The Chinese Language and the Bible/Adamic Language

I’ve been seeing a number of new web sites talking about the chinese language and the bible. They all seem to reference the same research done by C. H. Kang, Ethel Nelson in his book, The Discovery of Genesis : How the Truths of Genesis Were Found Hidden in the Chinese Language.

The arguments have been debated, and could be easily explained away except for that I keep seeing evidence for this in mystic writings. The best example is this section from Oahspe.

19/3.6. Behold the multiple (Yi ha) language of the tribes of Shem! Side by side with the tribes of Japheth I raised them. And, behold, the latter use the derivation of the Adamic language to this day.
19/3.7. For I gave to the tribes of these two different lands my ten commandments and ten invocations, not to be written, but to be spoken and taught from mouth to ear, to be sacred in the language given.
19/3.8. In which man shall perceive that the same stories of the egg, and of the origin of evil in the world, could not have been communicated by mortals.
19/3.9. For I locked up enough of the Adamic language in Japheth as a testimony to be discovered in future years; showing that, unlike Ham and Shem, a mighty nation could retain one language for thousands of years.
19/3.10. For I foresaw that philosophers would try to prove that languages were of mortal origin, and that they would change according to the growth of knowledge among men.
19/3.11. Behold, I gave scriptures to all my people, enjoining some to adhere to the text; and, so, I preserved the work of my hand.
19/3.12. The tribes of Ham were previously ordained with characteristics to make them love to emigrate westward; and the tribes of Japheth and Shem with characteristics to make them love to stay within their own countries. And the tribes of America were ordained with characteristics to make them love to go eastward. For I set a boundary to the tribes of America, that they would not reach the ocean on the east.

The more I ponder this, the cooler I think it is. It’s a shame we dont have access to the original text of the Kolbrin creation chapters, which are surprisingly similar to those of the Bible as well, but translated straight from Egyptian Hieratic (as well as hieroglyphic) . I’m sure they would shed a lot more light on this issue. And even more so, I’m sure when the Jaredite plates are revealed, we may well see the most ancient language of all, with bits of early writings dating to just after the tower. It will be interesting to see how these correlate with Chinese and whether it is true that chinese is indeed the oldest, least changed language existent.

Here is a well done flash animation to show some of the arguments. Push the “click here to play button” to start and then either click the arrows or press your space bar to advance.

Chinese language in the Bible

And here is a somewhat poorly done youtube video (there are many others like it), showing much of the same arguments.