LDS Eternal Progression

Eternal Progression, Degrees of Glory, and the Resurrection: A Comparative Cosmology


The Three Realms: comparing the various accounts of Western mystics
Both the earth’s spiritual dimension and its physical dimension are often divided into three primary divisions by mystics. Just like the three primary colors, these divisions are somewhat arbitrary, but they are used to categorize the fundamental divisions of each dimension. (reword) In this section we will compare several different accounts of the Spirit World by several different mystics.

Comparison of several accounts of heaven or the Spirit World.

-The spirit world is like all the history of the earth (past and future) combined into one place. There is no “time” as we know it there, and time is available to those able to grasp it. Most are not, however, and they move through “realms” which are essentially the equivalent of time in the mortal dimension. That means all seven densities (described in the next section) exist within the spirit world (called time/space by the Law of One). In the mortal dimension we evolve or progress through time (moving into the future as our experience and understanding increase), there we evolve or progress through space (moving into new spatial realms as our understanding and experience increase).

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Spirit World Diagram

Diagram of the spirit world as depicted by J.S. Ward. Correlative aspects suggest this is the telestial and lower terrestrial glories of the LDS understanding.


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Summary of Emmanual Swedenborg's accounts of the Spirit World (replace with new illustration when you get time to make one)

Summary of Emanuel Swedenborg’s accounts of the Spirit World (replace with new illustration when you get time to make one)



Unfinished chart of the 3 degrees of glory in Oahspe, called the three resurrections. [add divisions in telestial for “some of paul, some of cephus, etc, to fill up top like ward’s diagram, then add single bar with “hell” below to match ward’s a bit.


The three levels of “resurrection” as described in John Newborough’s book, Oahspe


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LDS view of the Spirit World
For LDS people the above descriptions of the Spirit world should sound familiar. They are remarkably similar to the description of “three degrees of glory” revealed by Joseph Smith in D&C 76. A major difference however is the LDS doctrine that the degrees of glory revealed by Joseph Smith are states of being AFTER the resurrection of the dead. As we will delineate below, this comes from a misunderstanding of our own scripture…

Three degrees of “glory” or levels of the Spirit World as described by Joseph Smith in D&C 76 [add text in image Celestial: “symbolized by the Father”. Terrestrial “symbolized by the Son”, Telestial: “symbolized by Peter, James & John or organized religion/’servants of the Most High’ (see D&C 76:112, Acts 16:17)”


Misunderstandings in Christian Concepts of the Spirit World

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the ‘spirit world’ or ‘world of spirits’ and the resurrection. A lot of this has to do with the ambiguous meaning of the words “physical” and “spiritual”. In the minds of many Christian adherents, the world of Spirits is a place where one’s “spirit” goes after death awaiting a “resurrection” when we will again be reunited with our “bodies”. But what do any of these words mean? Thousands of life after death experiences give evidence to the fact that after death, people still perceive themselves to have “physical bodies” although they know it is a different type of body than they had while living. In the LDS Doctrine & Covenants we learn that “There is no such thing as immaterial matter. All spirit is matter, but it is more fine or pure, and can only be discerned by purer eyes” (D&C 131:7–8). This idea that the spirit dimension is made of perceptively palpable or “physical” matter just as this dimension, is verified in other religious accounts of the after world as well as life after death experiences. All the accounts cited in this work assert that, despite the many different descriptions of the places people find themselves after death, they all seem to agree that they still have a “body” very similar to the one they possessed in mortality (most agree it is a better body than their earth body). They also suggest they live on an improved version of “earth”. It is simply an earth in a parallel reality which has little interaction with our own.

Accounts of individuals living in limitation and anxiously awaiting a “physical resurrection on earth” as suggested in D&C 138 are almost unheard of. Instead these accounts suggest that beings soon after death inherit eternal worlds which are parallel to and patterned after our physical earth world. They also almost ubiquitously suggest this eternal world is divided into “many” realms in an arrangement more similar to the LDS degrees of glory than the LDS & medieval concepts of spirit paradise, purgatory and prison. Many suggest a concept in which realms are separated by what most describe as a “wall of fire”. Essentially, in the same way that the continents here on earth are separated by an ‘expanse’ of water or ocean, in the afterlife the many realms or regions (continent like lands called plateaus in Oahspe) are separated by an energy barrier which is difficult to penetrate without help from higher beings or appropriate technology.

Really the only real differences between the realms of the earth’s spiritual plane and the physical plane are the rules of physics which govern the realm, how beings enter and leave the realm, and the use of sexual reproduction. Accounts suggest the perceived physicality of the realm is no different.


Misunderstandings in the LDS view of the Spirit World

LDS people generally believe that the three realms or degrees of glory spoken of in D&C 76 are separate planets of sorts which the righteous will inherit AFTER the “resurrection of the dead”; the first of which is said to occur at Christs return to the mortal earth. Comparison with other available texts suggest this is a misinterpretation of our own revelations. We see this not only from Oahspe and other more descriptive texts, but by the revelation itself (as we will address in a moment). Comparative analysis shows that the three degrees of glory shown in Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon’s vision, are actually just a more detailed description of the earth’s spiritual dimension or “Spirit World”. Although, because of the fractal relationship (as previously discussed) they are also dualistic descriptions of a future state of earth when it will obtain these glories by virtue of its orientation in the galactic energy field (more on this later). Oahspe and JS Ward’s works spend hundreds and hundreds of pages describing these same 3 degrees of glory in detail, making it clear that they are principally realms within the ‘spirit world’ or spirit dimension of earth.

The fact that Joseph Smith’s vision is speaking principally of souls in the spirit world before the physical resurrection is clear from a careful reading of the revelation, as it consistently speaks of “those who SHALL [in the future] hear the voice of the Son of Man; and SHALL [in the future] come forth in the resurrection” (D&C 76:15–17). The entire vision is of the heavenly realms BEFORE the resurrection at Christ’s second coming and is correspondingly framed with the resurrection in future tense. Notice at the end of the description of the Celestial Glory, it says that this was a description of “they who SHALL [in the future] have part in the first resurrection.” or “they who SHALL come forth in the resurrection of the just” (D&C 76:63–65). Not those who have come forth or did come forth or do come forth, but those who shall in the future. As opposed to the next verses which explain that these celestial spirits “are those who ARE [currently] come up to Mont Zion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly place, the holiest of all” (D&C 76:66). Which Oahspe explains in detail is the name to the highest realm of Spirit World where the currently acting god of earth dwells. Likewise in the description of the inhabitants of the telestial kingdom it says its inhabitants are “they who ARE thrust down to hell” (D&C 76:84). Not who were or shall be, but ARE [currently] in the telestial realm which is hell or spirit prison. It continues to say that those in hell or the telestial kingdom are “they who SHALL [future tense] not be redeemed from the devil until the last resurrection” (D&C 76:85) which is after the millennium. There are literally dozens of references where the verb tense shows clearly that these visions were not so much of a future state of people after the resurrection, but the current state of those in the Spirit World awaiting the time in which they will come back to a physical plane of earth when it has attained a glory equal or greater than their own.

