Book of Mormon Chronology: Jaredite Timeline

Timeline Chronology for the Jaredite culture from the Book of Ether in the Book of Mormon. See link for general Bible timeline.

The Book of Mormon Jaredite King List gives only 7 exact dates (lifespans and reigns) for the Jaredite Chronology. The only real markers we have to build a working chronology from are firstly, the date of the “dearth” or famine and megafauna extinction given in the narrative of Heth Ether 9:30–34. It’s important to note that it’s well established that Mastodons and other megafauna went extinct in most of continental North America at about 11-8,000 BC and the paleoindians role in killing them off and eating them amidst a major climate event (as explained in Ether 9:30–34) is well documented in the archaeological record, so we must consider the possibility that if radiocarbon dates are not off (which they certainly may be for that period), then there is likely a large unknown break of thousands of years between the Jared to Heth, and the rest of the timeline.

Secondly, the last Jaredite date which can be placed somewhere between ~570 BC when the Old World Migrants arrived and ~180 BC when the move to Zarahemla took place. As with most “King Lists” found in the old world, the list suggests a direct father to son succession, even though large breaks in time are almost positively present. Comparison with Egyptian, Sumerian and Babylonian King Lists in the Old World suggests this practice of mistakenly inferring direct succession was common, as later rulers wished to prove political legitimacy based on genealogy. All dates and ages are complete conjecture and are based upon the notes and the handful of exact dates (about 7) marked in underlined bold. Jared is said to have lived during the time of the Bible’s Tower of Babel which a literal Biblical timeline puts very close to the time of Abraham. However, Babylonian and Akkadian records suggest that this event was a common aspect of mythical records as early as 4000 BC (radiocarbon dated histories anyway).

If we are to believe radiocarbon dates, and the Book of Mormon’s Ether account of Jaredite people’s pursuing and “eating all” (Ether 9:34) of the Mammoths, Mastodons and megafauna dying off in the “dearth” (presumably the Younger Dryas, Ether 9:30), then we should suggest the true date to whatever event actually spawned the Babel myth occurred sometime around C14 date of 14,000 BC. (Which actually matches fairly well for radiocarbon dated ruins of Jericho and Göbekli Tepe). The last Jaredite historian, Coriantumr lived sometime just before the time of King Mosiah in the Book of Mormon.  See the genealogical table correlation chart to see agreement between this timeline and other biblical internal genealogies. Guessed life Spans and other dates on this chart (dates not in underlined bold) are made to approximately match the ages and dates of corresponding figures in the bible timeline.

