The Book of Ben Kathryn and the future of the United States

The prophesies in the Book of Ben Kathryn suggest the U.S. may one day splinter into five assorted units. No details are offered concerning size, degree of autonomy or specific characteristics of those units.

The Book of Ben Kathryn suggests in its prophesies that America will divide into 5 segments of some sort within the next 3 generations. This isn’t a stretch of coarse, as similar divisions are common in most major historical empires and republics. The USSR, for instance, split into 15 completely autonomous nations or republics after 75 years. The British commonwealth, split into even more units after 150-250 years of growth, however each unit had differing levels of autonomy. History will tell whether this prophesy comes true, as well as the specific character of our dissolution—but if history is any indicator, our division is inevitable.

“5 Forasmuch as thou sayest I bless thee because of thy wealth, so shall I make it plain that I curse thee…”

“O ignorant nation? Thou desirest only auctioneers to rule thee, and the oratory of the tradesman is eloquence unto thee. They stand at thy gates, thy beautiful gates wherein entereth the wealth of Cathay, the fineries of Europe, West Indies goods, the weavings of Britain, the carvings of the Latins, and the gadgets of Japan. Hear them bark: “Goods for all! Burn incense to enterprise! Is she not clever! Fineries, silks, gold, oil, yea, rum and sugar of the islands, the tool and the craftsmen… and flesh for the lording over by success— is not God with us? … ”

” 15 Swiftly came entropy upon France, likewise upon Russia; so too upon China— the servant sat upon the horse and the princes walked on foot, the thing which I hate in mine heart, saith the LORD. Though swiftly it came upon them, slowly shall it come upon you. As a creeping fog in the night shall it come, and ye shall not be delivered after three generations except by division.” 16 Thou art a wondrous flower, O America. Thy roots spread far, and it taketh much nourishment to maintain the beauty of thy petals. But when the ground is all roots, wherewith shall it be nourished? The great flower dieth and becometh the nourishment for seeds dropped by birds. The flowers that spring forth shall grow from thee. Thy flesh shall sustain five flowers and then they shall cast their seed and there shall be a garden.

” 17 The LORD hath sworn in his wrath. He shall not relent. Thou thinkest thyself so new, so original; but doth he not see the same sons of flesh as thy fathers? As he waited upon the times of the Amorites, as he surveyed Sodom, as he endured Egypt, as he judged Rome, as he humbled the Ottomans, so hath he seen thy ways, O foolish nation.”

It would seem that in fulfillment to the prophesy, the players are already slowly being moved into place in the Middle East.

-With the fall of the Egyptian monarchy and the election of a Muslim Brotherhood candidate (a party outlawed just years ago). Egypt is positioning itself to be the leader of Middle East affairs and a new model of Islamic democracy.

-An ottoman revivalist movement is talking hold of the region, with faith being put in Turkey as the ancient seat of the Ottoman Empire and the greatest chance of breaking free of Western hegemony and bringing about its revival.

-The Turkish government is shifting its focus away from secularism and European ties toward more Islamic law and middle eastern ties (old Ottoman nations)…

“4 The word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Speak unto Israel, saying: Thou shalt not abhor the Egyptians, for I shall break the rod of Ishmael through them, and as cracks in a dam shall Islam break from Egypt, and the cracks shall spread unto Turkey. They shall rejoice in what they had before, and shall say unto the nations: Are we not a crown of the nations? Is not Greece our stepchild and Rome our admirer?…”

All that is needed is a catalyst to expedite the Middle East militarization and armament, aiding in tipping of the balance of power in the region (and the world) away from the West. The book of Ben Kathryn prophesies that an attack on Israel will be that catalyst.

“4 Behold, the Gentiles seek a sacrifice, and how their ears swell to hear a slaughter in Jerusalem…”

“.. Alas, an end hath come, an end on the power of the ancient and established. Swords shall fall and borders shall be redrawn in blood. For all this is required by their hard hearts because they would not hearken unto the words of the LORD. They built the ways of the LORD by fad, and they tear them down equally.”

The West has stripped its legal system off of the Judeo-Christian principles which were its foundation… and with no real foundation it is crumbling. Higher beings, interacting with the group mind oversaw the creation and evolution of this legal system and have carefully created the global political systems which have exported these legal systems to the entire world. As the Arc of the Covenant with its Cherubim guarding the Law were carried around Israel, so has “God” (or group mind) raised the nations of Gentile Christianity with their western judeo-christian legal system to super-power status so they could globally spread this ethical democratic world-view. But both the container and the law have been polluted and it’s time to pass the baton on to another people and bring the world up to the next step in its progression.

