Additional Prophesies of the Book of Ben Kathryn

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The primary proof of the validity of John Ben Kathryn as a prophet will be final destruction and restoration of the modern nation of Israel.

” AND the word of the LORD came unto me, saying: Give ear, my servant, if any of the elders of Israel come before thee to prove thee if thou hast spoken in my name, or to say outright thou hast not spoken in my name, sit before them and say…
4 Even soon do I bring my word to pass, and ye shall part before the storm of the LORD. Give little attention to my words, ye hard-hearted? So shall the nations and peoples give little attention to it for the convulsions that shall be upon them. Each shall fear at his own fence and cast not an eye to Jerusalem.” (63:1-4)

” 3 I have waited for the day, and now I speak it. I form it with my words, and I prepare your hearts to hold it. Even while your fathers sinned I preserved them, even while ye sinned I wiped your enemies from you these last 55 years. Do ye think it was your own power which dissembled them? I set in store for this moment. Ye shall never perish before me as a people, nor shall I make an utter end of you from the land. I speak it now forever: it was not to preserve thy flesh that thou shouldest be preserved before me, O Israel, but it was for this generation to see my great namesake justified in all the Earth; that they might be raised up, and that Israel should bear its place, a nation of believers in the LORD their God. I shall get me honour in all my creation that day when all the Earth knoweth I have prepared this day from the beginning, and now I speak it.” (45:3)

The prophesy suggests that after the Prophet begins his ministry, the nation of Israel will provoke a ravaging attack by neighboring Arab nations (Syria in particular).

” 5 Because ye sought the land to take comfort in it, and because the heathen proclaimed to you that land was the jewel of my covenant, hear ye this word from the LORD: I appoint you to 70 years of captivity again, captivity and desolation in your own land, captivity which ye expounders of false laws could not extract because of your hard hearts, and because ye sought land and not the LORD.” (BOBK 63:5)

Of course, this idea is nothing new to LDS theology as Joseph Smith’s translation of Matthew 24 makes it clear that jerusalem (and its temple) will be destroyed a second time in the latter days.

4 And Jesus left them, and went upon the Mount of Olives. And as he sat upon the Mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying: Tell us when shall these things be which thou hast said concerning the destruction of the temple, and the Jews; and what is the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world, or the destruction of the wicked, which is the end of the world?.
12 When you, therefore, shall see the abomination of desolation [fulfilled in 70 AD], spoken of by Daniel the prophet, concerning the destruction of Jerusalem, then you shall stand in the holy place; whoso readeth let him understand…
31 And again [a second time in the latter-days], this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world, for a witness unto all nations, and then shall the end come, or the destruction of the wicked;
32 And again [a second time in the latter-days] shall the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, be fulfilled.
33 And immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” (JS Matt 24)

This attack will be provoked by a preemptive strike on Syria by Israel.

” 20 The end of the oracle: For when the Israelite shall smite the Assyrian, ye shall know your watchmen looked amiss and led you astray. The LORD shall cause an end of time upon the nations, upon their congregations; and their watchmen shall be no more.” (20:20)

Despite the expectation of the Gentile Church for the rapture and second coming during the siege of Jerusalem, Israel will be unexpectedly overcome as the United States is forced to flee because of trouble at home (a Terrorist Attack?).

” 6 Therefore, thus saith the LORD of hosts, hear, O Israel, the hard way that thou hast chosen. This last time I shall afflict thee. Affliction is a hard tool, and a rod from Syria shall I bring upon thee, and the Egyptian from the south. I shall lift up thy filthy skirt so that the American no longer adoreth thee and plieth for thine hand. He shall not deliver thee from the affliction that I shall bring.
7 Go call him the eagle if thou wish. But he shall have a woman’s head and a man’s desires; a scepter she carrieth to tilt the scales of justice. The LORD is a mighty archer, and I have brought me down many a swift bird of prey, and lured many a chicken hawk from the nest of its neighbour.
8 And the LORD instructed me, Go place a caldron at Damascus Gate, for out of the north I will bring tumult on this land and on this city Jerusalem. It shall be a river. The American shall pass through this gate to Joppa way, as a river also, and he shall no more return. For I make Jerusalem a caldron and the Syrian as the boiling water seeking its stony hearth.
9 For they have provoked me in all that they have provoked, saying, The American will deliver us. I am angry with Jerusalem and discontent with Tel Aviv. I shall make Jerusalem as the handle of the caldron, and Tel Aviv a morsel in the seething therein. I moreover shall make your walls as the potsherd and Tel Aviv as the shards of its residue.” (44:6-9)

” 4 Hearken unto me, for I will not part from my purpose. For surely, saith the LORD, I make an end of thy surety on the nations. Thy rest upon the Gentiles is vanity, and thy embassies to America to deliver thee pointless. The Lion of the Isles will not come to thy rescue. But I say, Nay, go thou not up, whole Britain, nor send thou the Scot with the American, lest thou sufferest a greater wound from thine ally. They shall not thwart my purpose nor douse my hot sword from the smithy’s furnace, for I set over the East Gate a two-edged sword is in mine hand, against thy rest and against the nations it shall burn.” (45:4)

