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Expansion Theory. (write a brief overview here) Preparatory Gospel Model (for understanding humanistic aspects of the restoration) Summarize Oahspe and how higher heavens do not commune with individuals who are not representing a cohesive group of inquisitive believers. Quote the law of one and rule of squares concerning ‘the call’. Basically make an argument about […]

North America Prehistory Summary & Timeline

Maize was domesticated during the Archaic period, before 4300 BC, but it took a long time to trigger changes commonly associated with agriculture: sedentism and pottery. The First Agricultural Communities Use of pottery marks the beginning of the Preclassic at 2500 BC. A later, but important, Preclassic innovation was the prismatic obsidian blade beginning c. […]

Aztec, Mixtec & Early Spanish Codices and Histories

To see digital versions of the originals, see ‘Codices of Mexico‘ by the INAH (Historical Archives of the Mexican Government) To see a pretty good list of most if not all known atztec, mixtec and maya codices, see this wikipedia article & its links. Historia Chichimeca by Fernando de Alba Ixtlilxochitl (~1600?) Born 1568; died […]

Ixtlilxochitl’s Toltec History

English translation from the Works of Ixtlilxochitl (1610). Read Ixtlilxochitl & Evidence for the Book of Mormon in Mesoamerican Codices for more detail and introductory informaiton on Ixtlilchitl and his writing’s relationship to the Book of Mormon. The first published spanish version of Ixtlilxochitl’s Aztec History from Kingsborough’s Antiquities of Mexico. And a quick and […]

Ancient Puebloan (aka. Anasazi) Timeline

This timeline goes along with our Book of Mormon timeline. Most notable is the idea that the Book of Mormon account of happenings after the Time of Christ which are dated in the text from 0 – 380 CE, correlate with the events among the Toltec, Chichimec/Aztlan culture of West Mexico, Southwest cultures and Cohokia […]

Book of Mormon Exhaustive Timeline

Pioneering Phase Perhaps (3100-2920 B.C.)? 180 years? Jaredite dates are highly speculative. Departure from Tower of Babel to arrive at land 30 Adjustment to choosing a king 70 Orihah’s rule (“exceeding many days,” 31 children) 80 Formation Phase Perhaps (2920-2320 B.C.)? 600 years Early Formation (Sub-phase–300 years) Kib begets Corihor after he becomes king, then reigns 32 years until Corihor’s flight 34 Corihor prepares […]

Mesoamerican Prehistory Timeline

List of Peoples (These links connect to the beginning of the period in which the group is mentioned. Only one reference is provided per group, normally the time of the group’s first or major appearance in the archaeological record.) Aztecs, Chichimecs, Chontàl Maya, Esperanza Phase People, Huastecs, Itzà Maya, Izapàn Maya, Kaqchikèl [Cakchiquel] Maya, K’ichè’ […]