches the mass or core energy charge of the nucleus. If there are less electrons than protons, we call the atom a negative ion. If it’s the other way around, we call it a positive ion. Isotopes have to do with having a greater mass number from excess neutrons in the nucleus and are more complicated, so we will not address them now.  There are many ions which stay relatively balanced despite the imbalance in their charge, but in general atoms cannot exist unless they maintain a balance, to within a few electrons.

periodic table of the elements showing the electron shells of each element.

periodic table of the elements showing the electron shells of each element.

Planetary bodies follow essentially the same rules as atoms.  Unless they are dead (which many are), they also have energy shells which we call electromagnetic fields.  Our current science doesn’t see a lot of the correlations between the micro world (atoms) and the macro world (planets), but there is a lot of ancient religious (especially Hindu & Chinese) and modern channeled material explaining these relationships.   The amount of energy a planet’s electromagnetic field holds is also dependent upon its mass and core vibration.  The interactions between our Sun and Jupiter are one of the best examples of how these relationships work. Jupiter (which is roughly 1/10th the size of the sun) acts as a binary pair to our Sun. The center of gravity of the two, lays just outside the circumference of the Sun.

As with all binary orbits, as these two bodies approach perigee (closest orbital distance), they accelerate which induces a charge in both. (Remember that accelerating a charge through an oscillating magnetic field induces a current. see my physics article for details.)  This increased Charge increases until it overcomes the surface tension of the sphere (which can be accelerated by an object coming through its mag field) and like a Van de Graaff Generator it then releases bits of the excess charge in plasma ejections which we call Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s) in the case of the Sun.  The Sun and Jupiter reach perigee once every 11 years during Solar Max.  So as they approach the Sun becomes more energized and increases the frequency of CME’s until it ejects enough energy or tangles with Jupiter [rework this] causing its electromagnetic shields to drop. Which then realign in the opposite direction for reasons not fully understood (see my physics article).

Exaggerated illustration of the binary nature of the Sun and Jupiter. Thier true center of gravity lies just outside the circumference of the Sun. This relationship creates an orbital resonance which in turn interacts with the galactic field

Exaggerated illustration of the binary nature of the Sun and Jupiter. Thier true center of gravity lies just outside the circumference of the Sun. This relationship creates an orbital resonance which in turn interacts with the galactic field

The parallels between these phenomena and human biology are quite obvious.  People also have very weak energy shells which are created by internal dynamos within our bodies (the electrochemical endocrine organs, nervous system & iron in the circulating blood).  These organs create the electrochemical charges which function our energetic systems (sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems).  Much as with planets, our movement and relation to currents and electromagnetic fields influences these partially shielded systems.  As with the Sun and Jupiter, when two human become a binary system in resonance, a potential is created which causes both to energize on approach and can cause energy exchange during sexual energy transfer (which is not the same as biological sex).  In similar ways this energy is most often transferred through both the auras (weak human electromagnetic fields), and in the biological/chemical system also through the plasma (seminal fluids).

Questions & Answers. Things Still to Write About

-The greater one’s spiritual mass, the more energy one can hold both internally (nucleus) and externally (fields/auras). What dictates a person’s spiritual mass?  Is it related to physical weight?  How do you change this? (internally by movement and diet, externally by thought)  Is the internal energy all you can control, or can work on the aura or electromag shell actually change the gland’s energetics? (yes)

-Activating and strengthening sequential chakras must be analogous to activating and strengthening valence shells. (Activating the shell is done by awakening the electrochemical reactions in that endocrine gland, such as with puberty. And strengthening is to increase the energy flow to it or add electrons or energy to it).  Best practices?

-How do you know where you are in this process?  How do you stay in balance?

There are two balances we must maintain. One is the balance between protons and electrons or core mass/charge and valence/aural charge. The other is a balance between the chakras and corresponding valence shells themselves. They stack on eachother so they must maintain their proper energy density (strength), shape, etc..  In the body the electrochemical reactions of the endocrine glands must be kept in balance. (which can be worked on internally or externally)

-What effect does sex have on the endocrine system? Why does it sometimes seem to energize and other times seem to deenergize and destabilize. How is it that external energy transfer through the fields seems to work at a distance? (because fields are connected through the next higher field, remember the toroflux analog on connected strings.) How can it be mutually strengthening? (because if in balance, the energy transferred through the plasma is passed back to the giver through the aural fields. This is where harmonics comes in, you must be in rhythm with matching harmonic frequencies. The effectiveness of the energy transfer has to do with this. There is a lot riding on the function of endocrine glands with this.)

