Two Types of People

There are two types of people in this universe….

-there are chaotic polarizers and,
-there are harmonious unifiers…

Polarizers are selfish haters…
Unifiers are unselfish lovers…

Ask yourself which camp you are supporting.

All the matter in the universe is in motion, it is either moving outward, and expanding affected by repulsive forces moving further apart from the ONE TRUE CENTER pushing forward the lines of its individuality.

Or it is moving inward, contracting together affected by the unifying, attractive forces. Moving toward each other and toward ONENESS in the ONE TRUE CENTER.

Just as each sun is a portal between dimensions, pulling gross matter in one end as gravity and explosively giving the refined matter out the other as light, so also are the great intelligences as well as each of us. Those who give on one side of the transfiguration, take once they ascend to the next level.

But there is a harmonious set of opposites and a non harmonious polarity. Those who have reached the at-one-ment, have learned to lovingly and harmoniously give in love and receive in faith.

But the inharmonious opposites are more than just darkness, they are chaos. They are incomplete. They are the cacophony. They begrudgingly give and forcefully take. They consist of the same polar opposites of the righteous, but they have not yet harmonized them. They have not yet atoned them. This is true evil; evil is not the opposite of all that is “good”, it is the un-atoned, un-harmonized, incomplete, chaotic expanse.

The orthodox may say that Christ was the founder of their religion. The unorthodox or anti-religious would say Christ came to condemn the hypocrisy of established religion. Some might say he came to teach people to change what they are into something better. In reality, he came to harmonize. He was the great harmonizer. A master composer that came to teach each individual to play his own instrument in a manner that they can be part of a beautiful symphony. He did not come to make people change instruments, but to play in a manner that they could harmonize. This is righteousness, because this spawns unity. Of those the father gave him “none of them were lost”, but the one who refused to harmonize. Christ took each of the twelve apostles representing each of the twelve tribes, with all of their unique histories, sounds, colors, strengths and weaknesses and harmonized them into a rainbow of praise and psaltery. A love story of unification. He led them all into the prayer circle where they all displayed the signs of their differing paths of progression and harmonized them into ONE body, an eternal family united in love to each other and therefore ready to unite also to the Father.

This is righteousness. It is the atonement. It is the key to exaltation and eternal lives. It is a true family. So many on earth have cried “here I am”, “I am the gate”, “I have the keys”. “I have the true religion, and if you act and be like this you will be exalted”. The set of stone cold laws embedded in the world’s religions are not the representation of “perfection” that Christ came to declare. They are idols. And although idols serve important purposes in and of themselves they have no life and thus are damned to crumble into dust. The letter worketh death, but the Spirit breatheth life. Christ did not start an earthly church, for on earth all is death, thus his kingdom was “not of this world”. It was Holy Peter who was called to start the Holy Church just as it was ____ who was called to anti-church or anti-thesis.

Christ’s church was his body. It was not a temple carved with earthly hands. It was a living entity created by the father which could not be killed by man for it was not created by man. He perfected that body by bringing all of its members into harmony with the head. He at-oned his body and was therefore exalted with it. Body and soul, head, foot, hand and heart atoned into the living image of the Father. Can you foresee the day when Christ comes to atone the earthly body of Christ to an even higher degree? Will you be harmonized or atoned? Or do you hold enmity for the lesser members? How oft has the head said to the foot “I have no need of thee”. Likewise the hand to the heart, “I can do better on my own”. But an incomplete or imperfect body cannot be exalted.

The fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was division. It was the polarizing force of opposites. It is division which perpetuates the earthly drama of death, just as it is Satan who perpetuates the garden drama of the fall. Division ends in death. Unity ends in life. You must unite with the Blood, the Water and the Spirit to be born again into life. You came forth from earth, water and spirit separated from your mother into a fleshy illusion of individuality. The two came together and made a third, and out of one came two. And yet the two are in reality still only one. As the death of separateness we call life was created by immerging from the water and the blood and the spirit, so we must once again be immersed in the water, blood and spirit to be reborn into life. This rebirth occurs when we die to the world of the flesh; when we transcend the illusion of separateness perpetuated by the fruit of that tree. Its desirable taste brings a very undesirable aftertaste, to help all men see that everything has its opposite. But when you are ready to atone the opposites you can once again partake of the unifying tree of life. It is the sword of justice which guards that tree and keeps man from atoning. But Christ has overcome the demands of justice, so if you will but become one with his body the sword will have no power to keep you from the fruit of life. If you have had enough of the pain and pleasure of the tree of death, simply allow yourself to be absorbed into the body of Christ. As you partake of his body and blood, he will partake of yours. As you put away the prideful, enmity causing aspects of your of your ego and personality he will harmonize you into his more complete body. This is not done by brute effort or by flowery guilt, it is done by searching out the polarizing opposites. Once you have truly become conscious of them and realize how they perpetuate each-other, they will melt away like the ice from before the sun. You are not trying to destroy the opposites any more than the Father would seek to destroy his children. The Father loves his children and just wants them to play nice. So to, if you try to eradicate your “perceived” virtues and vices based on the perceived values you or the stone cold law have given them you will fail. It is not eradication, but atonement. How can eradication, war or destruction breed any fruit but death? You must be a unifier. You must acknowledge them as your children, and therefore holy children of the Father, and bring them into balance. Once you have balanced them, they will come together into the holy center of the circle, embrace each-other and atone.

Every virtue has a counter-virtue. Every gift comes with a curse. We have all partaken of the fruit of that tree, have we learned its lessons yet? Everything and everyone has its opposite. Are you still polarizing your opposites because you haven’t learned the atonement? Put down your pride and become a unifier, a harmonizer, a Christ. Bring them together and they will cease to be evil. Bring them from the darkness of their extremes, into the light of the center. From the dark corners of the square to the family relationship of the circle. The circle of love and light and truth.

You must love anyone you have ever hated, you must bring together any you have ever separated. It may seem an impossible task, but with Christ, all things are possible…

Do not twist these truths to fit your idol. Do not carve them into your favorite stone. Let them slowly distill upon your soul, until you transcend the veil between the Father and the Son in the middle of the circle.