Time, Times and Half Times

Many ancient cultures had a far different understanding of how the celestial “times and seasons” affect our planet, human biology and spirituality than our current societies. These cultures meticulously tracked the procession of the equinoxes in order to discover where the earth was in its Galactic orbit. They believed that the the location of our Solar System within the Galactic field affected mankind’s ability to communicate across time and space to alternate dimensions or “spirit worlds” where higher beings dwell and communicate knowledge through a complicated system of “veils”. The modern channeled text Oahspe, gives an enormous amount of information helping us to understand the cosmological and astronomical significance of of the “times” or “ages” mentioned in Christian, Hindu, Chinese and Mayan scripture.  The mysteries of biblical prophetic numbers is a huge topic, but I will try and give a bit of the insights I’ve gathered to lay the foundation for unraveling this huge topic.


-The numbers of prophecy are based on astronomical calculations. Specifically, they coincide with the location of our solar system in the Galactic field, and correspond to our planets rise and fall through the 3rd and toward the 4rth dimensions/densities (corresponding to the LDS concepts of Telestial and Terrestrial glories).  These “times” correspond to our sun’s solar 11 year solar cycle (wherein it flips polarity), and the manner in which it interacts with alternating galactic currents which govern our earth’s progression.  These fields determine the “overlap” of the dimensions which affects inter-dimensional communication—as well as the times of “harvest”, where beings from heaven are able to harvest or transport themselves and other souls from one dimension (or “glory” in LDS terminology) to another.

-For the last 2 cycles/ages, the length of a biblical prophetic “time” or cycle has been  about 667 years–or roughly 30×2 solar cycles. A complete harvest age is composed of 3 1/2 “times” (time, times, and half a time)–or roughly 2336 years (see Dan 8:14). Thus the times of Israel which span from God’s covenant with Abraham to the complete annihilation of Israel was roughly 2300 years; And the times of the Gentiles which spans from Christ’s covenant with Peter to the rebuilding of the Israeli temple and complete annihilation the Gentile (catholic) church will also be roughly 2300 years.

-The earth’s rotation and spin, change through time and are not always linearly relative in relation to our galactic orbit.  Before the time of Moses, this rate of change was far greater–so prophets have devised a “prophetic calendar” to preserve the symbolism of the numbers even though they fall out of alignment with “true time” for ancient dates. Additionally, the earth’s Spirit realm spins at a different rate than the surface of the earth, making the angel’s time different than the earth’s time (Oahspe teaches that 11 years on earth = 12 years in the 1st heaven).

-Within these times are countless types and subtypes–each to be revealed when the earth fully transitions to 4rth density (terrestrial glory/millennium in LDS/Christian terms). Just like a full day is composed of a day and a night, and a year is composed of summer and winter, each time, times and half time is counted twice–and represents an epoch of spiritual light and darkness. (corresponding to cosmological conditions which allow or disallow communication across the dimensions.

-Go through the 70 weeks of daniel, corresponding to the times between Ezra & Christ (for the times of Israel) and Luther and the rebuilding of the temple (for the times of the Gentiles).

-Go through the larger time, times and half time to show the periods of light and darkness. Each dawn of “light” is heralded by a wave of prophetic figures. Abraham, Po, Brahma & Jared–2100BC; then Moses, Capilya, Chine–1400BC; then Buddha, Ezra, Confucius/Ka’yu, Nephi–600BC; then Mohammed. use chart. Christ came at the fall equinox); Times of Gentiles represent the lowest point in earth’s 3rd density/telestial sojourn. The Jewish calendar seeks to symbolize the celestial calendar.



Enter the Magic Square

The Magic Square of 11

The magic square of 11 from the Gospel of the Holy Twelve is a cipher or key to unraveling many of the mystical numbers in the scriptures–it corresponds to the ~11 year solar cycle. In the text, Christ has his disciples stand in the formation of the magic square after assigning them all a number and name.  Note that the columns and rows add up to 671, which is the biblical length of a Time or “Dan” of our cycle. Thus a full Time/Dan’ha would be 1342 which is one week more than the number 1335 given us in Dan. 12:12. Also of interest is the fact that 671 is a multiple of 11 (61×11), which is the length of a solar cycle as well as the number of the apostles (subtracting the one “who should be counted one of them by man, but was not of them”- GHT 68:18, 76:13). Oahspe also reminds us of the relationship between the numbers 12 and 11.

