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Near-death Experiences (Life-after-death), are really the only substantiable evidences we have to test the “spiritual” cosmologies promoted by the earth’s organized religions. They are one of the primary ways to really “test” the religious evidence offered by descriptions of reality which lie outside the realm of average human perception. And as the internet and global experience-sharing expand, I believe that the ever growing body of these experiences will be the key to guiding mankind into a universal understanding of “God”, higher beings, the afterlife, the shared mental realm or shared consciousness of humanity and our relationship to the cosmos.

By identifying contradictory material in these accounts while comparing common themes–these experiences may be the key in helping us to collectively understand which aspects of religious cosmology are purely historical constructs based on subjective psychological phenomena, myth, and cultural bias— and which parts are true descriptions of an unseen disincarnate realm, collectively verifiable by multitudes of human witnesses.

The following are a few of my favorite near-death experiences or channeled ‘after-death’ experiences which give a more complete picture of the afterworld than most of the simplistic concepts taught in cultural religion (including cultural Mormonism). I’ve written a few articles linked to below which seek to harmonize the hundreds of NDE’s I’ve read with Mormon cosmology, as well as the more detailed after-life descriptions given in the many channelings featured in my “channeled texts” section. See my article Eternal Progression, Degrees of Glory, and the Resurrection: A Comparative Cosmology, for details on how Joseph Smith’s revelations fit within the evidence given in NDE’s and other revelatory works.

“Could you gaze into heaven five minutes, you would know more than you would by reading all that ever was written on the subject” -Joseph Smith (TPJS, p. 324; cf. HC 6:50)

LDS Eternal Progression

Eternal Progression, Degrees of Glory, and the Resurrection: A Comparative Cosmology

Introduction This article seeks to present a new and comprehensive…

To Go No More Out. Reconciling Reincarnation & Resurrection

Five times in the Book of Mormon, and once in the New Testament…

Near Death Experiences Research Foundation is one of the largest NDE website with over 3700 Experiences in over 23 Languages. They have a form where users can use a structured form to describe their experiences and upload them to the databases. Most of the experiences are short, and reading through the thousands of experiences leaves the reader with a lot to chew on… Comparing different experiences can help readers to judge which aspects of these experiences are subjective, and which common themes are shared universally throughout the cultural and religious backgrounds. is a collection of notable near-death experiences as well as a trove for unaversalist information seeking to explain the common themes found in the various experiences. The site is managed by an Evangelical Christian whose reading of NDE’s influenced his beliefs away from sectarianism and toward universalism.

The Life Beyond The Veil

It should be clearly understood that these messages, while complete in themselves, deal chiefly with the “Sphere of Light” nearest to the earth in which the Vicar’s mother, who is the principal communicator, states that she dwells, and that her impressions are chiefly individual to herself and are thus those of a newcomer and learner whose experiences are limited to a restricted area. Wider regions and greater heights and depths are explored, the inter-relation of this and the after-life is more fully explained…

Carl Jung’s Near Death Experience

I’m a big fan of Carl Jung. I really like the words and verbiage he uses to explain concepts of group or collective consciousness. I believe he was a pioneer in giving us the modern words and concepts to better understand ancient wisdom and esoteric teachings given in Christian and Hindu scripture. This is an account of his Near death experience and his meeting with Jesus (even though he left organizational Christianity long before this experience)…

John Sebastian Ward’s After Death Books

The three narratives in ‘Gone West’ were channeled/revaled to John Sebastian Ward by his brother, who had died fighting in WWI.  I like these books more than most because of the amazing detail they give in describing the afterworld as a whole as well as the actions of Ward himself after receiving this information. Much like Joseph Smith, and John Newborough, John Ward puts what he learns into action by producing amazing revelations & prophecies concerning the coming of WWII as well as starting a church and communal or Utopian community of believers. He also published widely on the subject of Freemasonry and esotericism.

Other Good Books

See this link for TONS of books….

Robert James Lees- The Gate of Heaven. Brother of the Third Degree.

Joseph Dewey- Immortal.

The Tibeten Book of the Dead.

Emmanuel Swedenborg,

Andrew Jackson Davis- Death and the Afterlife. A Steller Key to the Summerland.

Anthony Borgia- Life in the World Unseen,

Franchezzo- A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands.

George Ownen- Life Beyond the Veil Volumes