The Spirit Body Interface


The other morning I woke up with a fairly sophisticated idea of how this interaction works. I will attempt to teach it in the same way it was taught to me, although as I have thought about it the more I realize how much more there is to this.

The first idea to understand is that all matter and realities exist in differing densities often called dimensions. For example the mortal world exists in one density or dimension and the spirit world exists in another. The same is true for the three degrees of glory of heaven and hell. Each exists on or in a different density or dimension which can occupy the same “space” but different planes. As with all eternal principles a cipher or type is given us on earth in the three states of matter, Solid, Liquid and Gas. Each of these states are in essence differing densities and the key concept to understand is that substances always flow toward their own density; they are in fact quantized. So if you release a gas from a container underwater or even underground it will tend to raise to unite with material of its own level or density. Similarly, if you release liquid or solid from a container in the sky it will tend to fall to unite with its own “density” or level. [explore greater complexity in relation between gravity and density].

As a side note, notice that in each case an object or being made entirely of one density could move unhampered through any of the other densities provided the other densities “gave way” to the space displacement caused by that object. In other words a being or object of solid earth or liquid water can easily move through the air as long as the air allows the needed displacement. The opposite (that a being of gaseous air or liquid water could move through a solid such as salt or even theoretically iron, given the solid allows for the space displacement) is also true, but more difficult. So hopefully you can see how all movement of one density through another density depends upon the difference between the densities. Also important in this line of reasoning is how the density in which an object exists determines the “size” of the object. For example, a being of gaseous air (or a balloon for that matter) becomes much smaller if you force it to the bottom of the ocean (into a higher density or pressure), and likewise it would theoretically become smaller still if you could force it deep into earth.

Ok, so with that foundation lain we can now apply the same principles to densities as they relate to dimensions or “degrees of glory”. We can see that by forcing one dimension into another we affect both its size, and its ability to move through space (and time, but lets not go there yet). So a spirit, which can be compared to a being made of air because a spirit body is composed of less dense (rarefied, more pure) matter/energy, which is forced out of its natural density/dimension (the spirit world) and into a lower (more gross) density/dimension must, by virtue of the physics involved, “shrink”. Likewise its ability to move through space is also affected as a man trying to run underwater. We are in essence placed in a state of greater opposition and resistance/pressure.

Of equal importance is the concept that densities do not like to mix and so naturally the Spirit of man does not physically (or emotionally) want to be here. Like a balloon held underwater physically will always raise straight back up into the air unless it is constrained by a container, so also is the spirit of man physically pulled back toward the spirit world and is constrained from the transition only by its earthly container called a mortal body. [On another vain, think about how this relates to a resurrection into a density which is higher than our spirit’s energy/density “likes”.]

The next step in our journey toward understanding the spirit/body interface has to do with how one density of matter interacts with another. Now as is fairly well understood, there are two attractive forces in this world, the electric field and the other is the gravitational field. (see unified field theory to see how these relate) One of them affects mass, and thus is highly affected by density, the other affects charge and is thus highly affected by energy level (sorry for the crappy wording). So understanding these forces (let’s not analyze them too deeply because they are really just different aspects of the same force) we can see how the body (which is more dense) exerts an attractive force on the Spirit which is far lighter/less dense. In a relationship similar to the “heavy” earth holding the “light” moon in orbit, the “heavy” body holds the “light” spirit hostage. On the flip side, a highly “charged” particle (I hate to use these terms because they are so misleading) exerts a force even greater than the gravitational force on objects which are “less charged” (realize that positive and negative “charge” are in reality completely relative terms). For example a highly charged electro-magnet can lift or move a much heavier iron ball by virtue of charge difference. So in relation to the spirit/body interface this in the reverse of the gravitational force… the more highly charged spirit exerts an electrostatic force on the less “charged” body. So in that line of thinking, you could picture the spirit being like an electromagnet in and of itself. If you take that electromagnet and rub it in the dirt it will become covered in iron filings. The stronger the charge, the greater the power to pull those iron filings onto itself. The process with which the spirit “covers” itself with earth or iron filings during mortal growth and resurrection is a bit more complex.

