Desire & Anti-Desire

On earth we are attracted to the qualities and things we find desirable and repulsed by the things we find undesirable.

But both desire and un-desirableness are two sides of the same fruit. It is the ‘very desirable’ fruit which Eve partook of which brought death into the world. Thus to overcome the death of this new world we must overcome the good and evil which is the fruit of desires of this new world. Both desire and anti-desire. In short you must overcome and outgrow it. A young man or woman may desire a certain new pair of in-style shoes with all their wanting. Later when they outgrow them and they fall out of style and pinch their growing feet they may loath them with all their loathing. But when they grow old they will likely look back and simply not care. They no longer desire nor despise them. They have simply outgrown that childish thing.

So it is with this new world and the things within it. We may desire or despise our bodies or the bodies of others or the beauties or eyesores of the earth or the wealth and poverty and things of this realm. But eventually we must outgrow and overcome them. Likewise when we are growing up we may hate a person only later to fall in love and desire them. But when we take it to the next level and become a sibling in a family with them we may feel changing feelings of love and hate for them as we grow up together through fights and reconciliations. However in the end we arrive to a point where we neither desire nor despise them, but just ‘love’ them because we realize they are a part of us, and to lose them would be like losing a part of ourselves.

We have gotten past the desire and despising of childhood and are just ready to move on with those we have become a part of.

Christ matured to this level. He overcame the flesh and all the desires and temptations of Satan. As a reward he was brought back into the garden of delights… the garden of Eden. He had become innocent like a little child neither desiring nor despising. But he had bound himself to a consort, a holy bride who had wed herself to him at the marriage feast of the father. A holy vessel of Jehovah destined to bare the souls of creation across the sea of _____ . This vessel was Mary, the temple of Hagia Sophia, holy wisdom. In the garden she saw that it was not just to have been begotten through the fruit of the tree of knowledge and not now in turn beget. Sophia allowed her fleshy counterpart to be deceived into partaking of the same fruit which she had worked so hard to overcome the effects of. She partook of desire and in so doing was cast out.