Now this is where the confusion comes in, because these realm names are often used dualistically. They can refer both to a realm within the earth’s spirit world (as in D&C 76) OR to the earth itself at a future state when it reaches that same glory (as in D&C 77:1, 88:18-31, 130:9). In fact the term resurrection (which comes from the latin, ‘raise or appear again’) can also be used dualistically. It can refer to an ascension within the earth’s spirit planes (as in Alma 40:15, or Oahspe which ubiquitously uses it in this sense.). Or to the return of an individual to the physical dimension of earth, which occurs when earth has risen to a density/glory or vibratory level which matches that of their spirit world abode. For instance, terrestrial souls would wait in the terrestrial realm of the Spirit World until a Physical Dimension of the earth attains an equal energy density; which then allows them to be either resurrected (in the case of the 4rth density earth plane) or reincarnated (in the case of the 3rd density earth plane) back to earth’s “physical plane” or dimension (for more information on reincarnation, see the article, To Go No More Out).

This will all become a bit more clear in the section entitled Summary of Scriptural History and Christian Eschatology, where we will describe how for the last few thousand years, the earth has been at or below a telestial glory. But it is currently moving into a terrestrial level as well as activating a physical 4th density (or a parallel physical plane that is roughly a Terrestrial glory) which will climax during the prophesied “millennium”. This will be followed by other raises and falls, until the earth one day far in the future is irradiated sufficiently to contain a dimension where it is a celestialized star (D&C 88:18–20, 130:9).

[Put in footnote. Misinterpretation of D&C 76:106–112 is a big part of LDS people’s incorrect views. verse 106 steps out of the vision and begins to talk about the telestial glory (a state which the physical realm of our earth currently exists) after the fulness of times or the end of the millennium. It is after that future date that Christ shall deliver His kingdom to the Father (at which time all remaining terrestrial glory people of earth will be “caught up” or translated to the “new” 4rth density parallel “heaven and earth”. Leaving the Telestial glory inhabitants of earth’s corporal and spirit dimensions to be judged and transplanted or “cast out” to a telestial sphere in the Galaxy which because of laws of divergence will entail that “where [our] God and [his] Christ dwell they cannot come, worlds without end” (D&C 76:112, Rev 12:10). — (perhaps I should give this its own paragraph and add law of one quotes to explain it better)] [Also might want to note the discrepancy between sources concerning whether our current 3rd density/telestial earth will fluidly transition into the 4th density/terrestrial world (as oahspe suggests) or whether the 4rth density is activating in parallel with this 3rd density existence and all will have to die or be translated to make the transition. (Law of One states this emphatically and LDS suggests it with scriptures such as “there will be a new heaven and new earth, like unto the old, save that the old has passed away”. There are far more witnesses suggesting the latter, which also seems more logical. This is where many of the misunderstandings in Christianity come with groups mistakenly believing they will suddenly disappear in a “rapture” or that Jesus will come flying through heaven with his Saints in a grand mystical experience which defies all the current laws of physics. ].

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-how can Mormons possibly understand this without understanding the big picture? How can I properly make the comparisons and bring understanding without addressing this stumbling block? But how can I prove the misconception without the big picture?





Tying it all together with Christian Eschatology
This idea that the realms of glory spoken of in D&C 76 are actually just a more detailed description of the spirit world which earlier Book of Mormon prophets over simplified into only two realms of paradise and prison may seem in contradiction to many LDS diagrams and descriptions of eternal progression, but a careful reading and comparisons with other texts make it self evident. As mentioned above, Oashpe and many other texts give strikingly similar accounts of the earth’s heavenly kingdoms. They also talk about the principles governing movement (ascension and declension) between these realms. In Oahspe this movement is confusingly called resurrection, which is the same term it and the biblical canon use for movement to other higher dimensional locations in the galaxy, as well as the prophesied return of souls to the millennial “terrestrialized” or “celestialized” earth when the physical dimension of earth raises to a level of vibration or glory matching those found in the spirit world and the temporary abodes of the estranged galactic travelers (more on this later). Alma speaks of the confusion caused by this terminology in the ancient texts when we speaks to his son Corianton about paradise and prison in earth’s spirit dimension.

14 Now this is the state of the souls of the wicked, yea, in darkness, and a state of awful, fearful looking for the fiery indignation of the wrath of God upon them; thus they remain in this state, as well as the righteous in paradise, until the time of their resurrection.
15 Now, there are some that have understood that this state of happiness and this state of misery of the soul, before the resurrection, was a first resurrection. Yea, I admit it may be termed a resurrection, the raising of the spirit or the soul and their consignation to happiness or misery, according to the words which have been spoken. (Alma 40:14–15)

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve also speaks of these dual resurections

2. As all creatures come forth from the unseen into this world, so they return to the unseen, and so will they come again till they be purified. Let the bodies of them that depart be committed to the elements, and the Father-Mother, who reneweth all things, shall give the angels charge over them, and let… their souls awake to a joyful resurrection.
3. There is a resurrection from the body, and there is a resurrection in the body. There is a raising out of the life of the flesh, and there is a falling into the life of the flesh. Let prayer be made For those who are gone before, and For those that are alive, and For those that are yet to come, for all are One family in God. In God they live and move and have their being.
4. The body that ye lay in the grave, or that is consumed by fire, is not the body that shall be, but they who come shall receive other bodies, yet their own, and as they have sown in one life, so shall they reap in another. Blessed are they who have worked righteousness in this life, for they shall receive the crown of life. (See the article “To Go No More Out” for more details on the relationship between resurrection and the eastern notion of reincarnation).