” …How hath America removed thine enemies from thy borders all these years? They make pretty their speech, but even the nations wince at its recital…
22 When they had power they did not hearken unto my spirit, but burnt Japan with fire, which thing I commanded them not. I gave their secrets to others, and in fear did I give that generation life. Fear turned to foolishness, and foolishness turned to lies. For one tooth they took ten, for the lives of 1000 took they 100,000.
23 Behold, saith the LORD, weepings and howlings unto thee. I declare not joy. I repay according to thy ways. Oh the howl of the great city upon the river River and the bareness of thy columns, for that day shall come, and thou shalt not punish the Ishmaelite.” (65:20-23)

The false view of the Gentile Church that Israel will be saved by the Second Coming and the saints raptured during Israel’s tribulation period is a false expectation just as the view ancient Israel held of a conquering /liberating Messiah was a false expectation. When Israel is sieged, conquered and captivated Gentile Christianity will be in confusion as the ‘times of the gentiles’ ends.

DECLARE thou this word unto Israel, saith the LORD. The LORD of hosts causeth me to prophecy against the nations and against their prophets, for with thy turning I will loosen the teeth of the false prophets off of the nations, so that the remnant of mankind shall seek the LORD..
3 Even by reason of their own boiling is their time full, even full to the brim of blood, lasciviousness, greed, and uneven weights. Not for your sakes do I cut them off, but for their great sins do I cut off their head and their tail, their grasping hands and loathsome tongue. The head is their tradition, their grasping hands their congregations [churches], their tongue their preachers, and their deadly tail their lying prophets; and their feet, are these not their judges? supported by the strong tail.
10 Foolish people, hard eyes, hard minds! What I declared unto you came to pass, and what I declare unto the nations shall soon come to pass; and ye shall know that I am the LORD. I shall call that day Astonishment, for so shall it be an astonishment to the nations the day I turn you unto me; and that night shall be called Terror, for shall not the nations be overwhelmed at the sight of it?…
12 Shall your teeth not be set on edge at the doing? saith the LORD. Yea, they shall be set on edge, every one of you. And your eyes, even they shall be set longingly to your coasts. In that day ye shall know that the nations prophesied unto you a lie. Your nakedness shall be revealed, and ye shall know that the prophets of the nations were gainsayers and flatterers.
13 Thus saith the LORD; A voice is heard from Achor; a wailing and the weeping of shame. Out of the valley stirreth the voice of ashes; soot is the breath from their mouth. The nations lament, and the great congregation [church] is covered in shame, for I have made the nakedness of the prophets of the nations an abhorrence. I shall strip them of their apparel, and ye shall burn it… (16:1-13)

4 But he that preacheth “Behold the day of the LORD is at hand; he doth smite Israel for joy”— that day shall overtake him and be a snare.
5 For, see, the false prophet is brought to nought, and the expounder of presumptions is unmasked. I cut off both in one day: He who would take by envy the promises which I have given thee, and he who declareth it falsely as thy flesh. His hands move not over stones, and caress they not trunks, but he fondleth your flesh, and ye are made idolatrous of things not of the LORD.
6 Out of the nations we have heard a droning, and there is a constant drip in our ears: “The day of the LORD.” Why call yourselves prophets, ye preachers, when ye have seen nothing? Have ye not declared my day for generations, and then hastened your feet to vanities and fleshpots? When a man seeth smoke he doth declare: “Fire cometh.” But ye have seen nothing. He who is within the smoke seeth not thither it listeth. Only after it lifteth ye see the pattern of char, and ye do declare the doings of the LORD: “Ah, lament.” (17:4-6)

THUS saith the LORD God; And it shall come to pass in the days after the fullness of the nations [gentiles] hath come in, that they will no more say: “Last days;” and no more shall it be heard. But they who walk in my paths shall be gird with a pap of iron, and my words shall be written thereon… (20:1)

4 Empty now, my prophet, the vase of the goodly flowers. Prophecy unto the nations, unto my Bride [church], for so she fancieth herself: This is what ye call fulfillment; then smash it against a wall so that it shattereth.
5 Therefore thus saith the LORD God, so I do with thy fulfillment before me. So I make of thy fulfillment, and this shall be the end of thy fulfillment before me. (21:4-5)

Much like the captivity of the Saints in the United States, restored Judah will flourish and enlarge within the captivity of this Arab Nation/Coalition.