The mother creates a fetus within herself through a process both biological and spiritual but for the most part it is the result of the parent’s genetic and spiritual make-up (not taking the spirit child into account). The spirit then enters the empty vessel prepared for it, in a process that takes an certain undisclosed amount of time (somewhere between 3-7 months?). Once in the body, the spirit is loosely held in place by “gravity” but more so by its own electric potential. After birth and during maturation, the body goes on biologically developing according to the instructions programmed into its body’s DNA, however a secondary developmental process is also at work… one which current science is completely unaware of. That process is the spirit’s (remember the electromagnet example of our spirit’s intelligence) subtle influence on the biological cell building process. Instead of an electromagnet pulling magnetic filings out of the earth to cover only its outer surface, the spirit pulls elements from the food we eat and air we breathe and coats/builds its every inner surface from the inside out (augmenting the biological process carried out under the instruction of the DNA). The consequence of this complementary spiritual building force is that if two different spirits where to be placed in genetically and biologically identical (DNA) bodies, the outcome after maturation could be biologically un-identical bodies (as is documented in non-identical monozygotic twins). More commonly, aspects of this process this can be seen in how even identical twins end up having different mental and physical skill sets, different facial expressions, and different cognitive abilities. This line of reasoning provides an alternate explanation why with non-identical monozygotic twins, two individuals with identical DNA, but very different spiritual powers end up being as different as two un-identical twins, because the power of the spirit combined with outside influences related to destiny have the power to “override” the programming of the DNA. A powerful spirit like Christ, has such powerful “charge” that his spirit could overpower any flawed programming in the DNA, eliminating cellular growth which might otherwise cause defects, disease or otherwise undesirable behavioral flaws. For one last example let us picture a cell dividing through mitosis. Lets imagine that the DNA of that cell is “flawed” and is instructing cell creation to occur in a way highly unlike (or undesirable to) the spirit body. Depending on the power of that spirit, the developing cell will be pulled accordingly toward the electric potential of the spirit’s cell causing a corresponding deviation from the DNA’s instructed path (even to changing the new cells DNA itself!)

So with a solid foundation lain on the Spirit’s potential energy, lets just state that it is quite small for most spirits, and explore how the spirit causes the body to move and act (in opposition to the state of death after a spirit leaves the body). Now obviously most mortal spirits have a very, very weak electric potential to the point that it can hardly even be read by current instrumentation. But we can all picture in our minds how if our spirit’s “electro-gravitational” potential where sufficiently strong, it could easily manipulate matter just as a strong electromagnet does. It could lift up cars, or be used to levitate ourselves as when Christ descended from the sky. With sufficient strength, and intelligence concerning how to manipulate matter at distance we could theoretically move large things (such as part the red sea) or move even just cells or atoms (such as healing a leaper or turning water to wine). From the knowledge we have of heavenly beings it would suggest that beings which dwell in higher densities/plains have a far greater electric potential than beings on our own plane. In the scriptures this is described as being full of “light”, which is in fact just a certain state of energy. This is why prophets, which filled with the “Holy Ghost” (or a being from a higher dimension) often have faces which show with radiant light. They are so energized (in a way we don’t quite understand) that the energy shines through their bodies without burning or harming them. (remember Moses had to be transfigured to stand in God’s presence to keep from being consumed/burnt)

That’s the effects of existing in a higher energy level, but for the rest of us our energy is so small that it can hardly move electrons (on our energy level). But the designer of our bodies understands well the principle of weights and counter balances. A man may be so weak that he can only lift a couple hundred pounds, but with a lever and thousand-pound counterbalances, he can use a tiny amount of effort to offset the balance system and lift great weights. In our bodies this is done through chemical reactions which are held in equilibrium. With carefully balanced equilibrium reactions, God has created a electro-chemical “machine” in which our spirits, with their limited strength, can use their infinitesimal electrical power over matter in this sphere to push a reaction existing at the synaptic nerve/spirit interface to be driven to a desired direction. This simple system of binary communication (the same system used to power our most powerful computers) allows the spirit to direct the body to do everything within its power. It seems obvious that spirits in another realm (having a deep understanding of the workings of the body) have been the source of inspiration for all our modern computer technology… based on the already existing, and far more complex, biological technology created by God. With this knowledge, one can more fully appreciate the complexity involved in the process of development and maturation. Our fully mature and intelligent spirits have to slowly learn how to program and control the sophisticated computers that are their new bodies, naturally and intelligently learning how to translate raw spiritual desires to nano-scopic binary synaptic impulses which then are translated into intelligible thought and chemical and biological motion. A process very similar to computer programming, but with the ability to heal itself and self-create additional circuitry and power.