-Sex without love is energy transfer with no feedback mechanism. There is no conservation of energy. This is the danger of indiscriminate sex, pornography or self-sex, it empties and can obliterate one’s power (desire/energy balance).

-What determines negative or positive polarity in a person? (Their selfishness or unselfishness). Is an Ion or an isotope the analog? (Its an isotope, ions are temporary imbalance between the chakras. Core vibrations determine the kind of polarity you are thinking about.)

-How does religious practice (especially in regards to Mormonism) relate to all this. What function to ordinances play in bonding groups and exchanging spiritual energies, both within the mortal group and into the spiritual dimensions?

Chakra / Spiritual Center Outline

CONDENSED OUTLINE OF CHAKRAS (words used in bible to refer to chakra regions. Also note that the seven are condensed to five by combining the top two and bottom two into one. The LDS temple anointings are a simplified western analog to the more detailed (an ancient) eastern chakra system.

-brain = mind
-throat = throat, (as in raising one’s voice)
-heart = heart
-kidneys = bowels (also navel and reins)
-reproductive = loins

INSIDE TO OUT. (The Hebrew Bible & Kabbalah also applies the same relative relationship to body systems moving from inside to outside.)

-marrow (spiritual strength)
-bones (physical strength)
-sinews (balanced center)
-muscle (physical strength)
-skin (spiritual strength/worthiness. As in unworthiness of one with leprosy)

glands in respect to progression
-first (base) = the cycle of awareness;
-second (sacral/loins, reproductive glands) = the cycle of growth/division;
-third (solar plexus/navel, Adrenal & Pancreas) = the cycle of self-awareness/self-ishness;
-fourth (heart, Thymus) the cycle of love or understanding; (polarity reversal begins, expanding characteristics begin to contract)
-fifth (throat/neck, Thyroid) = the cycle of light or wisdom; (share-able knowledge or love)
-sixth (third eye/head, Pineal & Pituitary) = the cycle of light/love, love/light, or unity (of the heart & mind, faith & works, higher balance)
-seventh (crown) = the gateway cycle; (ascension to higher consciousness and next realm begins)

The Priesthood and the Power of Oneness

A Philosophical Foundation
Each world cycle is composed of two parts. A dividing era, and a unifying era. A fall/division and a redemption/at-one-ment. Our source and our destination is oneness. Before this world was, we were one with God (in a sense), and all who take part in the redemption are seeking to bring all intelligence back into that oneness. So how is this accomplished?

I think the best way to see it is to take a lesson from nature… A snowflake, as well as most minerals, need a “seed”, or nucleus around which to grow. Most scientists believe that particles of dust provide this nucleus for snow. Once water coalesces around the dust particle, it freezes and begins to grow in a fractal (see Wikipedia) pattern. The formation is a chain-reaction which pulls water from the air to grow the snow flake. It is somewhat of a miracle that somehow each part of the flake knows how to grow perfectly symmetrically. The same is true for a diamond. Once a nucleus forms, the mineral continues to grow bigger and bigger in a perfectly symmetrical crystal lattice. And somehow every atom that is incorporated into that diamond follows the same form and habit (shape) of the nucleus.

The point of all this is that Christ is our nucleus and the priesthood is the magical power that makes the mineral and the snowflake grow, and do so in perfect symmetry, harmony and purity. It might be said that it is the power “to officiate in Gods name”, but this is trivial. The temporal ordinances of the Gospel have only one purpose, and that is to bring us to Christ (or in other words to bring us into a unity of the faith with Christ). Every temporal aspect of the gospel, or “Aaronic” aspect of the priesthood has the purpose of pulling chaotic intelligence from the earth and giving it a “like-mind” with our nucleus so that we can be assimilated into his body. Just as we eat food that we might assimilate it into our bodies, and we symbolically eat Christ’s flesh and blood that we might be one with his Spirit, the purpose of all the sacraments is to make us like Christ so at some point we might be fit food, that Christ may eat us and we may be one with his body. He is the vine and we are the fruit. His goal is to draw intelligence to himself to be connected totally and equally in mind and spirit and even to a lesser extent in body.

