The Multi-Dimensionality of Matter

Physicist are only now beginning to place the multidimensionality of matter onto a scientifically viable framework. New innovations in String Theory (link) are showing mathematically that matter must exist in multiple dimensions given the changing states of the material universe from pure energy to denser matter.

This idea is of course no surprise to the religions of the earth, as they have been teaching multiple dimensions for millennia (“why are heaven and hell invisible? Because they exist on another plane”).

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Here’s the general gist….

Matter is divided into octaves in the same way that light is divided into seven colors, or musical tones divide naturally into pitch octaves. Although matter multi-dimensionality may be infinite, only information on our present octave is known in metaphysics, and the first dimension in one octave is the same as the eighth dimension of the next octave (thus a given octave essentially has only seven levels).

Within these octaves, the lower dimensions are more dense than the higher dimensions, thus many meta-physicists refer to individual quantized levels as “densities”. The lower or ‘more gross’ densities are what Oahspe refers to as “corpor” which forms the root for western civilization’s references to the “corporeal” world or “material world”. The Ra material suggests we currently live in the third density and that the first through third density spheres are all visible to to the natural eye. The fourth through seventh densities, however, are invisible to our instruments and consist of more rarefied (less dense) spheres comprising the “atmospherean” and “etherean” worlds of Oahspe.

The Ra material suggests that each of these densities or dimensions has a corresponding “heaven world”. These “worlds” are not separate densities or dimensions but more like a reflection or duality within each density. It is explained in terms of Dewey B. Larson’s Reciprocal Theory where space and time are simply the two reciprocal aspects of the sole constituent of the universe– motion. Thus mortality is space over time (space/time) and “heaven” is merely a state of greater timelessness (where time/space).

The Ra material also states that the earth is currently in the process of changing from third density to fourth density. Thus the “Melleniual era”, which is now ushering in, is a “fourth density” condition. At the same time however, it states that the large majority of those living on earth right now will “repeat third density”.

Questions. what density is the waiting place? Is it out of densities or is it fourth? If so, how was premortal life there? Must be that heaven/mellenial resurrected life will be fourth and timelessness is out of these planes…

The use of intelligent energy transforming matter into energy is of such a nature among these weapons that the transition from space/time third density to time/space third density or what you may call your heaven worlds

…their grade was fifty, which was the lowest grade capable of emancipation, or capable of surviving in etherea. [Below grade fifty the person is pulled more toward the earth then away; fifty and above and the person is drawn more toward light (etherea) than corpor.] (Oahspe 05/23.12)

Q: Is there any physical difference between first and second density? For instance if I could see both a first and second-density planet side by side, in my present condition, could I see both of them? Would they both be physical to me?
A: This is correct. All of the octave of your densities would be clearly visible were not the fourth through the seventh freely choosing not to be visible. (Ra 13:20)