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The Mystery of the Secret Mithraic Initiation Temple/Chambers of Rome in the 1st-3rd Centuries

Did these initiation/temple rites play a role in the Christianization of the Roman Empire? Adapted from an article written by Flavio Bariero. The spread of a Greco-Mithraic cult throughout the Roman empire corresponded almost exactly with the destruction of the Jewish temple and State in 70-130 AD (as well as Roman-Armenian wars), and lasted until […]

Pre-Christian Era Variations in Radiocarbon Dates

Actual Date Historically Known Empire or Culture Archaeologically Dated Equivalent Archeol. Date 911-609 BC Neo Assyrian Empire Old Assyrian Empire 2600-2154 BC 605-556 BC Neo Babylonian Empire Old Babylonian Empire 1894-1595 BC 522-460 BC Medes/Persians (Cyrus to Artaxerxes I) Mitanni/Hyksos 1720- 460-332 BC Classical Greeks Mycenean Civilization 1550–1320 BC 332-30 BC Antigonid Empire Sea Peoples/Hittites […]

Understanding the Translation Process: Did Joseph Smith use the Urim and Thummim & Gold Plates or Rock in a Hat? (And why the 116 pages weren’t retranslated)

. Critics have suggested that Joseph Smith’s unwillingness or ‘inability’ to retranslate the 116 stolen pages of the Book of Mormon is evidence that the record is not an actual translation. Joseph Smith’s revelation in D&C 10:1–23 suggests that this was part of the plan of those who stole the 116 pages, with the perpetrators […]

Questions, Answers and Random LDS Apologetic & Theological Musings

Expansion Theory. (write a brief overview here) Preparatory Gospel Model (for understanding humanistic aspects of the restoration) Summarize Oahspe and how higher heavens do not commune with individuals who are not representing a cohesive group of inquisitive believers. Quote the law of one and rule of squares concerning ‘the call’. Basically make an argument about […]

North America Prehistory Summary & Timeline

Maize was domesticated during the Archaic period, before 4300 BC, but it took a long time to trigger changes commonly associated with agriculture: sedentism and pottery. The First Agricultural Communities Use of pottery marks the beginning of the Preclassic at 2500 BC. A later, but important, Preclassic innovation was the prismatic obsidian blade beginning c. […]

Aztec, Mixtec & Early Spanish Codices and Histories

To see digital versions of the originals, see ‘Codices of Mexico‘ by the INAH (Historical Archives of the Mexican Government) To see a pretty good list of most if not all known atztec, mixtec and maya codices, see this wikipedia article & its links. Historia Chichimeca by Fernando de Alba Ixtlilxochitl (~1600?) Born 1568; died […]