If you picture the Solar system, and Christ is in the center of the sun and is a mineral composed of pure energized hydrogen. We could then compare the planets to dispensational heads. The Sun constantly exerts two forces on all matter in the solar system. One is a gentle gravitational pull toward itself. The other is a constant solar wind blowing non-massive (unfit) material out toward the Oort cloud. We could then compare “the devil” to an oppositely polarized comet that spends most of its time out in the darkness of the universe. When the comet comes far enough into the solar system, its opposing polarity causes both the planets and the sun to “eject” masses of matter which are too strongly polarized to stay “at one” with the bodies they come from. They may separate and become planets of their own, or they may fly out of the solar body (system) completely to become comets or chaotic masses of stellar dust. In this example, lets call the seemingly opposing forces of gravity and the solar wind the priesthood. The priesthood of the sun governs what matter is attracted to the sun and what matter is repulsed. The priesthood of the planets does likewise for themselves, at the same time being controlled and even powered by the sun in a way a bit too complicated to explain here. (In essence a charged particle traveling through an alternating magnetic field creates its own alternating magnetic field, etc). So just as with the mineral and the snow flake, this mystical “priesthood” power is the force that allows these stellar bodies to attract “like-minded” aspects of stellar matter unto themselves to continue their own growth.

So in summery, I think the best definition of the priesthood is that found in D&C 84:19. It is the power holding “the key of the mysteries of the kingdom, even the key of the knowledge of God”. Or perhaps better put, “the key of the intelligence of God”. It is the power to make your mind & spirit (intelligence) like and one with God’s mind and spirit (intelligence). And when that occurs, your body will follow suite and become like God’s as well, which is exaltation and eternal life. This is the Heavenly City or Zion spoken of in the scriptures where all men are one, and there are no rich or poor among them.

There are other more trivial aspect of the priesthood such as the organizational characteristics of the ‘Government of God’ (see John Taylor’s book with the same name for some good material on this). Additionally there are many who refer to the Power of God as manifest in the Gifts of the Spirit as the “power” of the priesthood (see this article for more on this distinction).

The Divisions of the Priesthood
Now a second point to make in reference to “the priesthood of all believers”. Remember there are two main divisions of the priesthood in the Church (even though as Joseph Smith said, “all priesthood is Melchizedek” or all priesthood is just a different manifestation of the same power). One is Temporal or Aaronic and one is the Spiritual or Melchizedek. I believe this distinction is an earthly shadow of a heavenly principle; being that there are two main divisions of the priesthood as seen from the perspective of a “king and priest” in heaven. There is an earthly priesthood and a heavenly priesthood. The lower is held and administered by the church on earth, the other is held and administered by the church in heaven. The lower earthly priesthood, of course, is governed by the higher heavenly priesthood. Just as the local or central high council (twelve) give bishops a large degree of autonomy, so also does the heavenly priesthood give the earthly one, while at the same time just as the general authorities are really the ones who have any control in which direction the church goes as a whole, so also is only the heavenly priesthood really in control of which direction human history goes.

And here is the big point I wanted to make in the previous article… the priesthood in heaven governs more than the Mormon Church. It governs the secular and religious affairs of the whole earth. The higher one gets in the heavens (third degree of celestial kingdom for instance), the more power the priesthood (both male and female) has to govern the affairs of beings below them (including the earth), BUT the less likely they are to do so in trivial ways. The higher a being is, the more power to influence they have, but the more respect they have for agency and self determination and so the less they exert that power on others.