So although there can be some confusion when certain texts speak of resurrection, when the bible and LDS cannon speak of resurrection, they are typically referring to the return of souls to the physical dimension of earth, and not ascensions within the spirit world. (Although because of the fractal relationships, these references can almost always dualistically refer to ascensions within the spirit world as well). But before getting into that, lets explore the divsions of the spiritual realms of the earth in detail, and compare and contrast some of the different accounts of these places.


This process of true resurrection (and translation) is outlined specifically in many parts of oahspe (refs) of which I will attempt to summarize in the next section. But first it is important to revisit our cosmology and get an idea of the energy densities or “glories” which transfigure the earth as it travels with our Solar System around the galaxy in its galactic orbit.

[In addition to the main spirit world conceptual comparisons above, compare and contrast these christian ideas to a number of examples of hindu, buddhist, islamic and other concepts.]



-begin by summarizing it? Going back to the orbit of the solar system and how our position in the galaxy will usher in the end times which is when the 3rd density earth will have fulfilled its usefulness and higher beings will help everyone make it to another density before the sun changes state and destroys the 3rd density in our solar system. “new heaven and new earth, like unto the old but old have passed away [by fire].


#1 Very little is known about the premortal life. See section entitled “premortal existence” for details. #2 Earth has two primary dimensions, the physical dimension we live in, and a spiritual dimension we go to after death. The spiritual dimension is often arbitrarily separated into three realms which are symbolized by #3, these were simplified by certain ancient writers into two principle realms of paradise and prison, but expounded into three degrees of glory by Joseph Smith. Many other writers have further divided this realm into seven or nine divisions. #4 The earth in its orbit around the galactic core moves into energy densities matching those of the Spirit World or dimension. On this journey, technologically advanced 4th density (terrestrial) beings move beings to and from earth’s spirit dimensions and off planet locations. (5th density celestial beings can do this by thought without the use of technology.) #5 As the earth moves into higher energy densities and mankind evolves into greater levels of harmony, beings from earth’s higher spirit world can resurrect or reincarnate back into the physical plane as it’s vibratory level comes to match the spirit world glory in which they reside.




States of Physical Resurrection and the Seven Energy Densities in the Galaxy.

We have previously been speaking only of the divisions within the earth’s Spirit World, but will now turn our attention to what Christian scripture more typically refers to with the word “physical resurrection”. This has to do with the actual destruction of BOTH a bodies physical and spiritual dimensions, and their re-creation in another density. There are many LDS and Christian scriptures which point to this occurrence (list scriptures). These scriptures are referring to an actual destruction of the earth and its heavens (spirit dimension). The concept of harvest points to the translation of all redeemable consciousness to a parallel dimension of sorts before our current one is made uninhabitable (likely by a direct hit from a large solar flare or coronal mass ejection). Before we get into too much more detail, lets get an idea of how the words “density” and “dimension” are used in this article by showing how they relate to the eternal progression of our earth and its inhabitants.

As explained in our cosmology section, the Solar system travels in a helical or spiral motion around the center of the galaxy in a course called the Great Serpent by the ancients. Oahspe and other texts refer to energy dense and energy starved regions in this orbit which affects the “glory” or level of harmony and “righteousness” of the earth and its inhabitants. It also details the manner in which travel occurs between the earth’s heavens or spiritual dimensions and the governing bodies…

The Doctrine and Covenants reinforces this concept stating the

18 Therefore, [the earth] must needs be sanctified from all unrighteousness, that it may be prepared for the celestial glory;
19 For after it hath filled the measure of its creation, it shall be crowned with glory, even with the presence of God the Father;
20 That bodies who are of the celestial kingdom may possess it forever and ever; for, for this intent was it made and created, and for this intent are they sanctified. (D&C 88:18–20)

We also learn from the doctrine and covenants that during the millennium earth will abide a terrestrial glory (refs)


The Law of One details the mechanism for these transformations (move this)

17.1 Response: The fourth density is a vibrational spectrum. Your time/space continuum has spiraled your planetary sphere and your [sun] into this vibration. This will cause the planetary sphere itself to electromagnetically realign its vortices of reception of the instreaming of cosmic forces expressing themselves as vibrational webs so that the Earth will thus be fourth-density magnetized, as you might call it.

This is going to occur with some inconvenience, as we have said before, due to the energies of the thought-forms of your peoples which disturb the orderly constructs of energy patterns within your Earth spirals of energy which increases entropy and unusable heat. This will cause your planetary sphere to have some ruptures in its outer garment while making itself appropriately magnetized for fourth density. This is the planetary adjustment.

63.27 Questioner: I will make this statement, and you correct me. What we have is, as our planet is spiraled by the spiraling action of the entire major galaxy, as the big wheel in the sky turns and our planetary system spirals into the new position, the fourth-density [terrestrial] vibrations become more and more pronounced. These atomic core vibrations begin to create, more and more completely… the fourth-density sphere and the fourth-density [bodies] for inhabitation of that sphere. Is this correct?

Response: This is partially correct. To be corrected is the concept of the creation of green-ray density [bodies]. This creation will be gradual and will take place beginning with your third-density type of physical vehicle and, through the means of bisexual reproduction, become by evolutionary processes, the fourth-density body complexes.

In a different way, all of these divisions tend to separate into seven divisions classified as “densities” (terminology coined by the law of one). These seven are divisions in consciousness can be compared to…. like musical octet or color through a prism.

Our Solar System has a poorly understood sinusoidal orbit around the core of our Mily-way galaxy much like our planet orbits our sun. This orbit brings us through many varying energy densities which essentially control the progression or evolution of our planet (and consequently us as mankind). In the same way that our angle of inclination governs the intensity of the suns energy which reaches the surface (whether its summer, winter, etc), so also does the planet and solar systems angle of inclination dictate which density we are in. (1-7)

This is where the precession of the equinoxes really comes in. its not so simple as current astronomy describes it, the solar system’s orbit is a helical spiral, this means the sun in wobbling in precession AS WELL as the earth. The reason this really matters, is because it is the combined magnetic moment or angle at which our earth and suns magnetic fields travel through the galactic magnetic field that controls the energy exchange. When a charged particle travels perpendicurly through a magnetic field, a current is produced, if the angle is not perpendicular, the force changes accordingly. The “densities” our earth posesses is dictated by this angle between our earth mag field and the galactic one. we are about to have a 1000 year period where we align into 4rth density…

As a planet moves through the densities it aligns with the consciousness or intelligent energy or “spirit” of that density and “evolution” occurs spontaneously according to the instructions the realm is receiving from the God or giver of intelligence which emanates out from the galactic core. In the same way that a tuning fork with “hum” or vibrate to the same tune when placed in proximity of an appropriately vibrating soundwave, the atomic core vibrations of a particular “density” vibrate in tune with the energy density in which they are aligned. This energy density contains information just like a cell phone or television transmission. The information in this energy directs and organizes matter holographically just like DNA to a developing organism; and the organization proceeds within certain random limits according to the fractal pattern or intelligence contained in the corresponding informational energy density.

