This site is essentially a dumping ground for religious and spiritual thoughts, beliefs, impressions and visions. Even though I claim to have solved some truly galilean issues with current prehistory paradigms, I don’t expect it to be taken too seriously by anyone, and as my writings often poorly capture or fully represent my beliefs/findings anyway. And I would hope that no one puts too much stock in any part of the site they might disagree with. By profession, I am a geologist for the geological survey, specializing in prehistoric paradigms, stratigraphic paleo-reconstructions and making complex scientific research digestible to the public through computer mapping visualizations. I also specialize in geoarchaeology or the interaction of archaeology with earth systems (especially in regard to earth’s magnetic field, radiometric dating and ice ages). By hobby, I consume history, physics, channeled literature and spiritualism. In practice, I am mostly a father, tour guide and nature explorer.

I went into geology because from an early age I was fascinated with earth history and wanted to personally validate or disprove the prevailing religious vs scientific views on the subject. I wanted to know for myself exactly how the landscape of Southern Utah and earth were formed– spending thousands of hours studying paleogeography and examining for myself how well the rock record validated radiometric dating. Early in my university years, I had an overwhelming flood of ideas come to me concerning the underlying causes for the structure of our Galaxy, as well as the causes for the ‘ice age’, and the relationship between the superluminal speed of the expanding universe and decay constants. To me, much of the very foundations of modern science were based on antiquated assumptions which ignore incredibly important evidence (like the geometry of the Pleistocene Ice Caps) and the consequences of special relativity and Galactic/Solar neutrinos on decay constants as well as simple geomagnetic instabilities on radiocarbon dates. In the end I’ve gained an appreciation for both uniformitarian and catastrophism worldviews and have found ways to harmonize both with the available evidence.

I developed a sense of skepticism for most religious, scientific and political dogma early in life. Always wanting to prove all ideas for myself.  Spiritually I had strong metaphysical experiences from an early age. Like many mystics though the ages I’ve had frequent visionary experiences (mostly in the early hours of the morning in the hypnopompic state). Through this experiences I felt divinely called in my early 20’s to try and correct the aspects of science and religion which I see as being grossly off-base. It is these experiences which form the basis of many of my unique beliefs and philosophies (so take them for what they are worth). I feel I was led to a number of the very rare texts I host on this site (such as the Book of Ben Kathryn, Kolbrin and Oahspe), and that through the concepts and prophesies found in these texts I can help myself and those close to me or who will listen to me, to avoid some of the coming turmoil in the world (such as the coming fracturing of the United States, and Middle Eastern war). I was raised in a typical Mormon or Latter-day Saint family and served a mission. However, like many early adults I quickly moved through the stages of faith, using my visions to universalize my faith. (Something which I believe every effective religion prepares a way for, Mormonism being no exception).  As such, this website contains many articles showing how a universalist space has been thoughtfully written into the LDS/Biblical religious cannon and theology. But also understanding that religions as a whole, progress themselves slowly through the stages of faith–thus patience must be exercised with the group as they move toward enlightenment/salvation.