Priesthood Apostacy
Now in regard to the quote of “the 1,400 years of priesthood privation and absence of divine authority”. This is a difficult thing to discuss. I believe on my mission my view of things was fairly dogmatic, following pretty closely with what I read in McKonkie’s Mormon Doctrine. I believed the “truth” was taken off the earth within the first four hundred years or so after Christ and that the Catholic Church was devoid of all authority and was perhaps even the “church of the devil” mentioned in Nephi’s vision. However, the more I read about the apostasy and then prayed for understanding, the more it seemed that there was so much more to it. I believe a first big step toward understanding is seeing and studying the parallel between the Times of Israel and the Times of the Gentiles (see my article here on it). A statement such as “the priesthood was taken from the earth for X years” is true, but only in the context it is usually trying to convey, which is that a certain level of the portion of the priesthood given to Both Abraham and Peter was taken from the general assembly of both Israel and the Christian/Catholic Church at the time of Moses (~1500 BC) and Justinian (~500 AD) respectively. We might simplistically generalize that the “Melchizedek” priesthood was taken from Israel at the time of Moses as also it was taken from the Christian Church at the corresponding time of Justinian. Although true as a simplified statement, a closer look at even that statement begs the question, “Do you mean that Elijah, who held the binding power to seal on earth and heaven, and was translated to heaven without tasting death only had the lower or Aaronic Priesthood? I would dare say not. I would say that many prophets such as Elijah, Daniel, Lehi and others held a form of the higher priesthood comparable to what we call today the “Melchizedek” Priesthood, even though it was not available to Israel at large because of thier wickedness and apostasy.

So also I ask, “where did they get it?” Most of those individuals were not descendants of Aaron and so should not have even had right to the Aaronic or Levitical Priesthood. But they were a member of the house of faith and chosen seed, and thus by their purity they were given great power by God and might I suggest that like John they were “ordained by [an] angel of God at the time he was eight days old unto this power” (D&C 84:28). Is this an example of the “priesthood for all believers”? Well, to argue for or against that you have to dive into definitions and semantics which always lead one in circles. The Catholic Church has been debating the protestants for years on this issue (see here.. and here ) and the truth is that the doctrine like all dogmas approximates the truth, but the truth is what it is and can only be fully known when it is revealed by the spirit. God respects his lower earthly priesthood. But there also is a higher heavenly priesthood organization with the authority to give power to whom they will. But God’s house is a house of order even through to some mortal’s eyes it may seem like giving people like Elijah or Lehi or Joseph Smith a higher priesthood was out of order, at some point we will see how it all followed the proper order after all.

As I mentioned in another article.. Jesus submitted to John’s priesthood, even though “being without” priesthood (from the Jews perspective), he was greater than John’s priesthood. This is the lesson that the author of Hebrews is trying to get across when in Heb 7:14 he says, “For it is evident that our Lord sprang out of Juda; of which tribe Moses spake nothing concerning priesthood”. In fact, this is likely a reason why many of the Jews accepted John the Baptist and not Christ. John was the son of a/the High Priest. He was a direct descendant of Aaron and a legitimate heir to the priesthood. The orthodox Jews were waiting for a great “prophet” and just as Catholics believe any great reformer must be part of the Catholic Priesthood and many Mormons believe that any prophet must be part of our high priesthood, so also many Jews undoubtedly believed the promised “Prophet” and great High Priest must be a Levite. So when Christ came along, who was not only not a descendant of Aaron or Levi or even Ephraim, but instead was a descendant of David through his unholy fornication with Bathsheba you can imagine the self-righteous repulsion from among the orthodoxy. I believe there is a great truth being taught here. Jesus submitted to the lower priesthood, but the heads of the lower priesthood rejected him. This is repeated throughout biblical history. The ones who think they have the birth right & priesthood are rejected by God, and an unexpected one gets it instead. The first are made last and the last are made first. When the orthodoxy gets weighed down in their own dogma, God sends a reformer from the unorthodox.

So what lessons might we as Mormons take away from this? I think we would do well to remember that we should all humbly submit to the priesthood, even as Jesus did to John, Caiaphas and Pilot. But at the same time, we would be well to remember that “God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham” (Luke 3:8). He can make any Son of God the Chosen Seed and he can give anyone His Priesthood. He follows a particular order, but we should not be so arrogant as to think we fully understand it. We should never think we know who is or isn’t God’s chosen. We should submit to earthly religion but realize that it is a schoolmaster pointing us to the higher heavenly religion (Gal. 3:24, 2 Ne. 25:25). We should heed the council spoken to us over the pulpit and written on our earthy tablets in our buildings made by hands, but we should thirst for the council whispered to us over the unhewn alter and put into the fleshy tablets of our hearts. There is a reason that the teachings of the Temple are to remain unwritten, and there is a reason why the highest teachings are to remain unspoken.

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