Very simplistic (and possibly misleading) diagram illustrating the manner in which the orientation between a planetary sphere’s magnetic field (and its atomic core vibrations) and the combined galactic fields determines its density. [add text to image showing ‘LDS Terrestrial Glory equivalent, Terrestial and Celestial equivalents as well with arrow ranges]

1st Density: Mineral life begins to divide and separate in a fractal pattern. Atoms of all the important elements stabilize and begin to form mineral compounds. Some type of atmosphere slowly forms making the planet suitable for life. There is no spiritual realm. (find quotes and references)

2nd Density: Life which arrives from interstellar “semu” (see oahspe) as well as from other more advanced planets, begins to spread and flourish. A sort of “theistic evolution” occurs among the unknown number of kinds or species transplanted from other planets. (scientists and creationists should stop bickering and start figuring out what the seed species in the fossil record are. Evolution is watched over by many levels of beings, but most importantly from the intelligence contained in the “density field” with which the planet is aligned during this period. This intelligence or information embedded in the field is called by religions the “spirit of god”. Just as 1st density, there is no spirit realm or dimension on these planets. (find quotes and references)

3rd Density: Our planet is currently at the last phase of this stage of development. “Man” or an animal capable of self awareness and self determination or eternal life develops or is introduced to a planet. The development is either by transplant or genetic manipulation of native animals by higher life forms. A sentient self aware “spirit” is placed into this life form. A spirit world or dimension forms and begins to be inhabited by those who die. (find quotes and references)

4rth Density: Man develops advanced technology and joins the galactic community. In the physical dimension the body evolves psychic abilities in the brain to allow greater communication with the creation and each other. In the spirit worlds he begins psychically coalesce into what might be termed a “social memory complex”. This is a unique type of group consciousness where each member can see the thoughts and intents of others… it allows evolution to progress much more quickly. Both technological and spiritual methods are devised to bridge the divide between the spirit and physical dimensions. (find quotes and references)

5th Density: Man begins to replace all functions of technology with exercises in consciousness. He is able to travel the galaxy by thought. He can project himself to any place or time… His planet begins to be a gas giant and the need for a physical body is as a 3rd density being understands it, is unnecessary. (find quotes and references)

6th Density: The “planet” or gas giant becomes a sun. The inhabitants no longer inhabit the physical realm at all. The unified consciousness of these planets is beyond the comprehension of 3rd density beings.

7th Density. Again, there is no physical habitation and the unified consciousness of these planets is beyond the comprehension of 3rd density beings.

8th Density begins the 1st Density of the next octet of existence. There is no information available to us concerning this next cycle of life.



periodic table of the elements showing the electron shells of each element.

The seven periods or electron shell configurations on the periodic chart are a fractal relationship to the seven evolutionary densities of the earth and matter as it progresses on its eternal journey. Each has a distinct “energy state”; the farther an atom’s (or human’s) energy state deviates from the earth’s present energy state (which is late 3rd density), the greater the entropy.


The earth’s spirit world actually contains the potential for each of earth’s possible material energy states (more on that later). But just as the differing atomic numbers are a factor of the heat and pressure the atom was under during its formation, likewise the energy state of the earth is a factor of the “energy density” or energy pressure it was under when it last when through a major energy transformation. The earth’s material state (proton number/core vibration) also subtly changes as it moves into differing energy densities in the universe which accordingly affects its electric field stability (spirit world divisions). The consciousness of the earth’s inhabitants dictates the number and shape of its energy shells (levels of the spirit world). As people on earth align their consciousness with higher galactic wavelengths, they can add an additional electron energy shell (corresponding to a higher level of the spirit world). However, the balance between the earths Spirit World (magnetic field strength/shape correlating to electron shell configuration) determines the earth’s stability. And stability is very important when we go through galactic energy transformations (baptism by fire).

When earth crosses the boundary seeking to transform/translate our sphere from 3rd to 4rth density, if our spirit world or energy shell has not yet reached a composite 4rth density polarization and configuration it will cause trouble. For the proper alchemy to occur, the energy shell must FIRST be polarized, then the appropriate mass (protons & neutrons) can be added under pressure to accomplish the transformation. The sun is currently doing its best to polarize the earth. The drop in our measured magnetic field is a consequence of that; our magnetic field isn’t decaying as much as it is polarizing to a more negative state in preparation of balancing the coming highly positively charged particles of the coronal mass ejection. (The baptism by fire and Spirit is essentially sexual union between the sun and earth, and this fractal relationship contains a lot of information concerning the most beneficial manners to exchange conjugal love.)




[Begin this section with a diagram which is based on the bottom part of the main eternal progression diagram. Bassically make a timeline which shows the energy state of the earth through each period of time. It will likely need to be longer that the page is wide. Have arrows with descriptions both above and below.]


Summary of Scriptural History and Christian Eschatology

Summarize the following sections in an opening paragraph. We come from many sources, some fell from or volunteered to come from higher densities, others are progressing from lower densities, and others have been in other third density planets for a long, long time. All who come here must enter the samed veiled realm which equalizes us and leaves the opportunity of getting stuck. Like a giant spinning maze, we are all looking for the exit and trying to learn and enjoy ourselves while we’re here.


Reincarnation vs. Resurrection.


Reincarnation is not taught in Christianity, per se, because in an idealized sense it should not apply to one who has been born again into the body of Christ.  By being born of the water and spirit a christian gives up his individualized memory, and becomes part of a group where the rules of physical rebirth are different than the world.

The principles around this are concept lost to Christianity in general but there is enough scriptural evidence to unraval it. 