Religious Universalism is a view arguing that all persons will ultimately be reconciled to God or the divine unity. It is a belief that essentially all religious systems can be used to access god and salvation. It stands in contrast to Christian exceptionalism or religious exclusivity– which is the fundamentalist idea that only the members of one particular faith, religion or sect will be saved or ‘exalted’ or that only the worldviews of one religion are ‘true’. As such, mainstream Mormon theology is universalist in some ways (although not in others). In my writings I attempt to show that LDS scripture was originally designed to teach that Christ’s “only true church”, is a spiritual movement composed of all the good people on earth who are making themselves worthy of the “heavenly church.” (a type of divine unity achieved in the metaphysical realms after death) And that the “trueness” of an earthly sect corresponds to how well they exemplify or align themselves with the heavenly church. This is opposed to many LDS exclusivists teachings which suggest that all people must be Mormon to be saved, or that the mortal Mormon church is the “only true church” mentioned in scripture (see “reexamining the ‘only true church’ doctrine“). LDS universalists believe in ONE incomprehensible, archetypal ‘God’ or Spirit who is symbolically ‘Father/Mother’ to all, and has allowed mediators (Son of God), or lower human spirits to subtly influence the creation of revealed religion (including Mormonism) as a SYMBOL or metaphor (type, shadow, ensign, light, archetype, or example) of how divinity deals with EVERYBODY, regardless of which religion they follow. A universalist embraces the idea of unknowability, and simply has faith that life continues after death despite a complete acceptance that such matters are unprovable. It seems to me that the Highest Heaven or afterlife dimension (or “Christ’s” heavenly Church) is composed of ALL those which have achieved (through their Christ-like self-sacrificing characters) the greatest level of deserved respect, group harmony, balance, love and felicity. I suggest that LDS and Christian scripture teaches that selfless unity in wisdom, as exemplified by Jesus is the key to Eternal Exaltation or progression. I reject any creed, dogma, sect, idol or belief that unjustly divides people. I believe that LDS scripture supports the idea that the Christs (like the Church and other great religious leaders) were chosen in order to be examples or archetypes of the Heavenly Church (which is composed of a body of totally equal and unified individuals– equal in race, gender and authority and unified through psychically joined consciousness). But that Christian followers and well meaning leaders have all too often turned “God” and Christ into anthropomorphic idols, carved from their own faulty conceptions of the divine.

I believe that Mormonism or the Modern LDS church has lost focus on these truths, abundantly taught in their scriptures (see D&C 88 for instance). That much like the Catholic church before us, they have come to focus too much on our religious exclusivism– or the idea that we are the ONLY true church, with the ONLY path to god and the ONLY priesthood and ordinances which lead to exaltation. (instead of a Christ-like life leading to exaltation). We have created a dogmatic view of God that is essentially an idol projection of our own ego. Like the Jews of old, WE have taken possession of “God’s” truths in a prideful way. We need to restore focus to the fact that God’s truths, church, ordinances and priesthood are UNIVERSAL. That NO religion has THE truth but simply holds symbols and allegories that point people toward that ultimate truth. That we are only one of MANY restorations, and that all these restorations lead the worthy to the “heavenly church”, which is the ONLY true “church” and holds the keys to exaltation.


Despite some claims to the contrary, Mormonism IS a reformation. It was founded by people open to inspiration from outside the box. Individuals seeking for things outside the traditional status quo of their 19th century cultures and divisive religions. I’m trying to carry on that torch… trying to follow the spirit leading me to reconcile people. I’m trying to do my part to unify people and their beliefs. Its actually a task I’ve been undertaking in my own worldview for the last decade or so and now I am sharing my journey. Like many out there, I believe God has spoken to me through dreams and a burning heart. I want to share the things I’ve learned in my dreams & visions with out pretense that my experiences make me more special, or true than others. I want to bring unity. I want to bring peace. Maybe its impossible? Maybe in my quest for unity, I’m going to cause more division than I remediate? Maybe… But if you want to help out drop me a line and write a guest article.

In my worldview I don’t see a lot of difference between an atheist and a theist. Between a Mormon and a Christian. Between a Christian and a Muslim or Confucian. The differences seem rather trite really. Like different leaves on the same tree. When I was younger it seemed all my religion did was highlight the differences between my ‘true’ religion and the world’s ‘false’ religion. I could say the same of my family’s traditional political leanings. And I certainly put in my hours marching to that tune. But somewhere in the last decade I stepped through a veil. I found the real Jesus in the Book of Mormon. I found Muhammad in the LDS Doctrine & Covenants. I found Confucian enlightenment hidden in the Masonic symbology of the LDS temple ceremony. I found angels and spirits to escort me through the maze-like hallways of a religion founded by heaven but built by human hands.

