New Insights

“16/6.2. But once again, false Lords and false Gods began to set up kingdoms of their own, in heaven and in the cities of mortals. And, lo and behold, every one called himself either Thor or Apollo. And the spirits who manifested in the temples and for the oracles, all gave one of these names. And mortals who were obsessed, believed themselves to be the reincarnation of Apollo or Thor; the obsessing spirits calling themselves by these names”

Reincarnation is half true and half false. Those who at the end of a Dan (millennium) will not accend (follow god), stay behind and become obsessing spirits. Thus as satan says in the temple,

“if thou curses me, I will take the spirits which follow me, and they shall posses the bodies thou hast created for adam and eve”.

So you see.. those left in the dark rigions ( Outer Darkness/second death?), under the dominion of satan, the whore, the anti-christ, stay in the wheel and in essense FALL again. They are reborn and go through hell again.

” 36 These are they who shall go away into the lake of fire and brimstone, with the devil and his angels—
37 And the only ones on whom the second death shall have any power;
39 For all the rest shall be brought forth by the resurrection of the dead, through the triumph and the glory of the Lamb, who was slain, who was in the bosom of the Father before the worlds were made. ”

So the righteous are resurrected (raised up) to the first, second or third heaven/earth, but the wicked are cast out of heaven/ thrust back down (to hell and then back to a fallen earth) to be the demons that posses the next cycle or to be reincarnated beings (fetals).

But there is another aspect of this? Resurrected spirits can fall from “grace” or from higher worlds and come back down and be reborn, as Christ was and as the wicked are… born in the flesh.

“get quote from truth’s good news of Eloheim spiritually begetting”

So the spirits of all men begin by being spiritually created by the Eloheim. But on earth, the spirits of men can be newly begotten spirits, decending spirits like Christ?, accending spirits like ______?, or a fetal (reincarnation) which shares, or has chased away the original spirit.
-so one of these is an intercycle reincarnation, and one is a intracycle reincarnation… How does this work?

“20/29.5. Hoab now turned his attention to the hosts of adamic﷓stricken drujas, who were constantly forming themselves in knots, and yet being as rapidly severed by the ethereans. To Athrava he said: How more helpless a deranged spirit is than a mortal! They float on their own wild thoughts. At one time they fly from us before the wind; at another they run together, or upon us, like molten gum, and we cannot keep them off.
20/29.6. Athrava said: Behold the wisdom of the Father in creating man in a corporeal body! What a glorious anchorage for a young, weak, or deranged spirit! What a home a corporeal body is! How much easier we could manage these crazed ones were they provided thus!
20/29.7. Hoab said: Which shows us the way we must proceed to restore them. Since we cannot create corporeal bodies for them, the Father has given us power to provide them subjectively for the time being.
20/29.8. So Hoab and Athrava proceeded as follows: First by walling the place around with fire, so that none of the druj could escape, and then dividing them into thousands of groups, by means of fire also; then creating subjective bodies for them, to which they bound themselves willingly, and which prevented them from fastening to one another. (This is what drujas call reincarnation in another world.)”

As mentioned in truths good news, the Eloheim or Etherean Gods decend to newly created corporeal worlds and “fall” that they might create corporeal bodies for thier spiritual children. Both those they have begotten and those they are bound to. They do this that they might help the spirits to ascend as they have.

“Adam fell that men might be”…

Telestial – tele (far, far off from completion of a cycle; far off like the stars.)
Terrestrial – terra (earth, mortal)
Celestial/Etherea/Sky – celes (heaven, sky)
AntiChrist – anti (against) anti in sense of “before” (locative singular of *ant- “front, forehead”) like anticipate
TELE: comb. form meaning “far, far off,” from Gk. tele-, combining form of tele “far off, afar, at or to a distance,” related to teleos (gen. telos) “end, goal, result, consummation, perfection,” lit. “completion of a cycle,” from PIE *kwel-es- (cf. Skt. caramah “the last,” Bret. pell “far off,” Welsh pellaf “uttermost”), from base *kwel- (see cycle).

Telestial – because they will not be resurrected until the resurrection of the unjust, they will be born in another cycle. They are those thrust down to hell and are like dim/distant stars in the sky.
Terrestial – because they will inherit the (atmospherean) earth in the millennium and beyond coming forth during the resurrection of the just.
Celestial – because they shine and rule like the sun.