As the law of ONe teaches, as one becomes fully integrated into a social memory complex “The group memory lost to the individuals in the roots of the tree of mind”

Ra:  A mind/body/spirit social complex becomes a social memory complex when its entire group of entities are of one orientation or seeking. The group memory lost to the individuals in the roots of the tree of mind then become[s] known to the social complex, thus creating a social memory complex. The advantages of this complex are the relative lack of distortion in understanding the social beingness and the relative lack of distortion in pursuing the direction of seeking, for all understanding/distortions are available to the entities of the society.”


Somewhere we have to go through this. (it should probably be before this. copy the whole “To Go No More Out” article here?) It is such a complex topic that it will be hard to set straight, but people must realize that to some extent these words point to the same phenomena. The problem is that the word resurrection can denote several different phenomena; there is a resurrection in the body and a resurrection from the body. Resurrection can refer to ascension between degrees of heaven, translation to a higher density (earth in the future) or a return to earth. People are indeed reborn at the end of an age. Oahspe is the only text that adimately opposes the idea of re-entering a womb… but all other text, common sense and biblical history highly suggest the idea of re entering a womb. (the idea that that aborted babies, will just go to heaven, grow up there and never experience 3rd density earth-life is pretty silly. Also biblical verses suggest there will be birth during the ‘millenium’, so where do those spirits come from?..)

This was so misunderstood, both anciently and modernly. Some points to cover.

Explain how oahspe classifies ascension from kingdom to kingdom as resurrections.. which is important because….

Alma & Abinadi and traditional christian theology teach Christ was the first to be resurrected (which they interpret as someone who lives in heaven with a body of flesh and bone which is touchable to us mortals). But this is not exactly true; Elijah, Moses, the city of Enoch and others were all translated to heaven without dying RETAINING their bodies of flesh and bone (their bodies being transfigured to higher density light bodies, just like Jesus’s).

The question is, where do these beings live? I believe Elijah and Moses’ “chariots of fire” were obviously equivalent to Oahspe’s “fire ships” which are huge technologically advanced spacecraft–having the ability to beam people aboard and dimension shift to higher densities. I think the time Christ was also pretty obviously a “harvest” such as those detailed in Oahspe. A fireship coming and taking many of those in the highest levels of the spirit world, off planet… these will come back when earth is raised high enough for their bodies to live on it.

I think Alma & Abinadi are actually using the same source that John and the new Testament authors are pulling from concerning the “first resurrection” or resurrection of the just and unjust. I think Abinidi (and Alma who is quoting him) mistakes the “first resurrection” which is to actually occur at Christ’s second coming, when he says the first resurrection will occur at Christ’s first coming. Or he may be mistaking a heavenly resurrection (raising to a fireship) with an earthly resurrection (returning to earth). Either way I think there’s obviously some misunderstanding there…


Pre-Mortal Existence

The pre-mortal existence of LDS theology is an ambiguous term referring to multiple states. Any description of pre-mortal existence must be ambiguous because the souls of those on earth are derived from multiple sources. Near death experiences often speak of their unborn children existing in the spirit world along side with their deceased loved ones. The law of one speaks of at least three major 3rd density planetary sphere which have contributed to the souls of those currently on earth. A solid case can be made that those of the antediluvian period who did not meet the requirements for translation were resurrected/reincarnated here on earth during its telestial/3rd density cycle.


Antediluvian Period

Antediluvian story also archetypical referring to multiple times and events. There is a direct correlaiton between the biblical antediluvian period and the scriptural description of the Millennium. This is NOT a coincidence, but is meant to point our minds to the fact that both these periods are descriptions of a terrestrial plane.

Correlations Between the antediluvian Period and the Mellenial Period.
-Adam reigned for a thousand years as the “first man Adam”. Christ will reign for a thousand years as the “last man adam”. (refs).
-Both periods last roughly 1000 years (plus a “short season”) which is “a day” in the time of the Lord (refs)
-The average lifespan of antediluvians was 900 years. Since there will “be no death” (ref) during the mellenium, we can assume people during that period will also live ~1000 years (the age of a tree, ref).
-The antediluvian period ended with destruction of the earth by water. The millennium will end with destruction of the earth by fire (refs).
-At the end of the antediluvian period there was a complete separation of the righteous and wicked. The wicked were destroyed and the righteous were translated or caught up to heaven. The same is taught of the end of the millenium. (refs).

Where did people from this age go? To another planet in the Solar System as some myths suggest? To the earth’s spirit world? Most likely they jumped directly through the Spirit World (or time/space or hyperspace or whatever you want to call it) and will suddenly appear on 4rth density earth. The trip will appear as it took an instant to them, and they will be the seed civilization for that newly activated sphere of earth.


Patriarchal Age

Little is mentioned of the Patriarchal Age spanning from Noah to Abraham. The genealogy of these 7 patriarchs in steeped in symbolism and hidden messages (refs, examples). Both Oahspe and The law of One suggest that this biblical description is a metaphor symbolizing a period of several past cyclical ages. Detail the timelines of these two records. During this period the earth likely drastically changed its location in the Solar System. The earth also fell from lower 4rth density to upper 3rd density (roughly corresponding to terrestrial and telestial glory in LDS terms). Because the earth was changing location, speed and many other properties, time transformations are a bit meaningless. Time was dilating or in gradual flux during that period. Even if it had the same number of days, minutes and seconds (which it didn’t) the time was drastically different than that which we now experience. Also air pressure, water pressure, and the density of matter was in flux. Radiometric decay of atoms were also in flux.


The Current Age

The current telestial (3rd density) earth will continue for a finite but relatively short unknown amount of time. At the end of this time planet earth will be desolated by fire, most likely by a direct hit CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) from our sun. Because of the state of our planetary electromagnetic field, this hit will strip away earth’s atmosphere by the same process which has occurred to planets like mars. The CME or period of intense solar instability which desolates the planet will coincide with a celestial cycle likely correlating loosely with our current understanding of solar evolution where a sun is transformed from its current state as main sequence yellow dwarf to a white dwarf. There is no reason to fear this event—all consciousness will be carefully saved.

People & matter progress naturally and unavoidably through dimensions in the same involuntary way we move through time (although unlike time, progression of each individual occurs at their own unique rate). Galactic mechanics “potentiate” and “activate” new planetary dimensions sequentially. The orbital periods of elements is a microcosm for this phenomena.The law of one suggests that the current earth has recently activated a fourth dimension or density. — And that humans have just recently began to incarnate on that physical 4rth density of earth. The current “harvest” or “resurrection” has to do with gracefully moving every earth being into that new density before our 3rd density planet becomes unviable.