1. That man might find still further evidence of the earth’s wark belts (magnetosphere), I created the nearest one with different densities, so that not every year on earth would be alike as to heat and cold. And in certain cycles of Dan I condense the first wark belts so that the sun seemeth to mortals as if in eclipse. For it is upon this belt that My cycles of dan’ha give either light or darkness to mortals spiritually.
2. Let man compute My times for his own profit; I created the first wark to gain in rotation faster than the earth, one year for every eleven. So that when the wark hath made twelve of its own years, the earth shall have completed eleven years.

Thus the solar cycle is 12 years in the 4th density Spirit World were revelation to earth originates–but 11, is the true base number of earthly prophesy as mentioned in this verse.

10/14.4. Accordingly, every thirty three years after that, there was one migration of a group from the Lord’s first resurrection … In accordance with that, the light of dan fell on two hundred years, four hundred years, five hundred years, six hundred years and one thousand years, which became the base of prophecy for each cycle from that time forward, for a long period.

Now in Israel, as in other cultures there were two calendars and numeric systems used. As would be expected from the aforementioned verse, the earthly base number is 11 (according with the Solar Cycle), but the heavenly base number is 12. Accounting for this, early Egypt used a calendar with 11 months for earthly secular things, but the Jews and other groups used a calendar of 12 months for spiritual things. Our current society has adopted the 12 month “spiritual base number” for our calendar, even though the eleven month calendar would be exact.

3.God said: My people shall reckon their times according to the place and the people where they dwell. And they did this. Hence, even the tribes of Israel had two calendars of time, the long and the short.
4. To events of [earthly] prophecy there was also another calendar, called the ode, signifying sky-time, or heavenly times. One ode was equivalent to eleven long years; three odes, one spell, signifying a generation; eleven spells one Tuff. Thothma, the learned man and builder of the great pyramid, had said: As a diameter is to a circle, and as a circle is to a diameter, so are the rules of the seasons of the earth. For the heat or the cold, or the drouth or the wet, no matter, the sum of one eleven years is equivalent to the sum of another eleven years. One spell is equivalent to the next eleventh spell. And one cycle matcheth every eleventh cycle. Whoever will apply these rules to the earth shall truly prophesy as to drouth and famine and pestilence, save wherein man contraveneth by draining or irrigation. And if he apply himself to find the light and the darkness of the earth, these rules are sufficient. For as there are three hundred and sixty-three years in one tuff, so are there three hundred and sixty-three days in one year, besides the two days and a quarter when the sun standeth still on the north and south lines.

There’s a lot of information packed into that verse. First we see the reasoning for a “long and short” count calendar or numbering system. This is relevant, as archaeologist have found this to be common in many ancient civilizations (especially MesoAmerica), but sometimes we forget how easy mixups in these differing calendar systems can distort the dates we find in ancient histories, tablets and even the Bible. Secondly we see one of Egypt’s calendar’s as it was dualistically used with the Egyptian Great Year.  It is defined as 1 ode = 11 years, 3 odes = 1 spell, and 11 spells = 1 tuff which is 363 days or years. Perhaps it easier to see the relationship between these great cycles if we diagram them;

1 Ode = Week (with 11 days per week)
1 Spell = Month (with 3 weeks per month)
1 Tuff = Year (with 11 months per year)

This gives us 363 days per year with 2.25 intercalary days placed at the winter and summer solstice. It’s a perfect calendar with great symmetry, and I believe was used by Israel after they left Egypt for a time and should still be used to this day. The answer to many of the prophetic numbers comes when we combine this earthly calendar with the Jubilee/Enochean calendar or prophetic 12 month 360 day calendar given to prophets and used in the lower heavens.  The Maya borrowed this system from Egypt also using a long and short count calendar (which modern archeologists have completely misinterpreted)


Laying the Foundation

So to get a better understanding of all these numbers, let’s back up a bit and look at some of the scriptures we have which present the riddles.

