Arguments Against Unrestricted Free Speech & Bad Behavior

Society has placed certain restrictions on the availability and use of certain addictive or harmful drugs for very good reasons.  The use and distribution of both drinking and cigarette smoking are prohibited to people under a certain age… for good reason.  Youth have historically been shown to be more easily manipulated and coerced into participating in personally or socially destructive behavior…

Similarly all free speech is not protected by the constitution.  In matters of national security there are many secrets and types of information which are classified and may only be spoken of by those authorized to do so.  Sharing or selling national security secrets which could result in the harm or death of United States citizens in punishable by the most severe penalties in national law

Also, assault by speech is not protected by the United States constitution.  You cannot legally threaten to kill someone or groups of people.  You cannot verbally abuse or demean people in ways laid out by state and national laws.  Why?  Because certain types of “free speech”, such as running around a busy airport with a fake bomb strapped to your chest yelling “I going to kill all of you blankity blanks “ has been deemed unacceptable in our society because of the fear and emotion trauma it can cause.

Believe it or not, there are also laws against hanging dead bodies along public walkways or lining our streets with severed heads. But what if the individuals consent to the public display of their mutilated bodies or body parts before they die, isn’t prohibiting this against our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech?  Only a seriously disturbed, sick individual would assert that such a thing should be legal under the constitution.  Why? Because life and the human body deserves a certain dignity, and good people should not be subjected to such a degrading display of barbarism.

It is this same reasoning that caused most states and municipalities to pass laws against streaking, public nudity or public sexual conduct.  The freedom of speech does not and never was meant to protect activities that the public majority has deemed socially harmful of unacceptable!

So why is it that certain naïve groups and individuals in this nation believe that the constitution guarantees the right to ALL types of free speech?  Or believe that ALL types of censorship are or should be illegal? For good reasons, the constitution guarantees certain types of free speech and while allowing for the restriction of other types which have been deemed by the voice of the people to be sufficiently socially destructive or harmful to merit restriction.

This country was established by the people, for the people.  So if the majority of the people in a school, community or state want to prohibit certain sexual behaviors or block access to pornography because they deem it socially destructive, then not only is it constitutional, it is a democratic right—the very thing the constitution was written to protect!


Freedom, mercy and justice are delicate principles to balance.  They must all be kept in balance for a society to function and last.  When it comes to harmful behaviors, mercy can only be extended for so long, eventually the individuals practicing harmful behaviors MUST change or be cast out of the community or they endangers the very basis of the utopian life we all seek. What is it that makes a nation or society great? It is the laws the people live by; it is their way of life. It its their sustainable customs and practices that make the community a heaven, and the conglomeration of those communities makes a society great. Those who practice unbalanced sexual behaviors (of which predatory fornicators, homosexuals and adulterers often are) sadly cannot be allowed the fullest privileges of society, until they decide to change their non sustainable self-oriented sexual behavior.

If these did not have negative social consequences they would not be called sin by religion. If self-oriented sexual behaviors did not tend toward selfishness and social unsustainability they would not be prohibited by God. Is that so hard to understand? God has given man an enormous amount of wiggle room for self rule both here and in the higher spheres of existence, but if man decides to allow and heaven forbid, even encourage non sustainable and damaging social behaviors (which God calls sin) they will eventually find themselves and their kingdom slipping to a lower sphere, both in mortality and the eternal worlds.

So society should love all those that have chosen not to fight the natural man. Hope the best for them, reach out in understanding to them… but you can not condone them and you must not encourage them. Such an act would merely exhibit your own naivety and be very unloving and even self condemning in the long run.  If you follow the laws of God passed down by prophets and angels through the ages, you will elevate yourselves and your nations toward eternal sustainability. If you do not, your society will fall, your nations will collapse, your culture and your families will eventually become extinct. It is natural selection, and it is the desire of God and His religions that you end up on the winning side of it.