During this period of planetary evolution, many beings are and will be at work harvesting the souls or intelligences of our planet into the next density or dimension. (This is the work of exaltation and resurrection from telestial or 3rd density to terrestrial or 4rth density). This dimension shifting process or resurrection and transfiguration is currently taking place only in the spirit world or earth’s spiritual dimension, but as technology advances, means will be revealed to transfigure people directly from our physical plane to the 4rth density physical plane. For most however, this process will occur after normal death, switching from the 4rth density spirit world (also sometimes called hyperspace or space/time) to the 4rth density spirit world and then incarnating once again into the physical through natural birth.


The Millenial Age

The “Millenium” is a archetypical term referring to both the current “golden age” of 3rd density earth existence as well as referring to both life in the upper realms/kingdoms of 3rd density heaven/spirit world and 4rth density “resurrected” existence. Go through each scripture and delineate. The “second coming” of Christ is also an archetypical occurrence. In one sense it is an occurrence that simply refers to the transition between ages or cycles. During these times the archetypes are chosen, and energy barriers in the Spirit World weaken allowing ascension between realms or kingdoms. In a broad sense it typologically refers to a work which will be occurring in three different locations.

1- Physical third-density Earth. Earth’s millennial age started roughly with the industrial revolution. In terms of earth time 1000 years is symbolic. Law of one estimates 100-700 years from 1970, but the exact timeframe to end of 3rd density is completely speculative, and really depends on the behavior of mankind. Much of its scriptural references are very metaphorical. Very few supernatural events will occur here. all this is dictated by faith & agency. whether the world in general sees fireships (huge extra-dimensional spacecraft), people beamed on and off, people dimension shifting or being translated, all depends on our faith (our perceptions of what is possible or impossible/frightening dictate what we can see as a human family). Resurrection to our realm will continue to be primarily through birth/reincarnation.

2- Third density earth’s Spirit World. Many scriptural descriptions of the Millenium are talking about the Spirit World. This is where Christ will reign, this is where most of the supernatural events will occur. This is where the city of Enoch and other technologically advanced groups will be working to translated or dimension shift people to the new 4rth density earth.

3- Physical fourth density earth. Some scriptural descriptions of the Millenium are dualistically talking about 4rth density earth. Rev 21 is talking about this… descriptions of “no death”, “long lives”, etc.. refer to this.. This is the destination for the resurrection of the dead in its most literal sense.


The End of the Earth

Refers to the end of 3rd density earth. This plane will be rendered uninhabitable, likely by a large solar flare or coronal mass ejection which will strip the earth of its atmosphere. This is what is meant by ‘destroyed by fire’. (go through the scriptures on the matter)

There will be a new heaven and new earth, which will be like unto the old, save the old have passed away… go through law of one quotes on activation of the 4rth density earth, and the process of moving people to it.

-go through scriptures: elements shall melt with fervent heat, earth shall pass away as by fire (Flare/CME. but this is not the complete end, 3rd density may still be used at some point after this). Planetary contraction will slowly begin to wrap the earth together as a scroll… BUT at the very end, earth’s heaven (earth’s spirit world) and earth’s physical plane will be wrapped together as a scroll (at the very end of 3rd density contraction will accelerate as the earth’s vortex begins collapsing/wrapping up— at some point the entire globe will completely “wrap in” on itself and collapse like a black hole).



The 4rth Density (Terrestrial) Earth

As already mentioned, many scriptural descriptions of the “Millennium” are dualistically referring to the 4rth density or terrestrial state of the earth… Go through Law of One descriptions on the average life span, the interconnectedness to the galactic community, how death works there, the length of the age, etc… The absence of a veil and communication with the spiritual dimension, etc..



Celestial Earth

Go through scriptures on this. Talk about the timeframes involved (literally millions of years in the future, but time is meaningless in time/space), the relationship to nirvana. The relationship with Oahspe’s Etherean worlds. Make clear how it is a completely separate dimension, with completely different physical vehicles than what we now have, so trying to picture it is a bit useless. By then we will essentially be made of light and share in almost completely unified planetary consciousness.






Question and Answer




Higher Density Energy Fields Control the Lower

It helps to understand that in the Spirit World or Dream State or Time/Space, time is not like it is here. That state, which is actually 8th density is occurring simultaneously with each of the other densities; and our thoughts there CONTROL our reality here. Because in that state thoughts become things, and being a higher density those things control matter in the lower densities what we think in that state will eventually manifest in our lower states. ALSO, that place (the spirit world) has 7 realms which match the 7 densities. So while we are in the terrestrial level of the spirit world the things we imagine will have a high probability of occurring in the terrestrial mortal state, and a very high probability of occurring in the telestial state. This has to do with the idea that every atom is a vortex or black hole which sucks energy from higher densities to create mass in the lowers. This is why if we can consciously pass desire into ‘the deep roots of the mind’, or dream state it will eventually materialize. Also why our desires always eventually materialize.


Explanation of the Spirit World

The spirit world is a type of the physical world. It is the template from which the Physical World is created. The Physical World exists as a shadow which is cast by the more real plane on which the Spirit World exists. To be continued……. write about it duality… create a new diagram showing it better…. etc…

To Finish when I have time

[illustrations to prepare:
-contracting/expanding galaxy and solar system.
-Journey of solar system from dan’ha to dan’ha. Expanding/contracting as it goes, then splitting apart with celestial dimension raising to dan star/kolob, then at a certain dan, earth disentigrates and is recreated on a certain plane…
-chart comparing all views of spirit world with their different names for Telestial/terrestrial/celestial
-chart comparing antediluvian age to millennium…

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Eternal Progression – more on eternal progression and mainly things I should add to this article

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thoughts to incorporate

-Trying to put it as simply as possible…

-it would be nice if you could start this by comparing it to all matter and light. Light and all matter at some level is energy, and energy is a manifestation of an electromagnetic wave. The wave is composed of two alternating fields. A moving electric field which creates a magnetic field, and an oscillating magnetic field which recreates an electric field. There is a poorly understood relationship between these waves and a particle-like photon. It would seem this is a microcosm of how the moving physical world creates the “spirit world”. And the spirit world “oscillates” to re-create the physical world.