” 2 Fear not, thou trembling land; for a great thing have I done in all the land. For, lo, I am returning this second time the captivity of my people Israel. Whilst the land trembleth, even by reason of boots, do I swell your borders and enlarge your house. My laws do go forth, amidst the up-cry they are heard in Judah and Jerusalem. Laud ye the LORD in his land! And tell ye the nations to repent at his doings…”

In the turmoil neighboring Arab nations will step in to stop the war and occupy devastated Syria and Israel. This Arab coalition will merge into a union which eventually rivals the European Union in power and influence

” 17 Though I chastise her, it is to correct her and not to destroy her. I the LORD declare unto you before it shall happen. Send your armies back to the sun, ye of Arabia, hung shoulders and with sorrow on their faces. Damascus rebuild and fill thy time with contemplation. Riyadh, see a princeling become a king; a crown to come forth from Medina. Baghdad cast off thy brutish heads. I have declared: Israel is my chosen, saith the LORD. See Amman repent and Egypt seek peace, and make ye peace.” (66:17)

” 2 Ye turn aside your faces from the merchandise of Gog, and the affliction of the maidens of Magog, in that they are caused to be made harlots. Therefore I have turned my face away from thine indenturing to America, and thou shalt be indentured for a season as the harlots of Magog, the merchandise of Gog and Damascus. But thy bed shall not cause thee to earn thy redemption. I, the LORD, shall redeem thee. I shall redeem thee from the indenture wherewith the maidens of Magog have been indentured, for thou lovest thy whoredoms and seekest not to be free of them. I shall smite Damascus in battle, for it is the head of a serpent that doth coil through Tyre and Zidon, Berytus, and unto Aleppo. Its tongue dangleth out, and the venom on its tip is Amman.
3 (The oracle of Riyadh) Behold, doth Israel not know that the gopher is deadly in battle? unsetting the warhorse in its charge. Behold then ye fine men of Arabia and their embroidered trim of golden thread and their flowing linen of the finest cotton of the East. No covenant with Riyadh shall stand, for the LORD overturneth the counsel of sly men, and bringeth to nought the pacts of those whose purpose is underhanded. Fear not Arabia or her handsome princes clad in flowing garments, for when Damascus calleth for the light of day, in the day of battle, the House of Saud shall not bear it, as a burrowing creature cannot bear the light of day. So shall the LORD God overturn the House of Saud and all the princes thereof, and bring to nought the counsel of the beautiful men of the east and the priests of Mecca.
4 The word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Speak unto Israel, saying: Thou shalt not abhor the Egyptians, for I shall break the rod of Ishmael through them, and as cracks in a dam shall Islam break from Egypt, and the cracks shall spread unto Turkey. They shall rejoice in what they had before, and shall say unto the nations: Are we not a crown of the nations? Is not Greece our stepchild and Rome our admirer?
5 Shall the West brag over us? Is the West not our stepchild? We shall go to the West, to our stepchild. The desert shall teach us nothing, but we shall encroach upon the desert. Alexandria was mother and Constantinople our nanny.” (66:2-5)

When the true nation of Israel is finally restored, the Final Temple will be built as Ezekial described and the ancient temple relics will be found and restored to it.

” 7 Then shall mine hand shame thee. By a people that thou hatest shall I restore my holy things in that day. I shall declare unto a nation that thou hatest, Bunyin, Restore, and he restoreth.” (58:7)

” WRITE this in a book and set the words in store against that day, against the resurrection of mine house, for the keeping of mine house, and for the ordinances that I shall give thee, for all who shall come to my house to worship. See that mine house is built according to all the manner and custom; and according to the need for size; that the plan of the inner court and land oblation be done as I gave unto Ezekiel…” (48:1)

Much as occured with Ancient Isreal and the United States (see introduction) at the end of the Gentile’s 70 weeks they will be given a 40 year period of probation before destruction comes upon them. During that period of probation the Gentile Nations (especially America) will loose a great deal of thier wealth, influence and power.

” THUS saith the LORD thy God, in the year of the 70th hebdomad of the Gentiles set thy face to the east, and set it to the west, to the north and then to the south, and prophecy thou against them: Your times come to the full. The LORD God setteth ye a time to repent.” (21:1)

” …Try and give unto him this word that he might see the ripples again, for I do quell [still/suppress] the ocean that they might see the ripples again, lest my block be placed in vain. My spirit doth go out in stillness. Cast thine eyes upon a tempered sea and behold and but seek.
6 Pray, and I shall quell the ocean that there withholden any tempests, and there shall be no storms upon the sea 40 years; for thy faith, O Jacob; for thy rebuke, O Ephraim.” (13:5-6)

” 6 In the year of their 70th hebdomad, so set thy face against them and thus prophecy thou: In your probation ye shall traverse 40 miles. Your watchmen shall fall to the side of the road, the might of their camels collapse, the burden of their loads dropped aside…”
7 But as for the vase, this is mine oracle against it, saith the LORD. Thus saith the LORD: When thy probation shall be ended I shall smash thee against the wall, for empty thou shalt be, and a vase be of no value unless it is set to the purpose to which it is intended.” (21:6-7)

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