I gained this vision of a tree of life with love filled fruit; a diverging river flowing down a mountain with living waters. And despite thinking that my Mormon orthodoxy had brought me closer to Christ, I found I was actually on a branch far from the trunk; a tributary far from the source. But with unity as my goal I struggled up the current toward the source… and the craziest thing happened. As long as I headed upstream with my eyes fixed on the unity of the source, all these other branches and tributaries started joining with my mine. Our beliefs merged. The current grew stronger as the waters combined, but they also grew purer, more blissful and loving. It was like backtracking through time by traversing up a branching genealogical tree. Turning one’s “heart to the fathers” of division; from Joseph Smith to Luther, to Pope Leo to Peter to Rehoboam to Abraham to the biblical patriarchs and back to Christ/Adam & Atman/Manu through myths of Brahma, Fu Xi and Shem.

that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. (John 17:21, 3 Nephi 11:27)


My articles may often do a crappy job of achieving my purpose. So I apologize in advance. But if you share similar goals, write an article for us! Attempt to reconcile estranged beliefs. Promote pluralism. If these ideas do not resonate with you, and you believe your way is the only true way, or other’s beliefs are full of crap.. I wish you well and certainly can’t blame you–because I saw the world that way once too.

But I hope in this blog, I can show through Mormon and Christian scripture that unity is actually the goal of these traditions. I hope to show that hidden in Christian revelation are the keys to understanding the fundamental unity of all global religion, philosophy and people. That most theological controversies begin and end in paradox; and in the end people believe what they choose to believe, based on their goals of unity or division, control or acceptance–love or pride.

Check out some of our key articles in achieving pluralism within the Mormon worldview: …  A comparative, cosmologyThe only true churchReligious idolatry, etc

See the article The Scattering and Gathering of Israel for details on the Higher Beings who direct human development’s evolutionary plan for populating, diversifying, civilizing and unifying the planet.


-The four squares are reminiscent of the old FARMS logo… which used to be awesome, but lost its spark after joining BYU, changing names and becoming overly academic to the point of loosing the original spirit of the organization.

-The top two boxes are American symbols. Chichen Itza pyramid of Kukulcán, a toltec outpost in the Yucatan dedicated to the Mayan equivalent of Quetzalcoatl. The last in a line of temple/pyramids dedicated to Him. Namely that of Teotihuacan & Cholula (Zarahemla). Especially significant in our model since I believe Culiacán in Sinaloa is simply a variant of Kukulcán.  Culiacán being the city of Joshua (Jesus) mentioned in Mormon 2.  It was in the land of Desolation near where Mormon was raised in Paquime. It was a major northern gateway to the Toltec’s just as Chichen Itza was the great southern outpost. It has tremendous significance as there was a city in the Valley of Mexico which shared essentially the same name called Colhuacan. This city is said to be the first Toltec city after their migration from their homeland Northward. (wherein they named their new city after the old–Tolancinco after Tolan] See my paper for significant ways this relates to the Book of Mormon.

-The Hamsa or hand with the serpent is a popular North American native symbol both in the southwest and Southeastern Ceremonial Complex. Reminiscent of the old world symbols of the hand of divine protectionhand of Venus/Aphrodite, Hand of Fatima or Hand of Mary or Jewish/Kabbalistic Hamsa. Displayed clearly in the Moundville Stone Palette & Willoughby Disk it is a clear link between the Natives of North America and Mesoamerica. It has special significance because of what the Aztec Ixtlilxochitl writes of it. “Quetzalcoatl, by literal interpretation, means serpent of the precious feathers, with an allegoric meaning of, man of exceeding great wisdom. And Huemac (Hueman), some say, was the name given to him because his hands were printed, or stamped, on a rock, like a very fine wax, as testimony that what he prophesied would come to pass. Others say that Hueman means, he with the great or powerful hand” (Obras Historicas, summaries 1:41).  It is no coincidence that this symbol is almost always associated with the serpent. It is symbol of Quetzalcoatl, the Native American archetype of Christ. Both concepts pointing to a concept greater than themselves.

-The bottom two symbols are Old World religious symbols tying Egypt and Israel to Great Britain and the United States of America. On the left is the Ankh or Egyptian cross. Ironically their cross translated to the word “life” and is unbelievably similar to the Coptic Cross and Celtic Cross which the Kolbrin (Or Book of Mormon of England) suggests was a combination of the ancient Egyptian religion which the cult of the “sons of light” who forged an early settlement in Britain around the 7th to 5th century BC say was a combination of their old religion and the newly introduced Christianity which they recognized as truth. “13. How straightly comfortable a scribe am I, who reconciles the mystic daughter with the lowly mother! Who places the crystal-clear chalice beside the blood-filled golden cup! Who combines the divine circle with the eternal cross and the sorrowful son with the triumphant fighting father!” (Britain Book or BRT 5:13)

-The G in “Gathered” is the Islamic star and crescent, adopted from the Christian Ottomans who got it from the Persian Zoroastrians, who Oahspe explains were remnants of the followers of the Messiah of the last full cycle.