-Matter, much like energy in the universe is quantized in differing densities. We can put names to those quantum states, (even though they are constantly in flux or changing in relation to each other). Mormonism partly calls these states or “glories”, Celestial, Terrestiral, and Telestial. Newbrough called them Ethereal, Atmosphereal and Corporal. The spirit world is a microcosm of the whole and is thus also quantized into three main levels or dimensions. Swendenborg called them Celestial, Spiritual and Natural. Ward’s description of the ‘higher’ heavens (celestial world) are lost, but he describes the other two in traditional catholic terms of hell (Telestial) and purgatory/paradise (terrestrial). The pearl also describes these 3 levels of the spirit world, which are different than the 3 states of matter in the ‘physical’ resurrection.

-confusion is introduced by the fact that individuals, groups and the world in general move through these densities and glories at their own differing rates. Resurrection refers to different aspects of ‘raising’ through these densities. Death can be classified a ‘resurrection’ (ref). The raising from hell/prison to heaven/paradise can be classified a resurrection. But generally in the Christian cannon, resurrection refers to a spirit being able to return to the earth we know now with a body as substantial as the one we have at present. For most the righteous this begins at the ‘coming of Christ’ at the beginning of the millennium. Something will happen where the earth will raise sufficiently in energy state/glory as well as spirits gaining a more substantial spiritual/physical body that those in heaven will be able to commune freely with its inhabitants and also which allows them to eat substances from earth, feel sensations of earth, but not to procreate. The greater resurrection is the translation/harvest at the end of the millennium where the earth itself separates into multiple dimensions much as a person’s body and spirit separate into multiple dimensions at death. At this time ‘people born on earth and ‘resurrected’ spirits coming to earth will be translated into celestial worlds were they will have all capacities of those presently on earth and more… (this isn’t quite right, revise)
-the majority of the spirits of mankind on ‘physical’ earth are somehow begotten or brought into existence or given a new layer of clothing or density by ethereans or celestial higher dimensional beings, but the type of reincarnation which is essentially forced soul possession is quite common. Oahspe says many in atmospherea believe it and forcefully practice it. Ward tells of the officer doing it and it sinking him yet lower in energy. So of those in the Telestial glory/hell there are likely many who will not ascend and will eventually find rebirth after the millennium (for who knows how many times until they finally escape the cycle and ascend).
-explain the idea of higher dimensional unity, and the ‘social memory complex’ of the law of one. Seen from a higher perspective, all individuals of a ‘social memory complex’ or ‘higher self’ or ‘father’ are one being. The ‘fall’ is a fragmentation of a single entity into multiple entities all still connected on a higher level in a ‘group consciousness’. This is how the creator comes to know themselves. Adam could be seen as the father, creator of all humanity. At higher levels of consciousness we are still one Adam/Man. There is a dual process of individuation and re-atonement or reunification.
-many, if not most souls on earth are psychologically connected with each other. The strengths of these connections differ and many religious traditions call strong connections with the disembodied being “possessed”. We are all connected with both good and bad souls from birth so we can be tempted to selfish or selfless action and consequently gain agency. Those who continue to give power to the selfish connection in time become so connected as to be classified as possessed. In other words, the selfish entity has as much or more control over the body/soul as the original spirit. When a somewhat progressed and powerful spirit allows another near equally powerful oppositely polarized spirit control, a polarized conflict ensues where the tendencies labeled to schizophrenics and bipolars are exhibited. (see ra “The entities repeating the third-density major cycle have” and “for when there is a cycle change, those who must repeat then find a planetary sphere appropriate for this repetition” and “thus, the harvest shall be such that many will repeat the third-density cycle”) [so all but celestial spirits are reborn/reincarnated into a new creation. the Telestial into a Telestial earth, the terrestrial into the antediluvian/millennial times of the next cycle.] -this is according to design, as with this system incarnated souls can raise the spirits that possess them to a higher level, especially as the earth as a whole raises to a higher level in the millennium.
-Overview: The LDS temple ceremony gives a great representation of eternal progression. By interspersing the ordinances within the endowment drama while moving from room to room and putting on additional layers of clothing we gain a very sophisticated view of the afterlife if you can see through the symbols.
[put this in para below after we’ve already explained it with quotes from witnesses] Starting with Adam in the Garden of Eden we see three types of mortals. Those like Adam who started in a higher sphere (paradise) and then descend into a created body, those like Eve who are “spirit children” actually separated out from higher beings just as a mortal baby comes forth from its mother, and those like Satan who are wanderers from above and below thrust out of the Father’s organized kingdoms. Adam is called man because he descends from above. Eve is called ‘woman’ because she is pulled from Adam in the same way a child is pulled from the dna and flesh of its mother. Satan is called Lucifer because he was thrust out for selfish noncompliance. After we all end up together here on this Telestial ‘new earth’ which is like unto the old save that the old one died and passed into a new state…………………

-the degrees of glory are two fold. First they are states after the harvest, secondly, however, since they are descriptions of eternal glories they also in a sense classify our state after death. In other words a more detailed description of the spirit world. Note that D&C 76 says “these are they kept in prison” and these are they thrust down to hell”. Most Mormons typically interpret the degrees of glory to be three separate spheres or places where souls will be placed after the resurrection, but notice some of the phrases that suggest this is an incomplete picture. They are predominately states after the resurrection, but since the spirit world is a microcosm of the whole, they also somewhat explain the spirit world.

