Spiritual cosmology and its connection to Ancient mythology

On earth there are three states of matter which mirror the greater states and densities of matter and human existence.

Earth – Water – Air
Flesh – Blood – Spirit
Corpor – Atmospherea – Es

Solid Earth, Liquid Water and Gaseous Air are symbols which were created to point us to the three states of inter-dimensional matter as explained best in Oahspe (If you haven’t read this reference you will likely be lost reading this article- ref). These densities are labeled solid “corpor”, liquid-like “atmospherea” which is an intermediate state always expanding or contracting toward on of its two extremes, and gas-like “es” or “etherea” which is the most rarefied of substances (and planets) and can dwell within both other states of matter. Es is the “highest” state as it has power to dwell within and direct the other states of matter much like ones spirit can dwell within ones physical body. One could also draw the comparison of how gas can dwell within and influence the solid earth, but solid earth can not and does not dwell “within” a gaseous object such as the atmosphere.

Each planet in the universe (1) progresses through these states of matter and (2) in fact has aspects of each of these states within its inter-dimensional being.


Although we cannot scientifically see into the future or past histories of the planets, we can look at the current states of planets to draw conclusions about their past and future. In the Solar System and Universe we see planets which predominately mirror the states of matter and we correspondingly call them terrestrial planets, fluid planets/ice giants and gas giants. For detailed information on these planetary classifications one can consult this Wikipedia artilce. But as a general overview, the first four planets from the sun (Mercury, Venus, Earth & Mars) are composed primarily of solid matter (most of the planets mass is in solid state). The next four are composed predominately of highly pressurized liquids and gases. Although usually called ice and gas giants this is arguably something of a misnomer, since throughout most of the volume of these planets the components which constitute the majority of their mass are above the critical point and therefore classified as “supercritical fluids”. Beyond Neptune scientist have theorized about true “gas giants”, or planets which are truly composed predominately of gaseous material even at the high pressures which exist within the interior of most celestial bodies. Although contrary to the current scientific view on the formation of planets in our solar system, Oashpe as well as ancient mythology seems to suggest that the planets throughout their celestial history progress from one type of planet to another. For example, that terrestrial planets such as Earth & Venus will one day progress to become fluid/ice giants like Jupiter & Saturn and that fluid/ice giants will one day progress to become true gas giants like those theoretically loosely bound to our solar system.


Existence on most worlds is split between three predominate dimensions, paralleling earth, water and air. Earth’s ‘lowest’ dimension is the visible world we know during life, but it also has a second “spiritual” dimension which most religions call the “spirit world” and is the abode of the spirits of man when they die. Ancient religions often referred to the spirit world as the “Eternal Sea” because of its correspondence to the “liquid” state of matter. Above this density is a yet higher realm of the earth which we will call the “glorified exalted state”. This highest realm of the earth is out of the reach (in another dimension) of even the spirit world, just as the spirit world is out of reach (in another dimension) for those living in the material earth. This highest earthly dimension is the abode of the earth’s “governing ones” and corresponds to the “air” or gaseous state of matter or the “Es” worlds spoken of in Oahspe or the “highest heavens” or abode of God spoken of by most religions.

To understand this inter-dimensional aspect of the earth a bit better think of how the physical/material/temporal world has three stratified densities or states of matter (earth/ocean/atmosphere) but man only dwells in one of them (earth surface) although he can visit the others with some degree of discomfort (deep sea diving, air travel, etc). The spirit world or “liquid” dimension is also stratified, although unlike our earth dimension it is split into around nine densities of matter and man dwells in all of them. The density which a man’s spirit goes when he dies has to do with his propensities during life. The more selfish, flesh loving men go to the lower/denser levels (spirit prison) and the more unselfish “spirit” loving man goes to the higher/rarefied levels (spirit purgatory/paradise). Men in the spirit world can also travel to lower or higher densities from their natural state but only with considerable discomfort. (read J.S. Ward’s Gone West for the most detailed description of the spirit world- link).

[As a side note (perhaps most wont understand what Im saying here) the “liquid” or middle state of matter is always a microcosm of all three. Just as water (the middle substance/density) on earth is a microcosm of all three primal elements, existing plentifully as liquid seas & rivers, solid ice or gaseous clouds and mists, so also is the spirit world or “middle” dimension of earth/matter a microcosm of all three primal dimensions.]

Space Time of earth’s dimensions
The bottom two states of matter (physical & spirit worlds) travel together in space (and partially time) but the highest state travels separately in both space and time. As a type given us on earth think of how the rivers and oceans are “bound” to the earth. They rotate perfectly in sink with the earths rotations. (luckily for us because otherwise they would wash over the land and kill us all.) The atmosphere or “air” state of matter however moves somewhat independently of the earth. The lower levels of the atmosphere move freely over the ocean and continents carried clouds and water from one to the other. The higher levels of the atmosphere are even more loosely bound to the earth and hardly rotate with the earth at all. This can be compared to how “earth” & “water” (terrestrial & fluid/ice) planets move/rotate with the sun/solar system as well as how the mortal world and spirit world move in sync with each other, but how the “air” (true gas giants/planet X) move somewhat independently of the solar system and how the earths highest heaven (throne of our God) moves somewhat independently of the earth’s mortal and spirit space/time dimensions.

Now these are some very difficult concepts to understand and teach. They are concepts taught by God to early man after the flood, and books containing the original truths were given to the common people in allegorical tales. But through time and apostasy the concepts were distorted and the true understanding lost. By the time Moses came along all that was left was the allegories. And from these allegories the unseen inter-dimensional nature of the earth was completely lost, so all that was left was the seen aspects of the truth. Thus the people and priests began to distort the true history and hierarchy of the earth and solar system into a system of planetary idol worship which although somewhat approximating the truth, was devoid of true understanding.

Finish this…. talk about Jupiter being Zeus and Saturn being his father cronos. but how this is only partially true. talk about how when the “Es” world (planet x, sister sun, nemesis, whatever you want to call it) comes around it contracts the planets caused destructions which become incorporated into the mythology… etc..

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  1. Moss says:

    This post was great. I really like things like this one. I thought it was great way of explaining lost of difficult topics.

    I did though, have a few questions. I want to know more about the progression of planets. I don’t really see how a planet progresses from a solid planet, to a liquid and a gas. Do you have any good sources on that topic?

    Also, I think it is interesting that the lest progressed planets (the first 4) are the closest to the Sun–the normal symbol for God. Any thoughts on this topic?

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