-The T in “Gathered” is the medieval Christian cross. Reminding us of the dualism or parallelism built into the epochs of the Times of Isreael vs. the Times of the Gentiles.

-The E in “Gathered” is the Jewish Star of David or Seal of Solomon combined with the Egyptian and Mithraic/Freemason eye of Ra.

-The I in “In” is the Mormon or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint angel Moroni heralding the end of the Times of the Gentiles and restoration of Israel.

-The O in “One” is the Yin/Yang from Taoism and Chinese Philosophy which Oahspe explains is very similiar to the Adamic religion/language that the West/Christianity broke from ages ago. A reminder that the the Dao, is the closest concept currently available to translate the biblical phrase “in the beginning was the Word [The Dao], and the Word [Dao] was made flesh”.  A reminder to us all that the “The Tao [Christ/Gospel] that can be told is not the eternal Tao [Christ/Gospel]; The name [Christ/Gospel] that can be named is not the eternal name [Christ/Gospel]”.

6 replies
  1. Betsy says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your articles. So many of your thoughts and conclusions are ones that I have come to as well. As an active Mormon I had been afraid to think these thoughts and go where they lead. But a couple of years ago I decided it was time to examine my ideas and beliefs, the paradoxes, untruths and contradictions in the church- the whole kettle of fish. It’s been interesting. On a good day I am very much on the page with you – there are good reasons to stay in the church and to focus on the positive. On a bad day I am angry. I feel manipulated, lied to and duped. On a really bad day I feel like my life was stolen. (Dramatic, I know, but feels true :). But there is such freedom in the truth. I’m not sure what the future holds for me regarding the church. I will move forward in love and gratitude, that is the only thing I know for sure.

  2. Truther_2013 says:

    LDS experiences led me to deeper inquiry on the Internet. That in turn led to facts hidden by official History of the Church showing that exclusivity was not part of the simple early Church. I found out that the original 1830 Book of Mormon pdf per page (viewable online) stated “Jesus Christ is God the Eternal Father” as found in three identical scriptures therein.

    That book came directly from the translation by Smith and Cowdery that was approved by God as being without error. Subsequent (1837 and later) B of M editions changed all three scriptures to read “Jesus Christ is the son of God the Eternal Father”. Only the original supports Christian Trinity Doctrine while later verses support many gods, men becoming god, multiple temples, etc.

    Apologists claim this was only a clarification, but neither that nor the claims that post 1830 versified editions received only minor grammatical changes were the truth. Brigham Young was not the investigator he claimed to be. A covert high level Mason, he was sent by Scottish Right US head Albert Pike to take control of Smith’s church for the purposes of Freemasonry. This he did by killing Joseph and Hyrum with a gang under his control.

  3. Ed McGarr says:

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your site. I have read every article, and can’t get enough. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please let me know.

    Sincerely … Ed

    Ed McGarr, Lindon, UT

  4. CD says:

    I just came upon this site and am appeciative of your globally inclusive philosophies. I see that much of the material I’ve viewed is dated and feel that the current prophet Nelson has a more refreshing approach to other faiths and peoples; a more comprehensive Gospel platform that fits along your lines … and mine. Though I don’t agree with a lot of your thoughts, I love that you present thoughtful perspectives and philosophies that bear up the “Holy Envy” notion of admiring practices and dogma of other faiths into one’s personal belief system and lifestyle, yet remaining true to the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. A lovely approach. Thank you.

  5. Lisa says:

    I came across this site when writing a paper on my personal philosophy of nursing. You are a great thinker. Love some of these essays. Are you working on a book?

  6. MormonBox says:

    Thanks Lisa. I’ve been working on a Book of Mormon archaeology book for a bit… but not sure about the other stuff. I’ve certainly thought about it.

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