Descendant of Jared timeline-notes about life Life Span Age at sons birth Reign Saw sons reign  Age made king Possible Year? Scripture References for kings life…..
1 Jared (TAKING AGES HERE FROM BIBLE FOR SIMILIAR DATES) 240? 180? 100? Babel: Between 14k C14 dates & ~2000 BC bible dates. Ether 1-6 – Ether 6:29
2 Orihah^ lived exceedingly many days 230? 150? 110? 70? Ether 6:27  –  Ether 7:3
3 Kib* born in fathers old age, captive part of life 210? 90? 90? 30? Ether 7:3, –  Ether 7:10
4 Shule* born in fathers old age. captive a short time  205? 90? 90? 30? Ether 7:3  –   Ether 8:1
5 Omer*^ born in fathers old age, left kingdom many years, saw exceedingly many days 175? 122? 120? 30? Ether 8:1 –  Ether 9:15
War kills Majority  (Large time gap in king list?) Since dearth kills all Mammoths, should correlate with C14 dates for end of Ice Age. Between 12k BC & ~2000 BC
6 Emer* born In fathers old age 150? 58? 62 2 26? Ether 9:14Ether 9:22
7 Corianturn^ had no children until he was exceedingly old, had children in his old age, lived to 142 142 116? 110? 4 28? Ether 9:21 –  Ether 9:25
8 Com* born when his father was exceedingly old (over 102) , killed by own son 125? 45? 49 26? Ether 9:25 –  Ether 9:27
Great Dearth
9 Heth died In drought 70? 30? 40? 30? Ether 9:25 –  Ether 10: 1
10 Shez^ lived to an exceedingly old age 120? 82? 80? 40? Ether 10:1Ether 10:4
11 Riplakish after 42 years of reign, people revolt and kill him 80? 30? 42 38? Ether 10:4 –  Ether 10:8
12 Morianton^ as outcast, he retakes kingdom, lived to an exceedingly great age 120? 95? 70? 8 42? Ether 10:9 –  Ether 10:13
13 Kim* born in father’s exceedingly great age; after short reign lives the rest of life in captivity 90? 80? 65? 25? Ether 10:13Ether 10:14
14 Levi* born in father’s old age, after 42 years captive he retakes kingdom, lived to a good old age 100? 50? 90? 10? Ether 10:14 –  Ether 10:16
15 Corom^ saw many days 120? 70? 70? 50? Ether 10:16 –   Ether 10:17
16 Kish 80? 45? 30? 50? Ether 10:17 –  Ether 10:18
17 Lib^ pinnacle of Jaredite prosperity, lived many years. 105? 70? 70? 35? Built city on Narrow Neck. (go into land southward. v.19) Ether 10:18Ether 10:29
18 Hearthom after 4 years of reign, lives rest of life in captivity 70? 40? 35? 35? Ether 10:29 –  Ether 10:31
19 Heth captive whole life 60? 30? 30? 30? Ether 10:31Ether 10:31
20 Aaron captive whole life 60? 30? 30? 30? Ether 10:31 –  Ether 10:31
21 Amniqaddah captive whole life 60? 30? 30? 30? Ether 10:31  – Ether 10:31
22 Corianturn captive whole life 60? 25? 30? 30? Ether 10:31 –  Ether 10:31
23 Com drew away half of kingdom 42 years, then battled many years and took whole kingdom, lived to a good old age 85? 65? 65? 35? Ether 10:31 –  Ether 11:4
Great Destructions (large time gap in king list?) I think this matches with the Late Bronze Age Collapse caused by Ahaz sundial/pole shift. 730 BC
24 Shiblon exceedingly great war and many destructions, many killed in war 50  550 BC? Ether 11:4Ether 11:9
25 Seth (Egyptian?) Break (brother of Shiblon or break!?) captive whole life 50 500 BC? Ether 11:9 –  Ether 11:9
26 Ahah retakes the kingdom, lived few days 50  450 BC? Ether 11:10 –  Ether 11: 10
27 Ethem 50 Another break? Ether 11:11  – Ether 11:14
28 Moron (Austro-nesian?) lost half the kingdom for a time, then retook all,  then lost whole kingdom and dwelt in captivity rest of life 50  350 BC? Ether 11:14 –  Ether 11:18
29 Coriantor captive whole life 50  300 BC? Ether 11:18 –  Ether 11:23
30 Ether the prophet (knew of Jerusalem because of Mulekites) 75? 40?  300 BC? Ether 11:23 –  Ether 15:34
Complete Destruction
End year that Coriantumr would have been found by people of Zarahemla 320 BC?  Complete conjecture

* = born in fathers old age
^ = lived an exceedingly long time
Bold = exact date given in scripture

The reason behind the date for Coriantumr is that when the people of Lemhi sent a group out to find Zarahemla, and yet they overshot and found a land “covered with bones” and brought back the 24 plates.  Well unburied bones disintegrate in a hundred years or so unless its very arid.  Thus they must have found the land within a hundred years of when the battles occurred (Mosiah 21:25–28).  

We know it happened a while before King Mosiah I, since the Mulekites brought the stone with the record of Coriantumr staying with them at that time..and spoke of it like it was a while back (Omni 1:20–22).    This was some time before 130 BC.

King Limhi’s group went north about 121 B.C.

So perhaps around 130-250 BC.  Or perhaps not. Placing absolute dates on the Jaredite chronology is largely conjecture.

correlation of all genealogical tables given in biblical/LDS scripture

correlation of all genealogical tables given in biblical/LDS scripture