“Thou makest them bankrupt who defend themselves, and he who hath no money hath no advocate. Thou declarest the process and not the outcome to be justice. For a thing of nought thou lettest men be accused, and findest them guilty of suspicion because of the demands of the prudery of gainsayers and gainseekers. Seedy grandeur motivateth the arrogant, and for money thou wilt mull over a word to bring the innocent to book. The feet of thy constables are set to earn thee money, and the innocent and meek are ravished at the same time.
6 Behold, I have seen it, and I will repay according to thy measure; according to the smirk of thy hauteur…”

11 In that day I shall pose a riddle, and thou shalt give me the answer. When was Jacob not Israel? When was the younger divided into two, and the elder portion still served the younger?
12 Jacob, O Jacob, thou shalt be my prince again. Thou shalt be Israel, and the elder shall be cast away and without inheritance…

15 And in that day Jacob the younger shall take the birthright again, and Israel shall serve Judah: the first the last, the greater the lesser, the larger the smaller. The LORD of hosts hath spoken.

The catalyst to all this change is a slithering serpent. Created by the divine mind but ruled by the devil (the selfishness of man). He is the sliest of beasts, and can beguile even the intelligent watchman. The serpent is a Middle Eastern movement. A political machination involving nearly every major country on the Arabian peninsula— in league with the Western Beast which gives them their money and power.

“I shall smite Damascus in battle, for it is the head of a serpent that doth coil through Tyre and Zidon, Berytus, and unto Aleppo. Its tongue dangleth out, and the venom on its tip is Amman.
3 (The oracle of Riyadh) Behold, doth Israel not know that the gopher is deadly in battle? unsetting the warhorse in its charge. Behold then ye fine men of Arabia and their embroidered trim of golden thread and their flowing linen of the finest cotton of the East. No covenant with Riyadh shall stand, for the LORD overturneth the counsel of sly men, and bringeth to nought the pacts of those whose purpose is underhanded. Fear not Arabia or her handsome princes clad in flowing garments, for when Damascus calleth for the light of day, in the day of battle, the House of Saud shall not bear it, as a burrowing creature cannot bear the light of day. So shall the LORD God overturn the House of Saud and all the princes thereof, and bring to nought the counsel of the beautiful men of the east and the priests of Mecca.”

The serpent is not Bin Ladin’s Al Qaeda who are essentially Sunni Muslims (Qutbism or Wahhabi Islamic sects) seeking for a return of the Sunni led Ottoman-like Empire. Those Islamic State organizations fit into the multi-dimensional ‘whore’ archetype (see The War of God and Magog). The serpent sounds more like Hezbollah ideologues, a political movement long based in Lebanon with strong influence in Syrian cities like Damascus and Amman Jordan. They seek the destruction of Israel and the creation of a Shia led Islamic state after the pattern Iran has set. They have been heavily involved in the Syrian civil war since its beginning, and play a key role in the Iran-Israel proxy conflict.

It seems that the political climate in the Middle East is remarkably similar to the political climate in Europe just before WWI/WWII. Population and wealth are booming while kingship’s and monarchies are falling. And underlying all this social change is the jhadist doctrine which has been simmering in universities and underground political organizations for 50 years in the exact same manner communism did before WWI. Only this time the slogan is not “workers unite!’ [with violence against bourgeoisie capitalist oppression], it is “Islam unite!” [with violence against Western-backed Monarchies, Israel, secularism and Western hegemony]. The U.S. and U.N. do not seem to fully appreciate the Middle Eastern political climate. They are fighting these small fragmented terrorist cells without seeing that the real threat is far larger and far more ingrained in Middle Eastern politics. We are egging on the civil wars and political upheavals of the ‘Arab Spring’ somehow thinking that the new democratic governments will be more friendly toward us than the old. But we don’t see that these largely secular monarchies are going to be replaced with semi-democratic Islamic States (or at least transitional democracies with strongly ingrained Islamic State components).

20 The end of the oracle: For when the Israelite shall smite the Assyrian, ye shall know your watchmen looked amiss and led you astray. The LORD shall cause an end of time upon the nations [Gentiles], upon their congregations [churches]; and their watchmen shall be no more. Ye shall return over Jordan and re-inhabit the desolate places, and Heshbon shall not be dwelt in until it is within a fertile valley, and her watchmen no longer see the desolate mountains of Ataroth and Rabbah; and the Ammonite and the Moabite shall dwell peaceably within the congregation of the LORD, and the nations shall dwell peacefully with Israel.