Dan 9:25–26 gives 7 weeks, plus 62 weeks, plus 1 week. Note that 62 is one week more than the magic squares base number of 61 which was Christ’s number in the middle. The prophesy is all to tell when Messiah will come which corresponds to the destruction and rebuilding of the temple and Israel and a nation. So find the answers… they’re all there…

Article unfinished below…… finish this some time……

This can also be translated “Time, yea two times, and a half time” (ref)
Hopefully we all see this is a math equation.

x + 2x + 1/2x = 7 or more properly =7.5 if x= 2.143

2.And he placed the sun in the midst and made lines thence to the stars, with explanations of the powers of the seasons on all the living.
3.And he gave the times of Jehovah, the four hundred years of the ancients, and the halftimes of dan, the base [number] of prophecy; the variations of thirty-three years; the times of eleven; and the seven and a half times of the vortices [orbits/frequencies] of the stars, so that the seasons might be foretold, and famines averted on the earth.

This is the equation to determine the time of a dan… and is solvable only if you have the total length of a Dan’ha. It may be 7.5 for this cycle, but that is just a guess presuming that Oahspe is correct. At any rate the base number of prophesy is most likely 61, the central or “Christ” number of the magic square for our suns cycle length which is eleven (caused by the polarity with Jupiter & Saturn whose orbits make 11 according to the equation).

At any rate this is fun math to play with and if it can be figured out, we will know the time of the end of the “Times” (remember the equation) “of the Gentiles”. Anyway, im just rambling, and I’ll have to complete this post some time with all the dates from Daniel and Ben Kathyrn and Revelation, and the Egyptian calender.

Its all coming together.

Note that history will help show where the below seasons fall. This type is hidden in the Hebrew Calendar and is easy to discern. In terms of harvest, Israel is planted in late fall with the winter wheat and grows his roots in winter, other cultures are planted in spring and harvested in fall.

18/12.8. On all corporeal worlds, for every race He created, Jehovah has provided these two seasons: a season for the development of the corporeal senses, and a season for the development of the spiritual senses. To find the mean between these is to find The millennium (Kosmon), which lies far in the future.
18/13.4. For such seasons appear in all peoples under the sun; a season of belief; a season of unbelief. And with the believing is the practice of truth and love; and with the unbelieving is the practice of great research and learning, with cruelty and disputation.
18/13.5. Osire said: Send for my resurrection, O Jehovah; I have uprooted the evil of idol worship, the extreme that follows too much belief.

1. Jehovah said: Let a sign be given to the inhabitants of the earth that they may comprehend dan’ha in the firmament of heaven. For even as I bequeathed to the earth a time for creating the living, and a time for angels to come and partake of the first fruits of mortality and immortality, so shall man at certain times and season receive testimony from My hosts in heaven.
2. And Jehovah caused the earth, and the family of the sun to travel in an orbit, the circuit of which requireth of them four million seven hundred thousand years. And he placed in the line of the orbit, at distances of three thousand years, spiritual (etherean) lights, the which places, as the earth passeth through, angels from the second heaven come into its earthly (corporeal) presence. As embassadors they come, in companies of hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands, and these are called the spiritual (etherean) hosts of the Most High.
3. Not as single individuals come they; not for a single individual mortal come they. And Jehovah gave this sign to man on earth; which is to say: In the beginning of the light of dan’ha, the spirits of the newly dead shall have power to take upon themselves the semblance of earthly (corporeal) bodies, and appear and talk face to face with mortals. Every three thousand years gave Jehovah this sign on earth, that those who learned the powers and capacities of such familiar spirits, might bear testimony in regard to the origin of man on earth.
4. Jehovah said: And when it shall come to pass in any of the times of dan’ha that these signs are manifest, man shall know that the hosts of the Most High come soon after. Let him who will become wise, enumerate the great lights of My serpent, for in such times I set aside things that are old, and establish My chosen anew.
14. And God and his Lords shall have dominion from two hundred years to a thousand or more years; but never more than three thousand years. According to the regions of dan (light) into which I bring the earth, so shall be the terms of the office of My Gods and My Lords.
15. And God and his Lords shall raise up officers to be their successors; by him and them shall they be appointed and crowned in My name.
16. At the termination of the dominion of My God and his Lords they shall gather together in these, My bound heavens, all such angels as have been prepared in wisdom and strength for resurrection to My spiritual (etherean) kingdoms. And these angels shall be called Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovah, for they are Mine and in My service. And to God and his Lords, with the Brides and Bridegrooms, will I send down from etherea ships in the time of dan; by My spiritual (etherean) Gods and Goddesses shall the ships descend to these heavens, and receive God and His Lords with the Brides and Bridegrooms, and carry them up to the exalted regions I have prepared for them.
17. And all such as ascend shall be called a Harvest unto Me, through My God and Lords. And the time of My Harvests shall be according to each dan, which is two hundred years, four hundred years, six hundred years, and five hundred years; and these shall be called My lesser cycles because they are the times of the tables of prophecy which I give unto My servants.