-really my illustration below hits it right on. But I should modify it to give the bigger picture. Just as the physical body is a shadow or projection of the spirit, so too is the physical world a parallel of the spirit world. The spirit world is separated spatially into roughly 3 kingdoms of 3. The physical world is also separated into 3 kingdoms of 3, however its separation occurs temporally instead of spatially. The three spheres of the spirit world are described in detail by J.S. Ward, the pearl and Swedenborg and are simplified into paradise and prison by mainstream Christianity. The 3 temporal glories of the earth are described by Joseph Smith and Newbrough called Celestial, Terrestrial and Telestial by the former and Etherean, Atmospherean and Corporeal by the latter. So as the earth we now live on moves through space/the universe, it changes glories or dimensions with time. It was terrestrial (atmospherean) during the antediluvian period, it condensed to telestial (corporeal) after the Flood and has remained ever since, but its about to change back to a Terrestrial sphere and it will eventually ‘die’ or be disintegrated and then be ‘reborn’ as a celestial (etherean) sphere. Thus the temporal mirrors the spiritual. Each level or kingdom in the spirit world is composed of a class of being that corresponds to the type of beings predominate on earth during the corresponding glory. When the earth falls into the Telestial dimension and thus is vibrating in the Telestial frequency range it becomes predominately inhabited by spirits with a glory matching the lowest level of the spirit world (Telestial earth = spirit hell). When the earth moves into a region of the universe of greater glory/light/frequency, its inhabitants raise to a level of righteousness matching the middle section of the spirit world/purgatory. Thus the Gods who manage this world are much like gardeners and the Jewish calendar was given to Moses to teach this principle. Some crops are planted in the winter (wheat) but most in the spring. Some crops come up in early spring and even winter in some climates but most wont grow until summer. So too the Gods who manage this world plant certain religions & cultures in the winter (Telestial cycle / time of Christ). Some of the hardier more effective plants/religions were not pulled out from the previous summer. But for the most part they waited until spring (the Renaissance) to plant the widest variety of seeds/religions/philosophies/cultures. But now as we move into summer its time for a major bout of thinning and weed pulling. All the plants will be evaluated, and all the ones that aren’t elevating mankind spiritually will be pulled. After they are pulled, the earth will exist as a carefully cared for garden until the end of this coming Terrestrial cycle/Mellenium when the fruit (exalted souls) will be harvested to a yet higher dimension (celestial planet), and the earth will be burned (disintegrated) and then recreated for the next go round.

-law of one has the highest cosmology. suggests planets and solar systems progress through densities/glories and it has to do with the magnetic alignment of the sphere. so densities are like states of consciousness, that you align with. This alignment must change planets to suns and such as well. Oahspe atmosherea would be space/time or spirit world of LofO and mormonism. Etherean world would be blanket term for all higher densities? (4rth through 6th ish?). LofO says earth is becoming 4rth density (terrestrial).
– Reading D&C 76, it seems almost certain that this is referring to the spirit world. Big clincher is “64 These are they who shall have part in the first resurrection. 65 These are they who shall come forth in the resurrection of the just.” “Shall have part in the first resurrection” means they haven’t yet. It would say “these are they who have come forth” if it was talking about those already resurrected.
– the mormon understanding that the 3 degrees of glory are seperate from and come AFTER the resurrection back onto earth is, although partly true, misleading.

-law of one actual dimensions and spirit world (space/time)
-oahspe. hybrid of mostly spirit world and a bit of dimensions (etherean worlds, earth coming into cosmos/4rth density, wark clouds,
-mormonism. D&C 76 seems to be almost entirely spirit world. mormon understanding of earth being a terrestrial glory during millennium and celestial one day is actual dimensions (4rth, 5th density, etherean world).
-New Test. Paul’s 3rd heaven is spirit world. Revelation’s Resurrection is actual 4rth dimension
-swedenborg. I believe this is entirely spirit world.
-J.S. Ward. entirely spirit world, with catholic terminology.

It would help to add classifications to what a dimension is, and to explain the differences between each glory.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions in this worldview.
-what type of resurrection was Christ the first of in Oahspe terms? Of the etherean grade?
-why cant spirits appear to men except through sargi? (because they are in time/space?) Does meeting the etherean grade make it so they are an equal density as earth and can thus appear to men with the same corporality? (I believe so, but not sure. i think ethereans are fully terrestrial.). How does chine do this in oahspe? (there’s a new age description of this somewhere showing how a body becomes silica based instead of carbon based).
-also where do the souls come from? How are they created by the Gods or Celestial Spirits? and how does that relate to the social memory complex of the law of one.
-Also, how exactly does the resurrection work? We know that raising in the Spirit world can be termed a resurrection, but the true ‘physical christian’ resurrection refers to returning to earth during the millennium (law of one ch 63, adds second witness to christian view that there is a new heaven and earth birthing in 4rth dimension/terrestrial. those worthy are beginning to be born on it. It very much like this world, but is in another dimension. some people are living in both dimensions at once right now. Those in the spirit world worthy of that glory are now birthing into it. This world’s 3rd dimension will be forced to transition somehow… ) How? N.T says some will not die, but get to be changed in the twinkling of an eye. Does oahspe say anything about this for the cosmon age? So will people be born into it or just appear? (LofO seems to suggest they will be born. 63:27) or it raises high enough that atmoshereans can come enjoy it? (I believe there are quotes that say people will live 1000 yrs and there will be no veil between space/time and time/space) That seems like what the scripture is saying..
-Law of one seems to suggest earth is becoming forth density and will not longer be habitable in the 3rd density, so that would suggest that those in oahspe’s atmosherea will get to live on the surface of earth instead of its objective heavens, because earth will become that density
-Is the 4rth density a separate dimension not visible to us? (No.. this earth is currently transitioning to 4rth density. It may take up to 400 years for the transition, but in that time lifespans will slowly lengthen to 1000 years, just as they shortened after the flood. Magical powers will slowly become more common place. Angelic visitations also.)
-Will those who have already lived will just have the ability to materialize onto terrestrial earth in order to help its inhabitants and enjoy its beauties. Just as earth is/was mostly influenced by demons from the hells during the dark ages, it will be mostly influenced by middle kingdom spirits from purgatory during the millennium, except a barrier that has existed will drop and man will be elevated enough to see them.
-The process of translation has to do with dimension shifting people. In these last ages, when earth has been 3rd dimension but people have been ready for 4rth with no need for the healing process of the spirit world, technology is available to transport these groups by ship to 4rth density spheres. These include the etherean ships of oahspe.
-make sure you add a paragraph and diagram showing how your density (according to LofO) is determined by your magnetic alignment, so if you are magnetically aligned perpendicular to the 4rth density field array you will be connected to and have access to that consciousness. The above link shows the structure of these 6/8? vector field arrays. All sacred geometries in ancient religions are based on these mathematical relationships.

One important insight is that those born in the millennium I believe will be mostly those never born in this cycle. So our condition at the final time of harvest/burning (end of millennium) dictates which of the three resurrections we gain. (Telestial/terrestrial/celestial). Those at a Telestial glory (those still in hell at end of millennium) will be reborn into a recreated Telestial earth. The terrestrial glory (those in purgatory) will be physically reborn into the next cycle’s millennium. And only those in upper paradise who have prepared themselves for celestial glory will be translated to the celestial earth dimension when it splits from the earth and takes a divergent path through the universe.

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