This prophesy may have been fulfilled with the 2003 U.S. led invasion of Iraq, where Gorge Bush Jr. and Cheney were deceived (likely by Israeli lobbies) into preemptively striking Iraq (the Assyrian Empire was based in Mosul, Iraq; the present capital of the Islamic State in the Levant).  Even-so, we should all be scared to death of the possibility that Israel might strike ISIL again, in a manner which provokes harsh retaliation by IS and a loss of protection from Western Allies. If and when they do, it will begin a serious of events that “causes an end of time upon the [gentile] nations” or in other words brings down the United States and the European Union’s power (this has already been happening since the 2003 invasion turned much of the world’s support from the US’s global military endeavors, and the great recession brought us into unsustainable debt). Within two short decades the USSR fell from power as it fell into crippling debt, lost its superpower status and fragmented into pieces. The same thing is prophesied to happen to us, howbeit more slowly. We spend billions nation building and fighting fragmented terrorist cells, but none of it will do any good if the prophesies in the Book of Ben Kathryn prove true. It would suggest that war will break out in the same way it did in the first word wars. It will first be some type of coalition (Hezbollah? IS? ISIL?) between Iran?, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon attacking Israel and the U.S. in retaliation. It seems the prophesy suggest that after the initial attack, the U.S. will exit the conflict and try not to get involved in the same way it did for the first years of WWII. (unfortunately this will likely be in consequence of American public shock when Syria? or ISIL? deploys chemical or biological weaponry on us or our troops)

18 And thou, O shrewish Israel, brag not, for thou didst bring the American upon thee not as a wife but as an harlot, and they shall despise thee for this after a time. Thou spokest softly into their ears. Thou wast sure in thine imagination that they should deliver thee, and thou luredst them to go up after and against thine enemies.
19 Yet I shall confound them before thine enemies. They shall ravage the serpent’s head but be driven home by a flea. Thy pledge shall be broken, thy wealth no longer barter.
20 O America, repent of thy bitterness, for thou canst close thy loopholes. I shall not hold thou guiltless in that day when thou lookest the other way.

21 Woe unto that nation, for they kill and eat their children to sustain their old age. Their babies have no graves, but their cry cometh up unto me.
22 As they bled their womb, so shall I bleed their heritage, and unto a mightier people will I give their land.
23 They have removed life for convenience; I shall remove the convenience of life. I send them the bug. See a wonder: by a speck the Earth is destroyed; against the multitude of tininess can no army fight. The LORD hath spoken.

Early on, Saudi Arabia will step in and attempt to take advantage of the situation. Most likely they will feel threatened that Iran will take power of Israel, Syria and Lebanon, so in their own interests they will step in try to take control of the region themselves. After a time, the next step will be the intervention of Egypt and Turkey who will succeed in stopping the conflict and eventually tie the region together into some type of NATO-esque Coalition or Union or Empire whose power will eat away at Europe and the US.

17 Though I chastise her, it is to correct her and not to destroy her. I the LORD declare unto you before it shall happen. Send your armies back to the sun, ye of Arabia, hung shoulders and with sorrow on their faces. Damascus rebuild and fill thy time with contemplation. Riyadh, see a princeling become a king; a crown to come forth from Medina. Baghdad cast off thy brutish heads. I have declared: Israel is my chosen, saith the LORD. See Amman repent and Egypt seek peace, and make ye peace. Come and worship all ye nations. Grind your weapons into medicine, and your pride, transform it into humility. I declare unto you before it happeneth that ye may seek me and know that I have spoken and that there is no God but me, saith the LORD.

I pray that the U.S. will be wise and repentant, and minimize the karma and backlash we have coming to us. let’s hope that the wise in the Middle East will see the signs as they start to unfold and be led by inspiration to flee the areas of destruction and fighting. I hope I’m wrong about all this. I think the United States is young and still has a huge role to play in world politics. We’ve done amazing things in aiding nations to escape tyranny and violence; in providing a safe place for trade, invention and progress. But we’ve grown prideful. There are too many power hungry individuals in our political systems, too many imperialist. Our legal system has serious issues. Our moral system, political powers and social groups have grown too divided and imbalanced. When we see the turmoil and pain going on across the sea, lets all pray these can be addressed and fixed without violence here.

But all this doom and gloom prophesy shouldn’t alarm us. If we were to read a prophesy of all the bad events of the last 30 years all crammed into a small book, we would be scared into thinking it was the end of the world. But life has gone on and the good always out-ways the bad for the intelligent and righteous. Despite nations rising and falling around us, life can go on relatively normal for everyone but those on the battlefield… and the prophets of society always warn people before their cities become battlefields.  And when it comes to the United States, the Book of Ben Kathryn seems to support the prophesies of Second Great Awakening prophets such as Joseph Smith, who predicted that after a major ‘chastising’. Major segments of the United States of America will rise again, and join Mexico and the rest of Latin America’s 500 million spanish speakers (the second most spoken language in the world) in becoming one of the most powerful economic and political blocks in the world.

16 Thou art a wondrous flower, O America. Thy roots spread far, and it taketh much nourishment to maintain the beauty of thy petals. But when the ground is all roots, wherewith shall it be nourished? The great flower dieth and becometh the nourishment for seeds dropped by birds. The flowers that spring forth shall grow from thee. Thy flesh shall sustain five flowers and then they shall cast their seed and there shall be a garden.

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