[The above verses in Oahspe are a bit misleading. It paints a picture that the lights of dan are floating out in space at set locations like the spokes of a wheel, perfectly set every 3000 years time/distance in the great circle of the solar systems orbit. This is not likely, elsewhere in Oahspe it is more specific showing that these etherean “lights” are actually celestial bodies or could even be called etherean worlds which resemble comets to earth from afar. Most likely these etherean worlds/celestial bodies are also orbiting the sun like the planets (but far more eccentric and obliquely), and come back into the inner solar system with a period of ~3000 years. Thus the time of Melchizedek, Christ and Messiah are times of the “coming of the Lord”. And event which Joseph Smith taught many will say “is a comet”. To the righteous he comes with 10,000 of his angels to translate the righteous and take them away to his heavenly kingdom. To the wicked he is the destroying angel, because all who are left behind are left with the destruction this object causes to the corporeal earth and its heavens.]

6 generation= 1 dan, 7 or 7.5 dans= 1 dan’ha, 1 dan’ha = ~3000 yrs (give or take), a generation can span between 33 yrs (for a 200 yr dan) and 100 yrs (for a 600 yr dan), and a dan’ha can span between 1400 yrs (for a 200 yr dan) and 4200 yrs (for a 600 yr dan). I think it is quite possible that the length of the current Dan can be computed by the Sun’s mean polarity cycle. At present the length of the Solar Cycle is ~11 years (see wiki article for explanation of our sun’s polarity reversals). As you may have noted from many references already mentioned, it seems that 11 years as a solar “week” and 33 years as a solar “month” is a recurring theme in oahspe.

10/14.3 …Thirty three years were allotted to these Lords’ kingdoms for a resurrection, because thirty three is the division of dan corresponding to one hundred dans to each cycle.


-First cycle is a dispensation (of Dan). It is an intra-planetary cycle. It is the smallest major cycle and occurs multiple times per Dan. It is created by a celestial bodies ascending and descending within our own planetary vortex. (Elijah, Joseph Smith, Etc, each 200-600 years.)
-Second cycle is the destroyer (of Dan’ha). It is an extra-planetary cycle. It is the planet X/etherean world/celestial bodies, which brings great destruction to the wicked but salvation and resurrection to the righteous. (Enoch, Melchizedek, Christ, Messiah, Etc, each ~2400-3800 years.)
-Third cycle is the destruction/recreation cycle. It is a solar cycle. It occurred at the flood/creation. It is caused by something interacting with our Sun, and not just a light of Dan or celestial bodies or etherean world. (Adam, Noah, End of word, each 7000-XXXX years.)


Dan’Ha Lengths Given in Oahspe 

-Kosman to Moses/Capella = 3,400 years
-Moses to Abraham/Brahma = 2,400 years
-Abraham to Melchizedek = 3,100 years
-Melchizedek to Osiris = 3,300 years
-Osiris to Thor = 3,200 years
-Thor to Apollo = 2,800 years)
-Apollo to Sue = 3,200 years
-Sue to Aph = 3,600 years

35/D.58. Dan’ha (Adamic). The etherea, the highest place in ethereal worlds. Jehovah said: The sun I made as the head of a serpent, and his phalanx I made as the body of a serpent; thus I made the great corporeal serpent. To him I gave a circuit to travel in, and I numbered his time a thousand tuos and seven aka and four bi’jus, for the sun coil. [Equal to four million seven hundred thousand years –Ed.] I have placed my A’ji and my Ji’ay in many places on the circuit, but I have placed my Dan’ha only in one thousand six hundred places. (A dan’ha cycle of time is about three thousand years, sometimes more, sometimes less.) From the millennium (Kosmon), the present time, back to Moses and Capilya, alias Capella, three thousand four hundred years; from Moses and Capilya to Brahma and Abraham, two thousand four hundred years; from Brahma and Abraham to Melchizedek, three thousand one hundred years; from Melchizedek to Osiris the first, three thousand three hundred years; from Osiris to Thor, three thousand two hundred years; from Thor to Apollo, two thousand eight hundred years; from Apollo to Sue, three thousand two hundred years; from Sue to Aph, three thousand six hundred years.